Patterns of War—World War II
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Patterns of War—World War II , livre ebook


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51 pages
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The evolution of warfare during WWII

Drawn from the second edition of Larry H. Addington's The Patterns of War since the Eighteenth Century, this e-book short discusses the evolution of warfare during World War II. Addington highlights developments in strategies and tactics and logistics and weaponry, providing detailed analyses of important battles and campaigns. It is an excellent introduction for both students and the general reader.

I. Hitler's War, 1939-41
A. The German Armed Forces to the Eve of War
B. The War from Poland to the Channel, September 1939–June1940
C. From the Armistice of Compiegne to the Battle of Moscow, June 1940–December 1941

II. The European War, 1942–45
A. From Moscow to Sicily, January 1942–July 1943
B. The U-Boat War, the Allied Strategic Air Offensive, and Hitler's V-Weapons
C. From Sicily to the Liberation of France, August 1943–August 1944
D. The Final Battles and the Defeat of Nazi German, September 1944–May 1945

III. The Pacific War, 1941–45
A. The Road to Pearl Harbor
B. From Pearl Harbor to Midway, December 1941–June 1942
C. The Campaigns for Guadalcanal and Papua, August 1942–February 1943
D. The Twin-Axis Strategy and the Drive to the Philippines to June 1944
E. The Philippines, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, October 1944–June 1945
F. The Atomic Bomb, Russian Intervention, and the End of the Pacific War, August–September
G. The China-Burma-India Theater and the Close of the War for East Asia

IV. World War II and the Patterns of War



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Patterns of War—World War II
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The Library of Congress has catalogedThe Patterns of War Since the Eighteenth Century, second edition, as follows:  Addington, Larry H.  The patterns of war since the eighteenth century / Larry H. Addington.—2nd ed.  p. cm.  Includes bibliographical references and index.  ISBN 0-253-30132-7 (alk. paper)—ISBN 0-253-20860-2 (pbk.: alk. paper)  1. Military history, Modern—18th century. 2. Military history, Modern—19th century. 3. Military history, Modern—20th century. 4. Military art and science—History—18th century. 5. Military art and science—History—19th century. 6. Military art and science—History—20th century. I. Title.  U39.A33 1994  355'.009'09--dc20 93-21544
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