Native American Almanac
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544 pages

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Explore the vibrant Native American experience with this comprehensive and affordable historical overview of Indigenous communities and Native American life!

The impact of early encounters, past policies, treaties, wars, and prejudices toward America’s Indigenous peoples is a legacy that continues to mark America. The history of the United States and Native Americans are intertwined. Agriculture, place names, and language have all been influenced by Native American culture. The stories and history of pre- and post-colonial Tribal Nations and peoples continue to resonate and informs the geographical boundaries, laws, language and modern life.

From ancient rock drawings to today’s urban living, the Native American Almanac: More than 50,000 Years of the Cultures and Histories of Indigenous Peoples traces the rich heritage of indigenous people. It is a fascinating mix of biography, pre-contact and post-contact history, current events, Tribal Nations’ histories, enlightening insights on environmental and land issues, arts, treaties, languages, education, movements, and more. Ten regional chapters, including urban living, cover the narrative history, the communities, land, environment, important figures, and backgrounds of each area’s Tribal Nations and peoples. The stories of 345 Tribal Nations, biographies of 400 influential figures in all walks of life, Native American firsts, awards, and statistics are covered. 150 photographs and illustrations bring the text to life.

The most complete and affordable single-volume reference work about Native American culture available today, the Native American Almanac is a unique and valuable resource devoted to illustrating, demystifying, and celebrating the moving, sometimes difficult, and often lost history of the indigenous people of America. Capturing the stories and voices of the American Indian of yesterday and today, it provides a range of information on Native American history, society, and culture. A must have for anyone interested in our America’s rich history!



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Names: Dennis, Yvonne Wakim, author. | Hirschfelder, Arlene B., author. | Flynn, Shannon Rothenberger, author.
Title: Native American almanac : more than 50,000 years of the cultures and histories of indigenous peoples / by Yvonne Wakim Dennis, Arlene Hirschfelder, and Shannon Rothenberger Flynn.
Description: Canton, MI : Visible Ink Press, 2016.
Identifiers: LCCN 2015050881| ISBN 9781578595075 (pbk. : alk. paper) | ISBN 9781578596089 (epub) | ISBN 9781578596096 (kindle)
Subjects: LCSH: Indians of North America—History. | Indians of North America—Social life and customs.
Classification: LCC E77 .D394 2016 | DDC 970.004/97—dc23
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Y vonne Wakim Dennis (Cherokee/Sand Hill/Syrian) is an award-winning author of nonfiction books for children and adults, many coauthored with Arlene Hirschfelder. An avid multiculturalist, Dennis interweaves environmental justice into all she writes. Although most of her publications have been about Indigenous peoples of the United States, she has also penned books about the diverse cultures of America. She serves as the Education Director for the Children’s Cultural Center of Native America and is a board director of Nitchen, Inc., an advocacy organization for Indigenous families in the New York City metropolitan area. She is a multicultural consultant for businesses, schools, and publishers and is a columnist for Native Hoop Magazine . In 2014, Dennis received the National Arab American Museum’s Best Children’s Book of the Year Honor (for A Kid’s Guide to Arab American History ), a Sanaka Award, and the David Chow Humanitarian Award.

Photo: Marsha Michel
A rlene Hirschfelder is the author or editor of over twenty-five books about Native peoples, including Native Americans: A History in Pictures and The Extraordinary Book of Native American Lists . She and Yvonne Dennis have authored five books together, including the award-winning Children of Native America Today and A Kid’s Guide to Native American History . She worked at the Association on American Indian Affairs (a civil rights organization), for over twenty years and has years of experience consulting with publishers, museums, schools, and universities. In addition to being an author, Hirschfelder is series editor of “It Happened to Me,” which includes forty-seven nonfiction books (and still counting) for teen readers and is published by Rowman & Littlefield.

Photo by Karl Rabe
S hannon Rothenberger Flynn is a writer of Michif (Chippewa-German) and Norwegian-American descent. She has authored lifestyle and design books for Hearst and contributed writing and editorial services to The Native Americans—an Illustrated History , which became a cable network series. She was project editor for the Scholastic Encyclopedia of the North American Indian and served as Native American consultant on books for young readers. Flynn teaches writing at Dutchess Community College and English at Westchester Community College in New York. She also writes and performs stories with the TMI Project in Ulster County, New York, where she lives.
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Photo Sources
Historical Overview of Indian-White Relations in the United States
Northern Plains
Southern Plains: Texas and Oklahoma
The Great Basin and Rocky Mountains
Pacific Northwest: Washington State and Oregon
Appendix A: Canada
Appendix B: Mexico
Appendix C: Caribbean
Appendix D: Greenland
Appendix E: Indigenous Nations/Groups in Native American Almanac
Appendix F: Indian Lands: Definitions and Explanations
Appendix G: Indigenized English
Appendix H: Indigeneity from Sea to Sea
Appendix I: Selected Indigeneity Firsts: People, Places, and Things
Appendix J: Native Owned and Operated Museums
Appendix K: The Indigeneity of the Powwow
Appendix L: Indigenous Ancestry Affiliation of Some Notable People
Further Reading
Y vonne gives a big wado, wanishi to: Beverly Singer; Nadema Agard; Dwayne Wilcox; Juan Carlos Aguirre; Karen Taylor; Roberto Mukaro Borrero; Eric W. Sanderson; Jennifer Billie; Lita Pepion; James Morales; Audrey Cooper; Tlisza Jaurique; April Estrellon; Joseph Kabance; Marc Yaffee; Debbie Reese; Eileen Soler; Mariana Vergara; Todd Labrador; Tanis Parenteau; Gabrielle Tayac; Jim and Smoki Fraser; Mary Kathryn Nagle; Misty Brescia Dreifuss; Dawi Winston; Haunani-Kay Trask; Noenoe K. Silva; Kevin Brown; Patrice M. Le Melle; Kay WalkingStick; Virgil Ortiz; Ryan Pierce; Cynthia Leitich Smith; Philadelphia Phillies; Steven Newcomb; Carol Kalafatic; Tish Agoyo; Gelvin Stevenson; Susan Guice; Joseph Gone; my beloved co-writers Arlene and Shannon; publisher Roger Jänecke; managing editor Kevin Hile; my supportive, patient, helpful hubby, Roger; and all my family and friends whom I have ignored during these past two years. Now we can go out and play! I ask forgiveness for any mistakes I may have made.
Shannon gives major thanks to Beverly Singer, Jonathan Flynn, Catherine Revland, Tim Trewhella, Prairie Rose Seminole, Robert Desjarlait, Clark Vincent Fox, Charles Pierce, Ivy Vainio, Michael Meuers, The Bemidji Language Project, Julie Carrow, Michael Horse, Francisco Vasquez, David Lopez, Nike N7 Fund, Resa Sunshine, and my esteemed co-authors. Thank you always to my father, Phil, who blesses my every day.
Arlene is thankful to all who helped with this book and to those who have shared cultural knowledge: Susan Buchel, Linda Coombs, Carla Cuch, Jaye M. Falon, Jeremy Five Crows, Adriana Ignacio, Beverly Singer, Marguerite A. Smith, Jack F. Trope, and Berta Welch; thanks to our publisher, Roger Jänecke and editor, Kevin Hile; and special thanks to my co-authors and researcher Dennis Hirschfelder.
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