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Wildfire , livre ebook


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212 pages
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Wildfire is a wide-ranging, inter-disciplinary study of the "other side" of Israeli public life. Because the governmental service systems work poorly, and political protest has proved to be largely ineffective, the Israeli public has begun to take matters into their own hands, in effect creating numerous "alternative" service systems in almost all spheres of life.

Lehman-Wilzig describes this phenomenon and analyzes the impact of the most important alternative systems: illegal settlement activity, a huge underground economy, pirate cable TV stations, "gray" education, Black medicine, anti-religious as well as anti-secular activity, and a growing demand for electoral reform and constitutionalization of the Israeli polity.


Part I: Background

1. The Spark: Zionism, Socialism, and Governmental Paternalism

2. Rotting Timbers: The Decay of the Establishment

3. Brushfires: Early Grassroots Awakenings

Part II: Issues

4. National Security: Settling Scores

5. Economy: Blue and Black

6. Communications: The Mess Media Revolt

7. Health: A Hemorrhaging System

8. Education: School Is Out

9. Religion and State: Holy Wars

10. Constitution-Making: Founding Sons

Part III: Conclusions

11. Potential Grassroots Fires

12. Conflagration? Fireproofing the System

13. Loyalty, Voice, and Vex It: A Theory of Alter-Politics

14. Between Past and-Future: Israel's Grassroots Revolts in Historical Cross-Comparative Perspective





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Date de parution 01 février 2012
Nombre de lectures 0
EAN13 9781438410395
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 20 Mo

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