Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business
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169 pages

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Reel in the Profits with YouTube

YouTube delivers more than a billion minutes of streaming content to 1.3 billion active users every day. That's equivalent to one-third of all internet users and at least a billion reasons to start creating videos that promote your business, brand, products, and services today.

Entrepreneur Magazine's Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business is the video marketing blueprint you need to create videos that educate, entertain, and inspire viewers to take action. You'll learn how to plan, edit, promote, and share your videos with the public, as well as how to leverage YouTube's tools to help spotlight your business and your products without spending a fortune.

From video production to promotion, this guide shares the battle-tested strategies and tried-and-true advice from successful YouTube experts to help you:

  • Set up your channel and become a YouTube Partner to start monetizing your videos

  • Create a virtual community that uses and loves your products

  • Cater your videos to your target audience at every stage—pre-production, production, post-production, and promotion

  • Drive traffic to your channel, website, or social media with optimized video titles, tags, playlists, and more

  • Promote your YouTube videos using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social sites

  • Make a video go viral with the help of blogs, websites, and other online resources

Find out what a YouTube channel can do for you as you learn to create your channel, leverage it as a marketing tool, and maximize your return on investment.



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On YouTube, You or Your Business Is the Star!
Using YouTube as a Promotional and Marketing Tool
In This Chapter
First, Let s Get Acquainted with YouTube
Making YouTube Work for Your Business
Developing Your Strategy
Making YouTube a Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy
Defining Your Goals for YouTube
Defining Your Goals for YouTube
In This Chapter
See What s Popular on YouTube
The Costs Associated with Using YouTube
12 Ways You Can Use YouTube to Reach Your Audience
Start Thinking About What Approach You Want To Take
Identifying and Catering to Your Audience
In This Chapter
Identify Your Audience and Discover What It Wants or Needs
Planning Videos That Will Capture Your Viewers Attention
In This Chapter
Three Reasons to Have YouTube Host Your Videos
Define the Objective of Your Company s YouTube Channel
Your Videos Can Adopt Many Different Types of Approaches
A Few Common Traits of Successful YouTube Videos
Reasons Why Most Videos Never Become Popular
Additional Reasons Why YouTube Videos Sometimes Fail
Get to the Point-Fast
How to Generate Ideas for Your Videos
Taking Your Idea into Pre-Production
YouTube Community Guidelines and Copyright Infringement
Create a YouTube Channel and Populate It with Content
How to Start Your Own YouTube Channel
In This Chapter
How to Create Your Own YouTube Channel
Customizing Your YouTube Channel
Customizing Your Google Account Profile
Start Branding Your YouTube Channel
Keep Your Channel Current as YouTube Evolves
The Equipment You ll Need
In This Chapter
What You Should Know About Video Resolution
Getting the Right Equipment
Putting the Pieces Together
Selecting the Right Video Camera
In This Chapter
The Pros and Cons of Shooting with a Webcam
Shooting Video Using the Camera Built into Your Smartphone or Tablet
Using the Video Mode of Your Digital Camera to Shoot HD Video
Shooting Video Using a Stand-Alone Consumer-Quality HD Video Camera
Semi-Pro or Professional-Quality Video Cameras
Special-Purpose HD Cameras
Transferring Video Footage to Your Computer
Money-Saving Tips When Camera Shopping
Filming YouTube Videos
In This Chapter
Preparing for Your Shoot
Lights, Cameras . . . Action!
Now, Edit Your Videos in Post-Production
Editing Your YouTube Videos
In This Chapter
What Video-Editing Software Can and Can t Do
Choosing the Right Software
Where to Find Additional Online Video-Editing Tools
Commercially Available Video-Editing Software
Importing Footage and Other Production Elements into Your Video-Editing Software
Start Editing
Keeping Your Content Fresh
In This Chapter
Brainstorming Video Ideas
Developing a Realistic Production Schedule
Strategies for Keeping Your Channel s Content New and Fresh
Consider Using Collaboration Videos to Grow Your Audience
Consider Expanding Your Target Audience
Uploading Your Videos to YouTube
In This Chapter
Preparing Your Video Files
Providing Additional Details About Your Video
Adjusting the Advanced Settings for Your Video
Add Interactive Elements Using End Screens and Cards
YouTube s Video Enhancement Features
Your Video s Worldwide Premiere
Monetizing YouTube: Getting Paid for Your Video Views
In This Chapter
When Becoming a YouTube Partner Can Be Advantageous
How to Join and Participate in the YouTube Partner Program
How to Sign Up for the YouTube Partner Program
Track Your Earnings in Real Time with YouTube Analytics
How to Monetize Your Individual Videos
Focus on Your Objectives
Interacting with Viewers and Subscribers
In This Chapter
Always Consider Your Target Audience
How to Develop an Ongoing Rapport with Your Viewers, Fans, and Subscribers
How to Continuously Expand Your Online Following
Safety and Privacy Considerations
Promoting Your YouTube Videos
In This Chapter
Track Your Progress: Be Sure to Use YouTube Analytics
Start Promoting on YouTube and Beyond
Embed Your Videos in Your Website
Take Advantage of Search Engine Optimization to Promote Your Videos
Advertise Your Videos: It Costs Money But Works Fast
Seek Third-Party Help
20 Proven Strategies for Promoting YouTube Videos
Using Social Media to Build and Interact with Your Audience
In This Chapter
Take Advantage of a Facebook Page for Your Business
Use Twitter as a YouTube Promotional Tool
Use Instagram as a Promotional Tool
Use Reddit as a Promotional Tool for Your Videos
Opportunities Offered by Other Social Media Services
Go Live with Your Broadcasts
In This Chapter
Live Broadcast Considerations
Choosing a Service to Host Your Live Broadcasts
Pre-Broadcast Considerations
Introduction to YouTube Live
Using Product Placement in Videos as a Promotional Tool
In This Chapter
Identify Online Influencers
What Influencers Can Do for Your Company
Work with an Agency to Help You
Final Thoughts
Camera Tripod and Steadicam Companies
Cloud-Based Services for Storing Video Content
Computer Web Browsers
Freelancer Directories and Casting Websites
Influencer Marketing Companies
Keyword/Search Advertising Platforms
Keyword/Search Term Generation Tools
Lighting Equipment Companies
Merchandise Manufacturing and Dropship Companies
Music Libraries
Online Marketing Agencies and Analytics Services
Research and YouTube Education-Related Links
Social Media and Live Broadcasting Services
Video-Editing Software and Video Equipment Companies
Voice-Over Talent Agencies
YouTube-Related Links
YouTuber Tour Promoters
About the Author
On YouTube, You or Your Business Is the Star

A re you an entrepreneur launching a new business and need to build product awareness among a highly targeted audience using limited resources? Perhaps you re a small-business operator looking for creative ways to grow your business, find and reach new customers or clients, retain your existing customers, and keep costs down, but at the same time discover innovative ways to outmaneuver your competition-all on a tight budget. Well, you re not alone!
In today s business world, traditional advertising and many real-world marketing and promotional strategies no longer work because the shopping and media consumption habits of consumers have changed. More and more consumers are researching what they want or need using the internet and then shopping online to find the lowest prices. Plus, beyond just using desktop computers, consumers are relying on their internet-connected mobile devices and smart television sets when doing their shopping-related activities, even if they re still making some purchases from local retail stores.
As a business operator, you ve probably already discovered that the internet can be a powerful and cost-effective sales, marketing, advertising, and promotional tool, and that online social networking services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Yelp!, Pinterest, and many others, allow you to easily and informally reach existing and potential customers using text, photos, and other multimedia-based content.


A s of mid-2017, YouTube had more than 1.3 billion active users (which is equivalent to about one-third of all internet users). With the media habits of consumers changing so rapidly, when it comes to reaching the core 18- to 34- and 18- to 49-year-old consumer groups, YouTube reaches more of these important demographics than any cable television network in the United States.
However, as a YouTube channel operator and content creator, you can also reach a global audience. YouTube operates local versions of its service in 88 countries, and users can navigate the service in more than 76 different languages in order to watch the video content they want, when and where they want to watc

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