Trading Summit: A Modern Look to Trading Strategies and Methods
75 pages

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Trading Summit: A Modern Look to Trading Strategies and Methods , livre ebook


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75 pages

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TRADING SUMMIT is about professional, modern trading strategies and methods. The book will definitely help you to find your personal niche of profitable day and online trading. It covers some critical topics such as:

- Solid, proven rules to hunt 100% winning trades by market-driven
technical analysis
- A super trading strategy that equally makes profit on currency and
forex trading, gold, crude oil, CFD indices etc.
- How enter 100% winning trades combining patterns, moving
average, volume and price action trading
- Know about and trade instruments which make you three times
more profit than EUR/USD!
- A smart way to double your trading income with no extra effort
- Laser target your trades using market opening time and 1H volume
- Inter-market trading methods as Holy Grail of online and day
- And many other exciting topics...

This book has honestly condensed more than a decade of professional trading and is expected to systematically leads you to the summit of trading in a very natural, commonsense way.



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Date de parution 29 janvier 2020
Nombre de lectures 12
EAN13 9781456634360
Langue English
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TradingSummit: A Modern Look to Trading Strategies & Methods


First Edition

Copyright©2020 byMostafa Afshari
All rightsreserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, ortransmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, orother electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission ofthe author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviewsand certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permissionrequests or sending feedback to be published in the next editions pleasecontact the author at

The purpose of thisbook is mainly informational. The user of this book is the sole responsible forany possible loss that may incur by using the information herein. The authortotally declaims such losses.

The cover image isEverest. Reaching its summit demands proper training, strong motivation andfirm commitment. Successful trading takes these as well.

I just recently discoveredyour book by chance and I want to give you my feedback on it. I have beenstruggling with Forex trading for quite a long time, spending countless hourson MT5 trying to code well known or innovative strategies, but so far to noavail.
I felt like I wasstuck with my strategies, ideas and technical means until I read your book. Youbasically opened my eyes to a completely new approach to trading that has sofar been beyond me...
Thanks again forthat book!
I have bought yournew book (I read your first book THE ULTIMATE FOREX TRADING SYSTEM a few yearago), and very impressed about this content: very concise, effective; speciallyit covers a vast knowledge...
Best Regards,
Duc Le
I've just purchasedyour book and really like the Abandoned Baby EMA5 trading strategy as I don'thave the time to trade the lower timeframes...
Yours sincerely,
Tom Rushton
I had finishedreading your ebook, that's a great ebook I ever read. Thank you for yourprecious work...
Warm regards,

Chapter Zero: My Default Trading Chart
Chapter One: Trading Signals
1.1. Highly Probable Chart Patterns
1.2. Price Rejection
1.3. Humble Moving Average Does Magic
1.4. Diving Deep into Price Action
1.5. Volume-Price Analysis Redefined
Chapter Two: Essentials of Manual Trading
2.1. Signal Strength (Accuracy)
2.1.1. How to Hunt Only 100% Winning Trades
2.2. Signal Profitability
2.2.1. Risk/Reward Ratio
2.2.2. How to Make Three Times More Profit than EUR/USD
2.2.3. Holy Grail of Inter-Market Trading
2.2.4. Laser Target Entry Points Using Default Volume Indicatorand Exact Timing
2.3. Signal Manageability
2.3.1. The Ultimate Rule of Money and Risk Management
Chapter Three: How I Schedule My Daily and Weekly Trades
Chapter Four: The Most Convenient Trading Styles (Intra-Day,Daily and Weekly Trades)
Chapter Five: Professional News Trading
Chapter Six: Professional Trading Using Stop and Limit Orders
Chapter Seven: Optimal Exit Rules for Trading
Chapter Eight: Concept of Reactive Trading
Chapter Nine: Free Access to My 100% Winning Weekly & DailyTrading Signals
Chapter Ten: Double Your Trading Income without Extra Effort
Chapter Eleven: Final Advice
Appendix A. 100% Winning Trades Exercises
Appendix B. Answers to the Exercises

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