SAS Administration from the Ground Up
103 pages

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SAS Administration from the Ground Up , livre ebook


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103 pages

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Learn SAS® administration from the ground up!

Those who are new to SAS platform administration may find themselves full of questions. SAS® Administration from the Ground Up: Running the SAS®9 Platform in a Metadata Server Environment will save you time, money and frustration.

This book walks the reader through setting up and maintaining a SAS platform from scratch. The author includes tips on best practices and troubleshooting to show you simple ways to streamline your SAS environment and make your work more manageable.

Written for both new administrators and seasoned professionals, this book covers:

  • SAS® 9.4 architecture
  • SAS administration tools such as SAS® Management Console, SAS® Environment Manager and SAS® Deployment Manager
  • Users, groups, and roles
  • Metadata library administration
  • Security

Also included is a master administration checklist, with helpful resources provided for each task.



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About This Book
What Does This Book Cover?
This book is about the basic principles of SAS 9.4 platform administration. It is a starter guide for new SAS administrators, helping you to turn into a happy, calm and confident SAS admin. The book provides you with a light entrance into the world of SAS administration, without wading through the documentation. This book does not cover SAS Viya administration.
Is This Book for You?
If you are new to the SAS 9.4 admin job or are an advanced admin who wants to make sure you know all the admin basics and admin tricks, this book is for you.
What Should You Know about the Best Practices?
This book provides recommendations and best practices around the most important SAS 9.4 platform administration topics a SAS Platform administrator should be familiar with.
Additional Resources
Please find an appendix full of handy links and references on the author’s page at .
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So many people contributed to this – thank you all!
My wonderful fur-kids: Thank you for putting up with me and for not being mad at me for some non-taken-walks. I’m not upset anymore about y’all digging a Grand Canyon in our backyard while my head was in the book.
Lauree Shepard, my editor: Thank you for your great support and help throughout this book adventure and for patiently keeping up with my “it-has-to-be-fun-and-special-and-here-is-another-idea-and-please-more-color” moments.
Reviewers: Michelle and Paul Homes, David Stern, Juan Sanchez, Margaret Crevar, Mark Schneider, Scott McCauley. Thank you so much for all your great input. Special thanks to Michelle, Paul and David for sharing their awesome security knowledge with me.
Shelley Sessoms: Thank you so much for encouraging me to write this book and for supporting me.
My managers and director, T Winand, Rick McElroy and Christina Harris: Thank you for letting me write the book and for supporting me.
Beate: Your “whenever-we-talk-you-say-its-only-three-more-chapters” talks challenged me to write faster. We did it!
Twanda and Krystal: I appreciate your “butt kicks” in my “am-so-done” moments after all night writing! It was so worth it!
Kevin: We make the best admin team! There is no-one I’d rather fight the admin beast with, my dear admin pal!
Mom and Dad: Please don’t sell my book to all your friends in your “WE ARE SOOOOO PROUD” spirit. I doubt we can interest them in SAS administration!
This book is dedicated to Jasper – the best pal ever – and to all the SAS admins in this world.
Sr Systems Engineer and passionate SAS admin SAS Institute

Chapter 1: Congratulations, You’re the SAS Administrator! Now What??
Why a starter-admin book?
What the book will and won’t cover:
Why a starter-admin book?
SAS administration can be complex, maybe even frustrating at times. It might drive you crazy, but once you know the drill and once you have the right head start, you will see that it can, in fact, be fun (this is not sarcastic, I am serious).
Increasingly, I came to realize that many SAS administrators do not have the luxury of getting training. Often, they, are on their own and must figure things out by themselves. Talking to many advanced SAS admins throughout the years, they found that the most challenging part of becoming an admin was actually knowing how, and where, to get started.
An admin needs to understand the entire SAS environment. If the software that is licensed is not set up and not used properly, it pretty much defeats the purpose.
Once you have finished this book, you will be ready to go!
What the book will and won’t cover:
Some specific topics this book covers (and does not cover) include: SAS 9.4 administration in a single- or multi-machine metadata server environment. SAS SAS Viya administration is not covered. You can read up on SAS Viya administration here: SAS Viya 3.4 Administration: Orientation Other SAS 9 versions might be called out in between, but this book is about SAS 9.4. This book applies to Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms. Mainframe administration will not be covered. Product additions (SAS Grid, SAS Visual Analytics, etc.) and solutions (such as SAS Marketing Automation for example) are not part of this book. Even though additional products and solutions are not covered, here comes the kicker: even though you might have SAS solutions or, SAS Grid, or maybe SAS Visual Analytics, you still must know how to administer the underlying SAS system. So, no matter what, you are not getting around learning the basics of SAS administration.
Finally, there are a lot of useful links included in this book – not so useful if you have the print version! So all these links can be found in a pdf on my author page to save on typing!
And off we go ... Happy reading!

Chapter 2: Let the Admin Fun Begin: SAS 9.4 Architecture
SAS Configuration Directories
SAS Tiers: The three plus one SAS Tiers in a metadata-managed environment
SAS Server Tier
About the Workspace Server, Stored Process Server and all other SAS Servers
SAS Connection Profiles
SAS Web Application Server and SAS Web Server (http server)
Cache Locator
JMS Broker
SAS Environment Manager
Java Runtime Environment
SAS Client Tier
Data Tier
The starting point for SAS administration is the architecture: what are the components of a SAS deployment , how does it look? With a good understanding of the SAS architecture, you&#

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