Birth Earth Our Future
157 pages

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157 pages

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A profound shift is occurring. In her continuing series Healing Birth to Save the Planet, Shirley Ward outlines how we are a fractal of the conception, gestation and birth of the Universe. She shows how our journey from conception to birth defines who we are, how we relate to each other, our Earth and our future. We have been ignorant of how our womb environment affects our relationships with each other and the planet. Humanity is realising we are an integral part of nature. It is imperative that we produce strong, courageous, determined babies, children and adults with a passion and vision to save the planet from destruction. This will be an enlightened human race who ministers to a healthy planet, who supports humankind in new ways of living. It will be people who understand that conception, gestation and birth are fractal patterns of everything we do or say.



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Date de parution 25 avril 2020
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EAN13 9781880765821
Langue English

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Title Page
Untitled document
Personal Growth for Leadership
Personal Experiences Of A Conscious Leader
A Conscious State Of Mind For Those Left Behind
Conscious Leadership Through Grief
Conscious Leadership For The Future
The Important Role of the Bridge Pastoral Foundation in the Transformation of the World
Untitled document
The Work of Dr. Jean Houston
In Search Of The Possible Human
Rev. Dr. Rosalyn Bruyere DD
Creativity & Intelligence — Drogheda
Peggy Rubin
Preparing The Foetus — Repairing The Earth 1991
A Mythic Life
Quest For The Grail In The New Millennium 2000 - England
Scotland And Wales
Introduction To Part 2
Untitled document
Wake up!
Conception Preconception Of The Universe
Evolution Of Life On Earth
Every Individual Is Unique On Earth
Human Evolution 10,000 BC to the Present Day
Untitled document
Telescopes For Cosmic Perception
The Conscious Universe
The Quantum Universe
Sacred Sites And Quantum Energy Fields
Space Archaeology
The International Space Station (ISS)
Untitled document
Amazon Forests
Carbon Emissions
A New Climate
United Nations Report on Climate Change Oct 2018
Implementation by Governments
Untitled document
Communication Technology
Global Babies
Why Civilisations Organisations And Families Self Destruct
Alison Hunter—Evolution Of Her Life
Alison Hunter, Pioneer Psychotherapist, In Conversation With Sarah Kay
Recycling Over The Last 60 Years
Untitled document
Non Sibi Sed Deo et Alteri
Relationships From The Beginning
Hope By John Carmody
Preconception Speculation On The Possibility Of Continuing Consciousness
Incoming Soul Preconception Preparation
Preconception Memories
Preconception Meditation
Some Aspects Of Interpersonal Relationships Of Parents Before Conception
Conception Meditation
Conception Memories and Metaphors
Untitled document
Conscious Conception
Energetic Fusion
Sperm And Egg Are Conscious Beings
Creative Gestation
For Love by Helena Sullivan
The Timings Of The Seasons
Alchemy—The Philosopher's Stone
Sexual Responsibility
Fear by Magdalene O'Reilly
Untitled document
An Artist’s Journey—My Therapeutic Story
Journeying Through Non-Feeling
Untitled document
My Breech Birth And Its Effect On My Present Marital Relationship
Breech Birth And Forceps Delivery—Blue Babies
Untitled document
Whispers From The Womb Incarnation And Conception, Implantation, Toxic Womb And Soul Healing
New Birth Vision
The Power Of Healing Birth Healing Earth - Jim FitzGibbon
Untitled document
The Spiritual Dimension Of Our Being
What Is The Soul?
Reincarnation or Ancestral Memory
Karma Cause And Effect, Incarnation Scripts
Global Healing Visionaries
Global Healing
Points To Summarise Healing Birth/ Healing Earth for transforming Preconception, Conception And Birth
Towards a Conscious Evolution and Birth of Universal Humankind
The Invisible Enemy
Our Future
A Reflection for Our Future
Copyright © 2020 Shirley Ward  

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by electronic or mechanical means including information and retrieval systems without permission from the publisher in writing.

Ward, Shirley, 1941 –
Birth, Earth, Our Future:
Our conception and birth defines who we are, how we relate to each other, the Earth and our future.

Shirley Ward.
ISBN 10: 1-880765-83-7
ISBN 13: 9781880765838

Artwork : Ahonu (
Manuscript editor : Aingeal Rose (
Manuscript designer : Ahonu (

Warning—Limits of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty
The author and publisher shall not be liable for your misuse of the material in this book. This book is strictly for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only. The author and/or publisher do not guarantee or warrant that anyone following the techniques, suggestions, tips, ideas, or strategies in this book will become successful at anything. The author and/or publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to anyone with respect to any loss or damage howsoever caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book. Always consult a licensed health practitioner for all health issues.

Address all inquiries to:
Shirley Ward  
Amethyst Resource For Human Development
Ballybroghan, Killaloe, Co. Clare, V94 EE6N Ireland
+353 61 374 533 +353(0)879236796 -

To make a difference
Fall in love with the world,
Planet Earth, which is our home
For the rest of our lives,  
And for our children’s childrens lives.
Conceive babies in conscious conception  
That they may know they are wanted
And will love their home and all people,
Treating all with the love and respect
Kindness and compassion from the time of their conception.

Shirley Ward

Dedicated to the life and work of
Alison Ierne Hunter

Long-time friend and colleague; Polio Survivor;
Pastoral Consultant with Dr. Frank Lake 1975-1979;
Pioneer of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Psychotherapist;
Founder of Amethyst Resource for Human Development; Founder
Member and Honorary Member Of the Irish Association of Humanistic
And Integrative Psychotherapy.


Grateful thanks to the vision and creativity of Kevin O’Grady (Ahonu) an ex-Amethyst student and his wife Aingeal Rose of Twin Flame Productions for editing and publishing the research of Amethyst in this series, Healing Birth to Save the Earth .
To Susan (Adams) Chambers my lifelong friend in Georgia, USA and her husband Kevin for the continued sponsorship and financial support to complete the project.
To the late Alison Hunter my colleague and friend for 43 years. A visionary for change and development, her courage and doggedness ensured thousands on their journey found acceptance peace and joy. What a journey we have travelled together in this lifetime to achieve healing, knowledge and wisdom during the pre and perinatal period of life. May it continue to be taught by others with courage and vision.
To Carmel Byrne for her consistent care, kindness, loyalty and devotion in attending to Alison’s many nursing needs in the last years of her life. Carmel’s continued commitment and generosity of spirit to the mothers and children who seek her help is unparalleled in her knowledge of children’s and people’s needs and how to be with them on their journey.
To Alison’s medical support team, her GP Dr Bernie Lynch, Killaloe; District Nurse Ann Rogers; Scariff Health Centre; Carers from Home Instead; Raheen Hospital staff for respite; University of Limerick Hospital resuscitation team; nursing staff and the palliative care team at Ennis General Hospital—all of whom allowed the work of Amethyst to continue during the daily struggles of life and the writing of this book.
To Kay Conroy of Turning Point Dublin, a dedicated and stalwart friend of 35 years, always there in the background for support and wisdom in dealing with the paths of individual growth.
To Rev. Dr. Rosalyn Bruyere, our forever generous friend and confidant for over 40 years in Los Angeles; always available at the end of a phone halfway round the world; for her prayers, healing and love in accompanying Alison in her transition back to the light. Also for her encouragement for Shirley to write and publish our unique and important work.
To the 1,000s of teachers of consciousness over the last 50-100 years and before, who helped humankind prepare for the New Millennium. I thank Jean Houston as an indomitable teacher in my own life and that of our students at Amethyst.
To the Amethyst Graduates who have willingly contributed their stories of personal experiences; Ann Irwin; Gerry Luccan; Sharon O’Farrell; Orla Sheedy and many more who have given their loving support and believe in the work.
To Jim FitzGibbons for his testimony on the power of Healing Birth Healing Earth published in Inside Out #89 Autumn 2019 by the Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy.
To my friend Cheryll, wife of my cousin Denis Spriggs, for her permission to publish ‘ Recycling in the Last 60 Years ’. Looking at Denis’s life’s work as a dedicated environmentalist, recycler and reclaimer, written on 12 th February, Denis sadly passed awa

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