The Disruption Game Plan
73 pages

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The Disruption Game Plan , livre ebook


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73 pages

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·      Addressing disruption is a business imperative, but there is little coherent advice on ‘how to’. This book imparts practical advice and links readers to our expertise through engaging with our events, workshops and consulting work. 

 ·      To support the ‘how to’ feel, the text is designed to be easy to read and to refer back to. We use a mix of prose, graphics (intended to reflect the ‘working-draft’ feel of a workshop output), traditional figures, personal and public domain stories, pop-out ‘Design Notes’ and a visual table of contents for the steps in our process.

 ·      The book will be supported by online content including videos, models, tips, blog posts etc – on

Table of Contents

Include the full Table of Contents, with detailed summaries of each chapter. You’re aiming to give a comprehensive, detailed map of what the book will contain.

Part 1: The Call to Action

1.    What’s disruption and why the need to act?  Establishes the premise and rationale for the book – what’s broken and how we can act to fix it.

2.    Dealing with uncertainty without a crystal ball: Outlining the organisational barriers to establishing an effective and consistent game plan for addressing disruption – provides the warrant for the framework described in Chapters 3-6 incl.

Part 2: Developing and maintaining your Game Plan

3.    Stimulate and Motivate

Requiring a creative mindset to look widely at what’s happening and what’s possible

4.    Facilitate Debate

Requiring an explorative mindset which ensures that alternative viewpoints and options are considered

5.    Innovate and Mitigate

Requiring a decisive mindset to commit to action

 6.    Update and Anticipate

Requiring a curious mindset to ensure the game plan stays relevant

Part 3: Getting started

7.    What now?

Bringing the key messages together and a reminder of the call to action. Gives the reader a start point as soon as they put the book down.



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Date de parution 17 mai 2021
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EAN13 9781788602471
Langue English
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Cometh the hour, cometh two women! Ruth and Eleanor have provided a concise, readable roadmap for business leaders contemplating the entwined challenges of managing risk and driving innovation at a time when one has never been more apparent and the other never more necessary. The Disruption Game Plan is essential reading for those who are, or aspire to be, at the top of their organisation.
James Cooper, Chairman GB Railfreight
Writing with clarity, wit and insight, Murray-Webster and Winton positively challenge conventional strategic thinking! Based on their first-hand extensive experience as management change consultants, they pose probing and insightful questions that must be addressed - but which are all too often avoided - by leaders when confronted with a rapid pace of change and disruptive forces! The Disruption Game Plan is a must-read for those who have the responsibility for leading organizations through the choppy waters that lie ahead!
Joe Nellis, Deputy Dean Professor of Global Economy, Cranfield School of Management
As a business owner looking at where we sit in the post-pandemic world and looking at the opportunities and threats posed by the volatile environment in which we re now operating, The Disruption Game Plan offers a timely insight into how we must prepare with a new mindset. From highlighting how the current ways of working are broken to convincingly explaining why we need to approach risk and innovation through the same lens, Ruth and Eleanor offer a compelling and practical guide for coming up with your new game plan. This is a clear and concise template that should be on every business leader s reading list!
Gary Baker, Group Managing Director, CD(UK)
Ruth and Eleanor have truly produced a book for our time. The disruption that the pandemic has created around the world has thrown up the urgent need for organisations to innovate swiftly and manage risk in ways that many never imagined in their wildest dreams. We have seen playing out around the world responses that have been inspiring and many that have not, the danger is that even the inspiring has happened reactively rather than proactively and this throws up questions about the sustainability of those responses. The Disruption Game Plan offers a robust and practical structure to enable leaders and leadership teams to embrace disruption in a creative and proactive way and gives clarity and confidence to the process. It also brings a freshness of thinking combined with real stories which connect the theory to relevant practice. A book for mapping the future, that I believe I will be reading and using in my work for many years to come. Thank you Ruth and Eleanor.
Lois Burton, International Leadership and Leadership Team Coach
Companies treat innovation and risk management separately. The book will convince you that this is wrong! Bringing the two together to make the most of opportunities and minimise the downsides, with creativity and insight, is the way to deal with the disruption of our time. It s an idea that, once you get it, seems obvious and that shifts your way of thinking going forward. Peppered with stories that bring their ideas to life, the book communicates clearly and effectively how to put in place a disruption game plan, and to bring risk and innovation together, as they should ve been all along.
Dr Penny Pullan, Director, Making Projects Work Ltd and author of Virtual Leadership and Making Workshops Work
We have a rare opportunity to build on the learnings from the disruption of Covid-19. We must think deeply about the value we bring to society and get our hearts and heads into strategic planning. The Disruption Game Plan is a timely and unique book; it challenges thinking and supports new ways of working.
Caroline Williams, University Librarian, The University of Queensland
A timely call to action, this book is essential reading for all business leaders seeking to protect and grow their business in a disrupted world. Full of practical advice, insights and guidance, this book will help you improve your decision making and develop a coherent game plan to change the way your organisation addresses risk and opportunity.
Jane Pierce, CIO, Autism Forward
Who needs hindsight when Eleanor and Ruth show us how to use foresight! With disruption now the new normal, we finally have the game plan, road map, step by step guide on how to navigate innovation and risk in the shape of this must read book for leaders everywhere.
Sherilyn Shackell, Founder, The Marketing Academy
As a creative, non-risk-averse SME anchored within an industry with a relatively logistical and dependent value chain, we ve often struggled to pinpoint where to pitch innovation and creativity (which we have lots of), without getting caught in either un-calculable ROI minefields, or exhausting hours conceptualising without tactics. (Why, how, what? Who knew how useful those words could be!) The Disruption Game Plan helped us redefine the company concept of bread and butter vs a gamble , giving us a combined methodology of project acceptance and innovation, allowing us to define and do the work we wanted to do, do it how we wanted to do it, and elevate our deliverables to surprise and delight our customers. Integrating the four key steps of The Disruption Game Plan into our core values and internal strategy has resulted in us being a better, stronger, business - for management, the wider team, and our clients.
Lauren Stewart, Founder and Director, The Drink Cabinet
This is a great hands-on contribution when it comes to future-proofing your organization and breaking down internal silos. Eleanor Winton and Ruth Murray-Webster present some inspirational arguments and tools for navigating uncertainty and building resilient businesses for the world of tomorrow. By pointing to the limitations of perceived rational decision-making processes in organizations, among leaders and boards today, they offer a structured approach insisting, and rightly so, that risk mitigation and innovation go hand in hand. Through vivid examples and a great structured format, this book is both practical, insightful and easy to implement and act upon already today.
Tamira Snell, Insights Lead at Nordic Health Lab and Associated Partner at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

First published in Great Britain by Practical Inspiration Publishing, 2021
Ruth Murray-Webster and Eleanor Winton, 2021
The moral rights of the authors have been asserted.
ISBN 9781788602488 (print)
9781788602471 (epub)
9781788602464 (mobi)
All rights reserved. This book, or any portion thereof, may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the authors.
Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and to obtain their permission for the use of copyright material. The publisher apologizes for any errors or omissions and would be grateful if notified of any corrections that should be incorporated in future reprints or editions of this book.
Illustrations by Nadene Nuade of Beehive Illustration.
Part 1: The Call to Action
Chapter 1: Why the need for a game plan?
Why do organizations need new rules?
The beginning of the end for profit at all costs?
What are the priorities for change?
A game plan for a disrupted world
Chapter 2: Conditions for success
What is making us predictably irrational?
Overcoming decision-making pitfalls
Our solution - a facilitated process to build your game plan
Part 2: Developing and Maintaining your Game Plan
Chapter 3: Stimulate and Motivate
Starting with the right question
The design mindset
Stimulate and Motivate: in summary
Things to watch out for - the jazz hands effect
Chapter 4: Facilitate Debate
Focusing on value, from chain to cycle
How much uncertainty and change is too much?
Aligning on the vision and promising candidates
Facilitate Debate: in summary
Things to watch out for - don t substitute tempting for promising
Chapter 5: Innovate and Mitigate
Mindset for innovating and mitigating at strategic and tactical levels
Prioritizing and selecting investments from promising candidates
Reconciling the competing priorities of stakeholders
Organizing to deliver and dealing with barriers to change
Innovate and Mitigate: in summary
Things to watch out for - don t take your eye off the external environment
Chapter 6: Update and Anticipate
Monitoring and learning from the projects you ve decided to invest in
Keeping an eye on the external environment
Integrating your Disruption Game Plan
Update and Anticipate: in summary
Things to watch out for - finishing a book and then not doing anything with what you ve learned
Part 3: Getting Started
Chapter 7: What now?
Chapter 1 tells the story of how we met, worked together and built our firm belief that every organization needs a Disruption Game Plan. The thinking and action associated with developing a game plan is new - new rules to connect innovation and risk to create value.
We started writing this book in April 2020, in the first UK national lockdown whose aim was to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic. It provided the time to really focus on our combined experience and to distil this into a few key messages and a framework for thinking and acting. The process of writing also made us challenge our own consultancy businesses and what we wanted to do differently to respond to fast-moving change. Doing that remotely wasn t always easy, and we did meet for

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