Hype Yourself
118 pages

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118 pages

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Hype Yourself is an invaluable toolkit for getting you and
your business featured in the media: newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. Crammed full of insider advice,
from the building blocks of your PR strategy to the execution of creative
campaigns, it includes expert tips from journalists and industry specialists
and is supported by a stack of online resources.

Lucy Werner is founder of The Wern, a PR & branding consultancy and training hub for startups, entrepreneurs and independent brands. She is also a writer, speaker, blogger, teacher and podcaster on all things brand building for small businesses. For more information follow @wernchat or visit www.thewern.com



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Date de parution 09 janvier 2020
Nombre de lectures 1
EAN13 9781788601221
Langue English

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This is simply genius. A practical, easy-to-read guide to getting coverage for your small business.
Bex Burn-Callander, former enterprise editor, The Telegraph
PR has a deservedly bad reputation, which is why this book is so important, Lucy’s ideas for what PR is, and what it’s not, serve as a blueprint for what it should, and could be. Essential bullshit-free guidance in a bullshit-rich industry. I wish we’d had this book when we were starting out, in fact I wish the PR industry had read this book when it was starting out.
Sam Conniff, Author of Be More Pirate , Founder of Livity
In an industry rife with jargon and snake oil, Lucy demystifies the dark arts of PR and cuts to the chase showing founders everywhere how to get the word out faster, more authentically and without a massive price tag. An essential read for anyone who wants to build a strong profile for their business or themselves.
Jeff Taylor, Editor in Chief, Courier Media
Every small business should take its reputation seriously, and Hype Yourself is a fantastic hands-on guide for business managers up and down the country. If you’re looking for a practical book to help you manage your own PR, look no further.
Francis Ingham, Director General, PRCA
What makes this book so special is Lucy’s clear focus and passion for delivering actionable content to small businesses. In a world where we are inundated with digital marketing campaigns, curating a more genuine connection with potential/actual customers is ever more important. This book is a beautifully written insight into how anyone can start building themselves a strong PR campaign that works for their business.
Albert Azis-Clauson, CEO Founder of UnderPinned
Covering so much more than just PR, Hype Yourself is a must-read for any business owner wanting to build awareness in an authentic and genuine way. This book cuts the fluff and gives you straight talking PR advice that you can action before you plough any more time or money into PR. Lucy’s thinking is outside the traditional PR box: refreshing and inspiring.
Rosie Davies-Smith, Founder of PR Dispatch LFA
I’ve always admired Lucy and her approach towards her clients, she really knows her stuff – and this book is proof of that. Having worked in the PR industry for nearly 15 years, it’s very refreshing to see professionals in our industry offering solutions that aren’t just based on the highest price point. To someone with no knowledge of the PR world, it can seem intimidating and difficult to get started – however this book breaks that barrier down and makes it a world that everyone can be a part of. I would recommend this book to anyone starting their own business, it gives a clear, step by step guide to creating a full PR plan.
Nicky Marks, Managing Director, Census Wide
I first saw Lucy speak at a marketing event and was blown away with the valuable tips, tricks and hacks in the presentation – so I was ready to scratch and kick to make sure I was first in line to get 200+ pages more of Lucy’s great PR insights! Hype yourself more than lives up to the hype – the format makes it easy to understand and provides context to see how it can be implemented with great real world examples. I have been working through and preparing my PR toolkit and signposting our bootstrapping businesses to do the same! I’m a full on believer of the hype and can’t wait to hype myself!
Simon Magness, Enterprise Education Projects Officer, Cass Business School
No waffle. No fluff. This book is chock-a-block with punchy, practical PR advice that will have you buzzing with ideas right from the start. Every small business needs good PR. Every small business owner needs to read this book.
Frankie Tortora, Doing It For The Kids
It’s official, I’m calling it ‘The Subtle Art of Being Your Own Cheerleader!’ Save your money on PR stunts. This masterpiece is all you need to be your own Boss.
John Furno, General Assembly London

First published in Great Britain by Practical Inspiration Publishing, 2020
© Lucy Werner, 2020
The moral rights of the author have been asserted
ISBN 978-1-78860-123-8 (print)
978-1-78860-122-1 (epub)
978-1-78860-121-4 (mobi)
All rights reserved. This book, or any portion thereof, may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the author.
Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and to obtain their permission for the use of copyright material. The publisher apologises for any errors or omissions and would be grateful if notified of any corrections that should be incorporated in future reprints or editions of this book.

Chapter 1: PR plan
1.1 Business objectives
1.2 Communications objectives
1.3 Your why
1.4 Audience
1.5 What is unique about your business?
1.6 Communications calendar
1.7 Crisis Q A
Chapter 2: Master your media toolkit
2.1 One-liner
2.2 Boiler plate
2.3 Images
2.4 Biographies
2.5 Guest posts
2.6 Features
2.7 Press releases
Chapter 3: Starting your press office
3.1 Journalist details
3.2 Why help a journalist who isn’t directly related to your business?
3.3 Where to look if you have a product and how to pitch
3.4 Guest posts
3.5 Podcasts
3.6 Guest panellist
3.7 Write for the national news
3.8 Hosting your own event
3.9 Feature pitch tips
3.10 News desks
3.11 Interviews and Q As
Chapter 4: The brain farts
4.1 Newsjacking
4.2 Picture stories
4.3 Video stories
4.4 Influencer engagement
4.5 Research
4.6 TV
4.7 Radio
4.8 Social media for PR
4.9 Business book
Any other business
When to hire a PR agency or book some PR coaching
Don’t believe the hype?
Useful resources
Key terms
Recommended reading

For my sunshine Hadrien, who always hypes me and helps me to keep on hyping everyone else.

Jim Cregan, co-founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee
When we launched Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, we had large production runs of product with a relatively short shelf life, which meant we had to do everything in our power to get the word out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.
And that meant becoming the ultimate company prostitute. We sold ourselves wherever we went. We would pull people over in the street to try our product, interrupt surfers returning from the waves, accountants legging it onto the tube and more, way way more.
What I love most about PR is the actual meaning of the phrase: Public Relations. The relationship we have with the public and how we want to behave around them. It’s worth thinking about that. PR is so much more than just a black book and a hefty bill at The Ivy in return for a feature in a trade mag.
Lucy really understood what we were and what we stood for, making it an honest joy to work with her, and she generated some awesome ‘hype’ for us. If you can’t have her working with you in person, this book is the next best thing – read it, then get out there and hype yourself!

Welcome to Hype Yourself . My name is Lucy and I have over 15 years’ experience in communications, working both inhouse and for some of London’s top PR agencies. These days, I run a communications consultancy and training hub at www.thewern.com , for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I handle the PR and my partner does design and branding, so we are a one-stop shop to launch and grow new or independent companies.
I was sick of working for brands that had no heart and wanted to work with businesses that I cared about and people I liked to give them affordable PR solutions. In the last five years, I’ve personally worked with over 100 entrepreneurs globally, but there are millions of founders who can’t afford basic PR costs or even realise the value, which is why I wanted to write this book.
Publicity takes time and research but with consistency (and other than the cost of your time), you can transform your business for free. Unlike other PR book authors, I’m walking my own talk, continually learning and evolving my own craft so that I can pass this knowledge on to you. I’ve seen first-hand how transformative promoting myself has been for my own business as well as that of my clients.
Hyping myself landed me a book deal, national newspaper coverage, paid-for speaking gigs, teaching opportunities, invitations to appear on podcasts and allowed me to increase my consultancy fees.
But don’t just take my word for it, have a read through of the multiple expert tips, client examples and journalist hacks that I’ve collated to give you as many tangible takeaways as possible to promote your business.
What is PR?
PR is more than just telling your story to journalists. It is anything you do that is in the public eye and, I believe, is the best free tool that should be part of your marketing mix. Unlike advertising, where you are visible for as long as you pay to be, publicity has no shelf life.
Any time you are responding in the public eye, you have an opportunity to hype yourself. This might look like:
- Talking to new connections at an event
- How you respond in a crisis
- What you post on Instagram
- How you launch a product

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