We Were Afraid
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We Were Afraid


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55 pages

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As we travel these pages together, we will concentrate on the components and things that can be put in place in order to build a new human capital that will be ready to take-up their (business) worlds by surprise.



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Date de parution 21 décembre 2018
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We Were Afraid
Boyd Simpungwe
Copyright 2018 by Boyd Simpungwe.
For more information about the author, write to the author from boydsimpungwe12@yahoo.com.
All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part, in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, is forbidden without the written permission of the author or the publisher.
Table of Contents
Title Page
Copyright Page
Triple I realities
The Irony of Life
A New Sight
It s an Offence! It s a Crime
A New Stance
Employee Dilemma
The Academia Deception
Triple I applications
The Service System
Triple I Applications (Market and Industry Penetration)
Business S.O.L.I.Ds
A Critical Era
The Brilliant Ones
The Criticality of a S.O.L.I.D mind
The Ingenuity of Color Blue
Lines between Leaders
Type 1 Leaders
Type 2 leaders
Type 3 Leaders
Necessary Leaders
The Journals of Life
What Goes Around Comes Around
Triple I s S.O.L.I.D Nature
The Rod of Leadership
The Power of Dominance
The World of Coerced Laws
The World of the Emergents (up-and-coming)
Finding the WAY
Matter and Energy
Realities of the Unseen
Touching without Hands
The Law of Belief
A Beautiful Mind

M an is an ambitious and creative creature, he wants to be recognized, to be seen, and always looks for better ways of approaching life. His ambitions are like vibrations and they are rooted in the ideas and dreams he acquires as he moves along in life. As he moves along, he will not announce his intentions until he feels its time to do so. Some keep their ambitions to the point of suppression, where they even forget that they saw something some years back that will ease the ways of running things, a great contribution to humanity. But something has to be understood, which is comforting. No matter how you will pretend to forget about what you once had as an all awakening idea or dream concerning contributions to humanity, that dream and idea will forever continue talking to you, and this mostly happen when you are feeling low and feel let down, when friends abandon you, when you fail to get the job that you felt you got it, and when someone you love the most deserts you, you are taken in the mode of contemplation, you start remembering your childhood and you now miss it even more, you remember the beautiful sunsets when you were young and right there, you start bringing back the ideas and images that gave you the glimpse of your future, your dream houses and cars, a beautiful wife and kids, before you know it, your eyes are soaked in tears lamenting for the lost or unfulfilled dreams. Unactualized man s ambitions will always stay with him in the form of latency.
This journey aims at giving you a chance to once again revisit your dreams and ideas. They are still there and still having the same energy they carried when they were incepted.
For one to command the reinforcement and potency of their ideas and dreams in life and succeed with their aims and ambitions, they have to be driven by a triple I temperament. I believe there s someone out there trying to find out what triple I really is and what it really implies; it s like you want to inquire more about this new thing that you are about to discover, I can assure you that this inquisitive nature existing in you is the positive sign that your mind is open to new things and great ideas.
Now is a critical time which calls for critical innovative and inventive minds. Concerning life s over-ambition, over-dependence, and inconsistencies, from our childhood till this day, we ve seen and witnessed how specific great companies and firms, and even how specific great individual men and women performed back then, and now, what do we have of them, memories . Even themselves today, that is, former workers of those once great firms and companies and those individual men and women, when you hear them talk about their past, you will hear how great it was, how great those firms and companies where, how wonderful their salaries and families where, and to the worst you will find that some of these former business men and women where even pioneers of that particular business or formula. They introduced it! You will find that they are the ones who invented or innovated it! But where is it now, and where are they today? It s an irony.
You can shed tears if you hear some of their stories, others will even point at some well booming firms and businesses and say we started this , oh no, what happened? What went wrong? Where are you now? Why are you here? You will find that these men and women sob within themselves when they remember where they are coming from. These ones can be likened to the children of Israel who were once taken into captivity. The Bible says in Psalm 137 concerning the children of Israel, who were taken captive in a foreign land and all they had and worked for was taken away from them, the Bible says, by the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. The Bible goes on to say that for there they that had carried us away captive required of us a song. In other words, those that took them captive mocked them about their lost glory and whenever these men and women remembered their lost glory, they could do nothing but weep. This alone melts my heart.
A critical moment like this one calls for some critical measures. Therefore, as we travel these pages together, we will concentrate on the components and things that can be put in place in order to build a new human capital that will be ready to take-up their (business) worlds by surprise.
sacrifice, determination, commitment,
toughness, heart, talent, and guts. That s what young
men are made of. - (Bethany Hamilton)
Here we go!
Triple I realities

T he triple I mentality is the force behind the achievements, results, wealth, honor, prestige, fulfilment, etc. of our great great business men and women that have gone before us and those that we are running with in this time and even those that will be here after us. It s the engine that makes it possible for the wheels of business to get on their lain track and take off. Triple I is something mental and a life style, it s a way of life to certain individuals. Triple I denotes; Inspired Innovative Inventive
These are the terms am calling the three core values in the world of a versatile, individualistic, free, and open-minded person. The fact is that we are Inspired to be Innovative and Inventive by our own dreams, insights, and ideas. Listen, the thing is that am not talking about every individual, but to those who know from within themselves that they are leaders in life against all odds. One thing that is special about these individuals is that they are innovators and inventors of new ideas and techniques. They are rational and versatile young leaders ready to penetrate old markets and industries with a new mentality (Innovativeness and inventiveness), these persons are individualistic in nature and are less dependent on other parties as they are leaders of ideas and possibilities.
This innovative and inventive new nature can be likened to the life and growth of a new born eaglet.
If the eaglet is about to be trained to fly, it is subjected to corrosive and life threatening conditions which pushes it to act and survive thereof. Therefore, the mother eagle takes its young up in the sky and still up there the mother bird releases the young, and this young eagle being overwhelmed with the tide of the air and knowing from within itself (mind) that am falling, and without any form of support from the mother eagle as the gravity is pulling it down. At this point the young eagle can t think of anything else but new innovative and inventive ideas and therefore, with an open mind, ideas and new ways of thinking and looking at situations begins to flow within its mind and knowing that it s no longer with its lovely mother up there, it perceives that if nothing is done to this situation am hitting the ground and die. Therefore, the young eagle begins to try to open its wings as it has seen the mother do at some point and being inspired by what the mother does and by the life in itself and by what it thinks it can do from within, it improvises and introduces an invention (something it has never done before) and because it cannot fly like the mother does at that point, it introduces an innovation (a new way of doing things) and before it realizes, its already on its wings beating the tide.
In life, we are inspired and pushed by situations to be innovative and inventive at the same time.
Talking about business? Listen, if man can be termed as a political animal , he or she can also be termed as a business animal . Therefore, to cut it to the bone, we are an inspired, innovative, and inventive business people.
Innovativeness is all there is in the business world. You just have a sight on things that is rare to human beings. Innovativeness can be termed as defying the known and the norm, breaking some protocols, and believing yourself and in what you know can be accomplished, and Invention can only be wrapped in one word Rebellion .
The Irony of Life

T here is a trend going on right now from generations to generations, where this one will go to college or university, and then get their paper, later get married, raise his or her family, earn a living and then die. Wow, so sad. You will find that in the lives of these individuals there is no trace or any form of innovativeness and inventiveness, they are not inspired in any way, it s a trend, it s a tradition, it s a way of life, Oh no! There s more to life than those four kids, a beautiful wife, a luxury car, a good job, a good salary; there is more to this life!!! We don t just raise our families, earn a living, buy that dream car of yours and then die No , add something to what you already found under the sun, add something to what is already in existence and introduce something knew, something that has never existed before, just something new!
A New Sight

I t was on the 2 nd of November, 2016, a quiet night around 21:25hrs, a little cold as we were crossing from the winter season to the rain season in the town of Kabwe, Central province, Zambia. I logically didn t have much to do so I decided to turn the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) radio 4 on and there I found a certain radio program going on which caught my attention. It was initially a Gospel music program but they had arranged to advertise a certain important program that was to occur in the next five days on the coming Monday (the 7 th ) in the city of Lusaka as this radio show was on a Wednesday night.
The man who was announcing the event was a pastor (a facilitator and trainer), a popular figure who appears on different platforms where life coaching is concerned. I was caught up and inquisitiveness kicked in and couldn t wait to hear what the event was all about, so I was like, what do we have on the table now? The pastor took the show and was like and I quote we are having a life changing seminar on the 7 th of November, this coming Monday, and the seminar will be on Job Search at Lusaka hotel , the pastor went on to say, we had a successful similar seminar last month and the place was jam packed, so if you want to be part of this coming one all you need to do is to register early and remember, entry is absolutely free but strictly by registration. As if that wasn t good enough the pastor came with a certain individual who happened to attend the previous seminar on Job Search who came with a testimony as he through the guidance he gained from the seminar had now found a job...
Wow, so interesting right? I believe some of you reading this are like where can I find such a place and these people? I want these skills as well. Well, do you really want these skills? Are you sure you want to be trained as a professional job hunter? Don t you know that this simple issue has dangerous implications on the youths of today? Don t you know that this simple but critical issue has the capacity of killing the last seeds of creativity and innovativeness? Such seminars can be likened to a young virgin who s being taught by elderly women on how to please and attract her prince charming. The question is, is this necessary for a young import dependent economy like Zambia?
Elders and those who ve gone before us in age, academically and politically, is this what you really want us to be (job hunters)? Is this necessary for the potentially young economy full of young people who will soon take over all affairs? Where are we going as a nation? Actually, the pastor also said that their previous seminar was jammed up, now just imagine, if a seminar can be jam packed like that, what will happen to the human resource offices across the nation if they advertised that single vacancy in their firm. How many application forms will they receive? The question still remains, is this really fair and good for a young importing country like this one?
Yea, such seminars may give the organizers a sense of helping the society but in the actual sense they are stabbing the young in the brains , killing the creative and innovative young generations and potential future creators and developers, and because of the wind of job hunting, they are reduced and are now at par with the society, therefore, killing dreams, ambitions, plans, creative and innovative ideas etc. and therefore, resulting in an all importing frustrated young economy!
The most needed thing in these times is to call young people to seminars that will be able to light up their creative and innovative abilities and skills, training young people to be job creators and developers and founders of new great business ideas. Teaching them the arts and skills needed for creativity and innovativeness, training them to stand on their own. Basically, a job searching seminar for the young is a huge mockery, it s like a huge slap in their face and they blindly gladly accept it, why? Because it s coming from the experienced society recognized individuals.
No, we are not job hunters, we are job creators. The strength of the youths represents the strength of the future. Therefore, what you decide to take in today greatly determines what you will soon be. It is essential to note that every continent, country, and individuals has no face accept that which you give it in your today s happenings and indulgencies, which means your future looks like this (that which is in you now). Though we can talk so subjectively like this, the main issue comes not to the all nation or a group of you all, it points right at you (me) now. From time immemorial, there has never been a continent, a nation, a town, a society, and a family without first having an individual, which is you. You need to understand that if people reduce you, they have literally reduced the continent, a nation, a society etc. that s why this may not sound logically right but I will say it anyhow, some of you need to be delivered from people. From people? Yea, from people.
Its people who set rules, its people who set factions, its people who segregate societies, its people who separate communities, schools, hospitals, shopping malls etc. it s all done by people! its people who came up with job search seminars, its people who even went ahead to tell you that your own IQ is low, its people who will stand to marginalize you and put you in what they have terms as your place , it s all people. Always take a serious caution on what you take from people. Listen and listen very well, many are the times when these people tend to do something to or for you with a deep sense of genuinely helping you, to them, all they know and think is that they are helping you get out of something, but in the actual sense, they are killing your sight, they are dimming your creative and innovative eyes, they are blindfolding you, and truth be told here, in some circumstances, you will discover that even those that are training you don t even have convictions of what they are giving you, they don t even believe in what they are teaching you but yet they are still doing it, why? Because they also trying to earn a living, and therefore, jeopardizing the futures of innocent desperate youths, resulting in a blind man leading a flock of potential young people, to where?
If you start hearing about such (job search seminars), know that things are not right somewhere, and I caution you all, do not waste your time attending workshops, meetings, seminars etc. on how to attract a good paying job, but rather, keep yourselves busy thinking about innovative and creative and impossible ideas because you ve got but a short time here on earth, therefore, you can t risk wasting your time on unproductive time-consuming ventures and vain things. Am I being harsh or tough? I think I am, because no matter how strong you are, no matter how positive you are in life, no matter how intelligent you are, there are always times when you just need to hear someone say remain strong, you will make it , be strong, God is on your side , no matter how tough you think you are, sometimes you need a word from other positive individuals to keep you going, because it s not always easy, some assignments are tough and only tough individuals get going.
It s very sad to note that the majority of young people don t have a strong trust and belief in themselves, they are all over seeking for approvals. They don t believe in their own ideas, visions etc. and therefore, can t take the step forward unless someone tells them you can now go forward , it s like they are intimidated, timidity as taken hold of them, they don t know what to really do, they are waiting to be led. This is the main thing causing huge numbers of young people flocking to such seminars like the job search seminar , it s like this because youths are lost and want to be at least identified with something, therefore, sliding on the way.
We are trained to take things as given. If you become creative and innovative you are labeled and you are a danger to society. We`ve been taught what to say, how to live, how to act and react, we`ve been taught about what to own and what not to own, where to live and where not to live. They have taught us from generation to generation, it s a carry over.
I was in my final year at university and I had just bought my black berry smart phone, I downloaded several pictures of different cars that I like. Then there came a day where I had put Rose Royce ghost series 2015 version as a wall paper on the phone, and you know, as the day went and fade away in the evening a certain friend of mine came by and saw the display picture on my phone, immediately he started laughing and he jokingly said, man, you are at this institution, in Zambia, and you are daring to dream of driving this car? Just leave it for the likes of those who went to universities like the Harvard, Leeds, Oxford etc.
It s an Offence! It s a Crime

W ow, where are we going ? Which direction are we headed? Where are we really going? Dreaming, having ideas, imaginations have become a crime against society. Dreaming and imagining big has now become an offence, creativity and innovativeness is now a crime!

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