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A profound shift is occurring. In her continuing series Healing Birth to Save the Planet, Shirley Ward outlines how we are a fractal of the conception, gestation and birth of the Universe. She shows how our journey from conception to birth defines who we are, how we relate to each other, our Earth and our future. We have been ignorant of how our womb environment affects our relationships with each other and the planet. Humanity is realising we are an integral part of nature. It is imperative that we produce strong, courageous, determined babies, children and adults with a passion and vision to save the planet from destruction. This will be an enlightened human race who ministers to a healthy planet, who supports humankind in new ways of living. It will be people who understand that conception, gestation and birth are fractal patterns of everything we do or say.



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Title Page
Untitled document
Personal Growth for Leadership
Personal Experiences Of A Conscious Leader
A Conscious State Of Mind For Those Left Behind
Conscious Leadership Through Grief
Conscious Leadership For The Future
The Important Role of the Bridge Pastoral Foundation in the Transformation of the World
Untitled document
The Work of Dr. Jean Houston
In Search Of The Possible Human
Rev. Dr. Rosalyn Bruyere DD
Creativity & Intelligence — Drogheda
Peggy Rubin
Preparing The Foetus — Repairing The Earth 1991
A Mythic Life
Quest For The Grail In The New Millennium 2000 - England
Scotland And Wales
Introduction To Part 2
Untitled document
Wake up!
Conception Preconception Of The Universe
Evolution Of Life On Earth
Every Individual Is Unique On Earth
Human Evolution 10,000 BC to the Present Day
Untitled document
Telescopes For Cosmic Perception
The Conscious Universe
The Quantum Universe
Sacred Sites And Quantum Energy Fields
Space Archaeology
The International Space Station (ISS)
Untitled document
Amazon Forests
Carbon Emissions
A New Climate
United Nations Report on Climate Change Oct 2018
Implementation by Governments
Untitled document
Communication Technology
Global Babies
Why Civilisations Organisations And Families Self Destruct
Alison Hunter—Evolution Of Her Life
Alison Hunter, Pioneer Psychotherapist, In Conversation With Sarah Kay
Recycling Over The Last 60 Years
Untitled document
Non Sibi Sed Deo et Alteri
Relationships From The Beginning
Hope By John Carmody
Preconception Speculation On The Possibility Of Continuing Consciousness
Incoming Soul Preconception Preparation
Preconception Memories
Preconception Meditation
Some Aspects Of Interpersonal Relationships Of Parents Before Conception
Conception Meditation
Conception Memories and Metaphors
Untitled document
Conscious Conception
Energetic Fusion
Sperm And Egg Are Conscious Beings
Creative Gestation
For Love by Helena Sullivan
The Timings Of The Seasons
Alchemy—The Philosopher's Stone
Sexual Responsibility
Fear by Magdalene O'Reilly
Untitled document
An Artist’s Journey—My Therapeutic Story
Journeying Through Non-Feeling
Untitled document
My Breech Birth And Its Effect On My Present Marital Relationship
Breech Birth And Forceps Delivery—Blue Babies
Untitled document
Whispers From The Womb Incarnation And Conception, Implantation, Toxic Womb And Soul Healing
New Birth Vision
The Power Of Healing Birth Healing Earth - Jim FitzGibbon
Untitled document
The Spiritual Dimension Of Our Being
What Is The Soul?
Reincarnation or Ancestral Memory
Karma Cause And Effect, Incarnation Scripts
Global Healing Visionaries
Global Healing
Points To Summarise Healing Birth/ Healing Earth for transforming Preconception, Conception And Birth
Towards a Conscious Evolution and Birth of Universal Humankind
The Invisible Enemy
Our Future
A Reflection for Our Future
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Ward, Shirley, 1941 –
Birth, Earth, Our Future:
Our conception and birth defines who we are, how we relate to each other, the Earth and our future.

Shirley Ward.
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ISBN 13: 9781880765838

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Manuscript editor : Aingeal Rose (
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Warning—Limits of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty
The author and publisher shall not be liable for your misuse of the material in this book. This book is strictly for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only. The author and/or publisher do not guarantee or warrant that anyone following the techniques, suggestions, tips, ideas, or strategies in this book will become successful at anything. The author and/or publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to anyone with respect to any loss or damage howsoever caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book. Always consult a licensed health practitioner for all health issues.

Address all inquiries to:
Shirley Ward  
Amethyst Resource For Human Development
Ballybroghan, Killaloe, Co. Clare, V94 EE6N Ireland
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To make a difference
Fall in love with the world,
Planet Earth, which is our home
For the rest of our lives,  
And for our children’s childrens lives.
Conceive babies in conscious conception  
That they may know they are wanted
And will love their home and all people,
Treating all with the love and respect
Kindness and compassion from the time of their conception.

Shirley Ward

Dedicated to the life and work of
Alison Ierne Hunter

Long-time friend and colleague; Polio Survivor;
Pastoral Consultant with Dr. Frank Lake 1975-1979;
Pioneer of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Psychotherapist;
Founder of Amethyst Resource for Human Development; Founder
Member and Honorary Member Of the Irish Association of Humanistic
And Integrative Psychotherapy.


Grateful thanks to the vision and creativity of Kevin O’Grady (Ahonu) an ex-Amethyst student and his wife Aingeal Rose of Twin Flame Productions for editing and publishing the research of Amethyst in this series, Healing Birth to Save the Earth .
To Susan (Adams) Chambers my lifelong friend in Georgia, USA and her husband Kevin for the continued sponsorship and financial support to complete the project.
To the late Alison Hunter my colleague and friend for 43 years. A visionary for change and development, her courage and doggedness ensured thousands on their journey found acceptance peace and joy. What a journey we have travelled together in this lifetime to achieve healing, knowledge and wisdom during the pre and perinatal period of life. May it continue to be taught by others with courage and vision.
To Carmel Byrne for her consistent care, kindness, loyalty and devotion in attending to Alison’s many nursing needs in the last years of her life. Carmel’s continued commitment and generosity of spirit to the mothers and children who seek her help is unparalleled in her knowledge of children’s and people’s needs and how to be with them on their journey.
To Alison’s medical support team, her GP Dr Bernie Lynch, Killaloe; District Nurse Ann Rogers; Scariff Health Centre; Carers from Home Instead; Raheen Hospital staff for respite; University of Limerick Hospital resuscitation team; nursing staff and the palliative care team at Ennis General Hospital—all of whom allowed the work of Amethyst to continue during the daily struggles of life and the writing of this book.
To Kay Conroy of Turning Point Dublin, a dedicated and stalwart friend of 35 years, always there in the background for support and wisdom in dealing with the paths of individual growth.
To Rev. Dr. Rosalyn Bruyere, our forever generous friend and confidant for over 40 years in Los Angeles; always available at the end of a phone halfway round the world; for her prayers, healing and love in accompanying Alison in her transition back to the light. Also for her encouragement for Shirley to write and publish our unique and important work.
To the 1,000s of teachers of consciousness over the last 50-100 years and before, who helped humankind prepare for the New Millennium. I thank Jean Houston as an indomitable teacher in my own life and that of our students at Amethyst.
To the Amethyst Graduates who have willingly contributed their stories of personal experiences; Ann Irwin; Gerry Luccan; Sharon O’Farrell; Orla Sheedy and many more who have given their loving support and believe in the work.
To Jim FitzGibbons for his testimony on the power of Healing Birth Healing Earth published in Inside Out #89 Autumn 2019 by the Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy.
To my friend Cheryll, wife of my cousin Denis Spriggs, for her permission to publish ‘ Recycling in the Last 60 Years ’. Looking at Denis’s life’s work as a dedicated environmentalist, recycler and reclaimer, written on 12 th February, Denis sadly passed away the following day.
Thanks to the Irish poet John Carmody for permission to publish his unpublished poem ‘ Hope ’. To Helena Sullivan for her unpublished poem ‘ For Love ’ and to Magdalene O’Reilly for her poem ‘ Fear ’ published privately.
Thanks to Sarah Kay for interviewing Alison Hunter in Inside Out, 65, Autumn 2011, Pages 2-27 (The Irish Journal for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy).
Thanks to Ursula Somerville for the review of Healing Birth Healing Earth published in Inside Out No 89, Autumn 2019 (The Irish Journal for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy).
To Gerard Hoey, Chair of the Board of Directors of Amethyst who over the years has supported Alison and the work of Amethyst unconditionally.
Thanks to the award winning team of Sky News whose reporters are committed to presenting free of charge to the public many aspects of climate change. This includes the launch of Sky Ocean Rescue, Sky New Climate reporting on carbon emissions Australian bush fires, destruction by the Amazon forest fires, extinction of wild animal life and plants and stories of individuals around the globe who are making a difference. Up to date reporting has helped me include various and vital comments always available for readers on the Internet and to which I thank Sky News for.
To the pioneers over the years who have founded and researched pre and perinatal psychology from which pre and perinatal psychotherapy has its roots.
To the late Althea Hayton, my first editor of some of my original manuscripts who recognised the importance of our work that needed to be published for a wider audience.
To all those dedicated to space flight and travel who search the universe and cosmos for a planet for humankind to live on—even in the distant future.
And finally to Father Donagh O’Meara who over the years contributed to a culture of kindness in our Ogonnelloe Community—a microcosm of the macrocosm to be strived for globally. When nothing is too hard or difficult to help others in need—all babies will smile and the earth will smile back.

Thank you all so much.

Co. Clare, Ireland

Knowledge exists telling us our journey from conception, gestation to birth defines and patterns our whole adult life. At birth we are already who we are to be, with our character and personality. Our only sin is ignorance of how our womb environment affects our relationship with others and the planet. We have the means to change it.
In her continuing series Healing Birth to Save the Planet , Shirley Ward details the conception, gestation and birth of the Universe, planet, ecosystem and humankind; and how education needs to change to accomplish the universal mind set across the globe.
We are all one. A profound shift will occur when humanity realises that each of us is an integral part of nature and the planet. Every idea, event, catastrophe or healing is conceived, gestated and birthed. The universe is in us and we are in the universe, each affecting the other.
It is imperative that humankind takes on the responsibility of birthing practices to produce strong, courageous, determined babies, children and adults with a passion and vision to save us from destruction.
This will be a new species of human beings to control climate change, minister to a healthy planet and strengthen humankind in new ways of living. A human race to be proud of and one that understands that conception, gestation and birth are fractal patterns of everything we do or say. We have an almighty task ahead of us. Wake up—to a wondrous, challenging adventure!
~ Shirley Ward

Chapter One

“We first have to learn how negative emotions and behaviours are harmful to us and how positive emotions are helpful. We must realise how those negative emotions are not only very bad and harmful to one personally but harmful to society and the future of the whole world as well”.
~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler 2009
‘ IN OUR TIME we have come to the stage where the real humanity begins. It is the time where we partner Creation in the creation of ourselves, in the restoration of the biosphere, the regenesis of society and in the assuming of a new type of culture, the culture of kindness. We live daily life reconnected and recharged by the Source, so at to become liberated and engaged in the world and in our tasks.’
~ Jean Houston

In 1960 at the age of 18 I wrote an essay for my entrance into Bedford College of Physical Education for my career as a professional sportswoman. The title was, The Universe Is True For All Of Us And Different For Each Of Us. That was 60 years ago!
Imagine my deep shock when I sat down to write the second book of my series entitled Birth Earth Our Future and that essay in its original folder fell on me quite literally from my bookcase. I am a thousand miles away from where I wrote it and in a different country and at least 29 different accommodation addresses since its conception! The date, September 1960 is written on the spine of the folder. It has followed me around and is a fractal for this book where I now have 60 years of world and human advancement to answer the questions!
In it I discussed the origin of things, the existence of God, time and space, the nature of the mind, the meaning of life and the fate of the soul. I spoke of cosmogony, (the theory of the creation of the Universe) looking for the truth.
I considered as truth only that which was clear and distinct that could not be doubted—but decided that if the truth of everything is at all within human reach it must be very deep and abstruse. I also wrote that to hope anyone reach it without pain, when the greatest geniuses have failed with the utmost pain, is difficult to believe.
At that time I did not know that Stephen Hawking, who was to become one of the greatest thinkers in the world, had been born in January 1942, and would go on to research so many of these questions. When he died in March 2018, his posthumous book Brief answers to the Big Questions contained his final thoughts on the universe’s biggest questions. How did the universe begin? Will humanity survive on Earth? Is there life beyond our solar system?
As we face potentially catastrophic changes, thousands, if not millions of people, are working to save the planet from destruction. They are giving hope to millions who also despair at what can be done and see the destruction continuing—but everyone can, and must, have a part in the healing.
In the 1960’s there was a little ditty going around, “Two men looked through prison bars, one saw mud and the other saw stars. ” So, what do we see, mud and destruction and do nothing about it, or see the beauty, and work to transform ourselves and save our planet for our children’s children?
Each one of us has a unique story, a story of our individual life, a story within our family and our community. Every story carries that unique truth that the universe carries for us and we have a part to play in the future of humankind and our earthly home. We all have a meaning in our lives.
On my own journey, some of which is described in Book 1, Healing Birth Healing Earth , I describe as being a fractal or repetition of my nine-month birth journey. I had to bring into consciousness and heal the negative patterns, or recognise where they came from, and then develop the positive potential to use for the good of others and the world around me.
There is a long way to go but the consciousness is changing, not only in me but in millions of people.
In this, my second book, in the part on Birth, I continue the depth work of pre and perinatal psychology, describing the possible origins of the destructive personalities formed during the first nine months of life. By understanding more of the life of the baby in the womb, and also gentle birthing practices, we can help to slow down these destructive patterns.
The human race is destroying our earthly home. Through understanding the roots of our birth and why we behave as we do, we can stop the use of fossil fuel, decrease plastics, assist in keeping the planet’s temperature down and decrease our carbon footprint. We have a responsibility to know what we are doing to our babies in the womb, by smoking during pregnancy, getting drunk and being abusive. Knowledge, care and kindness are needed more than at any other time in history.
In the chapter on Earth, I bring in a simplified Time Chart of the Universe showing human development and how speech, language and intelligence has evolved and affected the planet. Since writing in 1960, many questions have been answered by creative visionaries who have devoted their lives to finding answers. This chapter outlines how these visionaries with different ideas, (artists, sculptors, writers, painters, designers) throughout the ages have made a difference. Creative intelligence with its various forms and activities, is what makes a human being.
As Jean Houston so beautifully put it, “Each one of us are melodies in the Divine and we can join the orchestration of the whole, with the music of our minds.”

Conscious leadership is a challenge for all of us to be aware, awake and connected to take on the future. Emotional intelligence, compassion, clarity and joy are all necessary components to move forward not only individually but with others on the path. They help the sharing of values, purpose and identity with a view of embracing the future with a positive vision.
Conscious leadership involves a rise in consciousness, an awareness of our own emotions and our emotional reactions to personal stress and events. The self-knowledge of ‘Who am I?’ of ‘Know Thyself’ are important factors of being able to rise above animosity and continue to be a strong leader. We need to be able to self-manage our personal life and our global responsibilities.
Since the 1960’s and 1970’s much of this has been taught in workshops and therapeutic sessions of many kinds by enlightened teachers for the new millennium and the future. Being open to external events happening, that will support us in the work we are doing are part of the openness of acceptance of wisdom for the future. This work to spread techniques for conscious leadership is service to the world. It may also be seen as self-sacrifice if the decisions were made before conception and incarnation. Coming from the place of light, with power from the Divine is a conscious journey.
It is a sacred journey from conception to after our death for every individual. One journey that we are all on. Different cultures have varying opinions on this.
At a time of choosing individuals put aside the superficial realities of life and choose people around them who have quality and substance. Introspection can help to establish a sense of self although it may alienate family and friends. It can also be a time of concern for the growth of the soul and a time when accumulating material goods stops. Wisdom can be shared and comfort, healing and awareness brought to others with lasting foundations. In various circumstances learning to dig into inner reserves in order to find the strength of character to deal with issues that arise in the future are needed.
Positively, whatever challenges present themselves, the answers are within—but learning to trust this is a great challenge for leadership. The blueprint of this is laid down and acquired in our sacred journey from conception to birth.
AT THE TIME of writing this in November 2019 Carmel and I are mourning the passing of Alison Hunter, the founder of Amethyst, a great friend and colleague of over forty years and a conscious leader of what she was about with Amethyst and its place in the world. She knew many of the great teachers during the decades leading up to the New Millennium. She always said that Amethyst was not a physical centre but an Amethyst energy globally, radiating the healing message of the journey from conception to birth as advocated by her own mentor and ‘boss’ Dr. Frank Lake which she passed onto her students. Some caught it, some didn’t.
Her colleagues and students saw her as a leader and an amazing pioneer in the world of psychotherapy. Through her explorations in spirituality and experiential body work she developed and expanded Lake’s method of birth trauma which she passed onto her students.
Born in 1932 in the United Kingdom with a mother from Cork in Southern Ireland she contracted polio as a young woman but refused to see herself as limited in any way, never complaining about her immobility, which was severe. She went on to become a conscious leading figure in the world of pre and perinatal psychotherapy and also general psychotherapy.
Always an orator but never a writer, she left the writing to Shirley and the children’s work to Carmel.
The Triad developed a training school for therapists and healers providing a superb experiential programme.
Alison never married and her trainees were her children and she was devoted to their development as therapists. She trained them to be strong people in their field for a new world order and a new earth transformation in the third millennium. Hopefully some are still evolving and guiding their own children to do the same.
AS I WRITE this it is only five weeks since Alison passed back to the light with the biggest smile on her face. For those of us left after over 40 years of working together with a conscious leader, there is a responsibility for us to continue to lead consciously with Amethyst and the pre and perinatal work.
At this time of sadness it is a necessary emotion for us to process change and move on to new things. Changing our thoughts about the present life situation without Alison is also changing our state of mind. We find ourselves homeless due to an arrangement made sixteen years earlier. So meditating on our situation and our present state of self, it is a necessity to slow down and breathe out negative thoughts and reactions.
We could be negative, depending on our conditioned reactions but need to maintain a positive reaction outcome and accept help from those concerned for us.
AS A TRIAD we worked together each submitting our talents to the whole. This is a microcosm of the macrocosm where globally we may all work together, utilising experiences for the good of the planet. In this time of sadness and loss for us, we have to go through the painful and difficult expressions of grief, hurting desperately but going through it. There is no way to avoid it.
From our Christian background it is like enduring a storm at sea. It reminds me of the story in St. Matthew’s Gospel when the disciples climbed into the boat with Jesus and a great storm arose. Jesus slept through it but the disciples panicked and woke him, fearing they were going to drown. He asked them why they were afraid and where was their faith. He calmed the winds and the sea, instilling a great calm into the natural phenomena. Grief is a normal and natural reaction to the death of a loved one.
In a storm at sea the waves peak and are close together, but eventually the sea becomes calmer. In grief, the sadness regroups and strengthens without warning and causes distress with deep sobbing. Storms at sea are like the fractal of the emotion of grief.
Experiencing our emotions like sadness can lead us back to a place of calm, but like the storm waves they can knock us out of balance at any time and so need self-management and emotional resilience to find a more contented place consciously. This helps us not let the emotions consume us and become uncontrolled by shouting and roaring at people. It is easier to talk and write about it than practice it!
Trying to maintain conscious leadership when so sad in life is the hardest work for anyone as it is so draining. It also involves trying to rest, find peace and quietness, to cry and to let the wisdom of the body help us through and let the energy flow, as it will all help us to process our loss and assist in facilitating adaptation to a new life.
It is also strongly suggested not to make major decisions like moving house, changing jobs or be involved in money matters unless absolutely necessary during the early stages of grief when judgement is clearly cloudy. The conventional wisdom ‘Never act in haste’ was never more applicable.
The stronger the character from birth the easier and less painful the self-management may be. Emotions cannot be wiped away or erased, they enrich every personality on the planet who is an aware individual of humankind. Conscious conception will assist the development of these positive traits, so allowing many negative elements described by the Dalai Lama as harmful personally and to society and the future of the whole world to be erased or alleviated.
CONSCIOUS LEADERS NEED to be in every walk of life. Not just business, finance, and politics but in schools, colleges, universities, the United Nations, Space Organisations, science, to name but a few. Most important of all are the parents, the mothers and fathers of our future generations, being aware of their own energy levels, their charismatic traits, their weaknesses and knowledge of how to reprogram their responses maintaining calmness in periods of crisis and external instability.
Creative leaders who are insightful and imaginative, who can listen, have humility, commit to self-development, allow vulnerability, be able to reflect and maintain a sense of purpose are needed also to have a spirit of positivity enabling others to follow their own positive traits.
I AM FORTUNATE enough to be one of the last people still alive to have known Frank Lake personally. Frank died on 10 th May 1982 with pancreatic cancer at the age of 68. His funeral held at Southwark Abbey in Nottinghamshire was full to capacity of people grieving the loss of a great mind.
Anyone in the Bridge Pastoral Foundation should have a pride in the knowledge that they are the continuing organisation from Clinical Theology, which was Frank’s work. It would not have been possible for Frank’s projects and ideas to come to fruition during his life time. They were immensely important for the future of the human race. He believed that the experiences of conception, womb life and birth had a direct impact on child and adult behaviour and character. He also hypothesised about the origins of mental illness in the pre and perinatal period. These beliefs are now being researched worldwide and globally. People come across his early work and are still taking his words, researching in their own way, trying methods to find answers to human trauma.
In the 1970’s and 1980’s rebirthing, primal work, regression, dream work and primal integration became part of what became known as the “New Age” and “New Agers” really didn’t fit into ‘socially aware’ domains!
What a pity they were not seen as leading the way into a new millennium. The negative impact of onlookers missed the very heart and soul of a much bigger, positive impact globally. Today, Frank’s work, integrated in many other therapies and ways of retrieving birth and womb memories, is part of a major breakthrough in healing our planet. His work is not out of date—but still very much ahead of its time.
Knowing the history, physical, emotional and mental issues of our birth journey helps us transform our own life journey. It changes our personal attitude to our common home, earth and global communications, not only with our families and friends, but work, organisations, countries—everything we do.
Watching the antics in Parliament in recent months I smile at the fun Frank would have had guessing the births of each individual! If you put every MP through their birth process I wonder what we would find! Forceps against forceps—rage against rage; forceps against induction—rage against timing difficulties; induction against caesarean- time against time or helplessness! It’s all there. We just need to be conscious of why these outcomes happen!
What an exciting journey we are all on! When negativity rises up—check where it comes from! This is one of the most exciting times in the world’s history. ‘ We have no time to stand and stare …’ How I congratulate the ladies who run your primal weekends. Run more! The vision of healing birth to heal the earth could never be more needed. It’s not ‘ just therapy’ . It is part of a much wider vision to heal our planet for our children’s children. Our planet needs our love, our care, our respect, our compassion. All of these are difficult to find when a traumatic birth has given an individual the conditioning of the exact opposite.
Let’s save the planet together by using our skills and knowledge in Collective Intelligence, Collective Energy and Collective Interaction.
Chapter Two
JEAN HOUSTON IS an American living in Oregon. She is a scholar, philosopher, researcher in Human Capacities and author of thirty books. Founder of the Human Potential Movement in the 1980’s she is a former President of the Association of Humanistic Psychology. She was also Director of the Foundation for Mind research in Pomona, NY, set up with her husband the late Robert Masters (Drury 1989).
As advisor to UNICEF in human and cultural development she has worked in over 130 countries to implement educational programmes and working with governments. Her development of Social Artistry in 2008 and working with the United Nations Development Programme in community leadership that she devised, took her to over forty cultures evolving in the global community. Her research continues to include the richness of people from all traditions coming together to share their cultures. Her mystery school workshops share ancient knowledge that historically was present in Egypt, Greece, Persia, India, Tibet, Ireland, the United Kingdom and North and South America.
With what I call her Houstonian Wisdom, she epitomizes what she teaches and stands for. Her books, audio tapes, CD’s and DVD’s display that she practises what she teaches with passionate belief from personal experience. She has evolved her own inner wisdom connecting with universal wisdom and knowledge, sharing her research with many thousands in her workshops and seminars.
Dr. Houston has influenced, guided and instigated many people to find the inherent potential in humankind from her vision to recognise their potential and evolve a greater, wiser, stronger, more courageous species. Her research with physical, mental and spiritual exercises transforming consciousness on many levels open up a new way of seeing the world and how we interconnect with ourselves, each other and the planet.
Her dream, through her love and care for humankind is to bring this vision into people’s lives, to use their vision to bring forward their potential to save mankind and our earthly home at one of its’ most vulnerable times in billions of years of history. This is a wonderful example of how Jean’s research includes psychological and historical healing through personal history and emotions. Also the mythic and symbolic and the story of universal patterns and integration bring us all into contact with the external universe and the universe within us.
Her associate Peggy Rubin has worked with Jean for over thirty years. They experience joy by tuning into the quantum dimension of time to open up new areas of relationship and life. Jean believes Peggy has become one of the great teachers of our time (2016 Laszlo, Houston and Dossey pages 18/19).
It is not difficult to find the biographical history of Dr. Jean Houston on the internet. Her impressive list of accolades, national and international awards identify the formidable uniqueness of this remarkable lady. Her outstanding character with unconventional methods of working, is self-evident. She is helping and guiding us to save not only ourselves, but our planet.
I recently tuned in to some free audio lectures that Jean generously gave online with and . There were 500.000 people listening on one and between 75,000 and 100,000 to the other. Whether it is Social Artistry, Awakening your Life’s Purpose, Evolving Wisdom, Awakening your Quantum Powers… look up her forthcoming workshops. Whatever grabs you—go for it!

‘We needed a ‘psychenaut’ programme to be the opposite of the astronaut programme in order to explore the enormous domains and dimensions of inner space. We need inner space exploration. We need to have access to more capacities in order to be adequate stewards of this most incredible process of transformation in human history.’
~ Dr. Jean Houston

This is my personal story of being mentored by Dr. Jean Houston over the last thirty years and how at the age of 78 I can enjoy writing a series of books containing my life’s work on Healing Birth/ Healing Earth through pre and perinatal psychology, healing and personal experience. It would be impossible for me to write these books without including the phenomenal positive influence her life’s work and teachings has had upon me.
Before meeting Jean’s work and her personally, I was already developing my psychotherapy practice integrating healing and training courses in Pre and Perinatal Psychology. I had lived through the 40’s, the 50’s, and 60’s, 70’s and 80’s experiencing teachings of these times that were preparing people for life in the New Millennium.
I always felt that my life was being guided in some way particularly in the areas of body, mind and spirit. Everything that happened was meant to be happening and people I met were of great significance to life and living. My love of sport and training to become a physical education teacher taught me about the body, but the physical disability to my knee, which was originally a birth injury, took me into the pre and perinatal work. My ambition to play hockey for England was crushed. I was devastated but I didn’t know then what a profoundly exciting and interesting life I would lead. Not planned but guided. Sport was not to be continued as my chosen career but I have followed Manchester United for over 70 years and my red Tonkinese cat is called Runi Manu!
A choice to enter religious life is a story on its own—but took me further into the sacred and spiritual journey I felt was always there from conception. Training to become a psychotherapist took me into the area of the mind and mental health. I chose a career rather than a husband and children and wanted to care and love my fellow travellers and understand and guide them in whatever way was meant to be. An early learning for me was to see the positive in every situation and stop the negative pattern of complaining. It works because negativity and complaining helps no-one and only adds to the dark negativity on the planet.
After studying counselling at Leicester University I experienced my own therapy and training with the Clinical Theology Association in Nottingham with Alison Hunter based on the work of Dr. Frank Lake in the 1970’s. Alison worked as a Pastoral Consultant with Frank Lake and founded Amethyst Resource for Human Development in 1982 in Ireland. I continued with a Master’s Degree in Human Relations at Nottingham University in 1985. Travelling twice a week from Northampton to London I studied at the Lincoln Clinic and Institute for Psychotherapy. There were no courses in those days to train as a psychotherapist so it took me 7 years to train in diverse workshops and courses to become a psychotherapist.
IN 1981 I met Rev. Dr. Rosalyn Bruyere, one of America’s finest healers. Alison, being a survivor of polio, travelled widely with two leg calipers and crutches to help find a cure to help her walk. She met Rosalyn at a conference in San Francisco and invited her to Ireland to run healing workshops. For me, it was a strange meeting of new friends who were obviously old friends, and my first experience of past life theory and soul connection.
During the 1980’s we assisted each other in many scrapes and personal trauma and she did quite literally have to bring me back into the land of the living a number of times. Her generosity meant I learned a great deal about energy and healing from her. Whenever we met and then had to fly back to our respective homes, Rosalyn would always check that we had laughed enough! We had an empty suitcase that Rosalyn would fill with Irish ‘goodies’ and return to Los Angeles, and when I returned from USA I filled it with clothes and shoes from the warehouse area of LA as they were so much cheaper than in Ireland!
It was a joy for me to learn that Rosalyn and Jean knew each other and had lectured on the same platforms together. Very different characters, but powerful women in their own right. I am so privileged and humbled to have met both of them.
I was first introduced to Jean’s books and work during my Master’s Degree Course in Human Relations at Nottingham University in the United Kingdom in 1985. The course was facilitated by Arthur Wooster and Eric Hall.
Being ahead of their time, they played their part courageously in introducing a great visionary course for teachers. Where do you start with Jean’s work? Start reading! There are now 30 books to devour—you have to start somewhere!
The flow of the language in ‘The Possible Human’ resonated with what I had been looking for. The wisdom was down to earth, simply explained and I understood it. Her book ‘The Search for the Beloved’ contained explanations of the sacred and the spiritual—simple yet profound.
At the end of this academic year I made what I now know to be a major quantum leap when I resigned from teaching after 23 years in the classroom. After praying for years for peace in Northern Ireland I made a second quantum jump and moved from England and everything I knew, to County Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland. I had no money—but believed the universe would provide if I used the skills I had and travelled to teach all the knowledge acquired over my life time for the benefit of other people. I continued running workshops on healing and had built up a therapy practice in Ireland near Dublin and Enniskerry. I was also travelling to Northern Ireland and working in Belfast, Newry, Bangor and Enniskillen.
MY MEMORIES GO back to 1987 when I first met Jean in the Countrywomen’s Centre in Drogheda. She had been invited by the teachers of Drogheda to run a workshop entitled Creativity And Intelligence. She was accompanied by Peggy Rubin, and I believe this was one of the first workshops where she assisted Jean. Ninety people attended that workshop, many of whom went on to become leaders in their field of human potential and we met on the ‘consciousness’ circuit for many years in Ireland. Both Alison and Carmel also attended this workshop.
During the workshop I sat at the feet of the ‘master teacher’ mesmerised by this towering character over 6 feet tall, afraid that my shorter height of 5’2” be lost in the dynamic energy that flowed through her! The impression that I absorbed was a woman of enormous positive power, marinated in strength, kindness and compassion. She had eyes that followed you, missed nothing and twinkled at the many jokes she shared!
When she spoke she articulated effortlessly in language that contained the most influential, yet understandable descriptions of life. She was a fine speaker with a beautiful and persuasive voice. Her knowledge and wisdom created pictures with the stories she told. She flowed freely from one story to another, the actress emerging when her English language flowed into ancient Greek, then to the accent of her Sicilian mother and back to her comedian father.
Her vocabulary was saturated in the language of Shakespeare as the weekend progressed, from Elizabethan England, later literature, Greek myth, myriads of poets and the blending of so many cultures in her workshop packed also with ancient wisdom.
I wanted what she had! She was a woman with confidence, skills, and a superb control of the most beautiful words in the English Language, charisma, and empowerment but with an underlying feature of humility. Wow! In those days I lacked confidence in my own abilities, was fairly shy and never pushed myself forward in any capacity. What a lot I had to learn! I did pluck up courage to tell Jean that I loved John Denver’s music and wanted to be a world citizen like he was. Her response was, ‘Oh he’s joining me for supper on Wednesday!’
The first thing I did on the Monday after the workshop was shop for a Thesaurus! That’s a book containing some 14,000 main words followed by a list of words that enables the reader to find the appropriate words or replacing words with those that are more precise, vivid or simpler. Over thirty years later I am still using the same thesaurus!
PEGGY RUBIN IS Founding Director of the Center for Sacred Theatre in Ashland, OR. She is the principal teaching associate of Dr. Houston in her schools of spiritual studies. Peggy is a member of the core faculty of the School for Social Artistry, an intensive leadership training program. Working with Dr. Houston, Peggy has presented workshops throughout the USA, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Egypt, The Netherlands, India, West Africa, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Jamaica, and on behalf of the UN Development Programme in Albania, St. Lucia, Barbados and Kenya.
Before joining Dr. Houston’s staff in 1987, Peggy was for 14 years the Public Information and Education Director for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, one of the largest classical repertory companies in the USA. She has been a teacher of English, a freelance writer, editor and actor. She studied extensively with Elaine De Beauport, Ph.D., founder of the Mead Institute, leading teacher of humanistic and behavioral applications of current brain/mind research; and with William Emerson, Ph.D., pioneer in the field of pre and peri-natal psychology and its importance in understanding human development.
I met Peggy a number of times when she brought her students to Ireland for her Sacred Dance workshops. It was a joy to accompany them from Kerry to Glenstal Abbey.
AFTER THE CONCEPT and word ‘fractals’ (fractals are explained in detail in Book 1, Healing Birth Healing Earth ), another important word I had never heard before was ‘entelechy’—the idea and process that Jean calls the Entelechy process.
Entelechy is a Greek word that means the deep purpose that guides or contributes to us becoming who we are meant to become, or who we need to become. Jean explains that it is the entelechy of an acorn to become an oak tree; of a tadpole to become a frog; of a baby to become an adult in humankind.
At a deep psychological level our entelechy helps us live from a deeper purpose and higher destiny. In 1987 I did not know what I know now! I lived from an unconscious state but in Drogheda the transformation began. We tapped into the ‘zone’ that took us into the essence of an alternate energy system and beyond ourselves. We were introduced to meditation; dancing, kinaesthetic exercises where we physically moved a limb, then kept it still and let the brain perform the exercise. A remarkable exercise I have used many times with clients and in workshops to stimulate neural transmitter growth in the brain.
The dynamics of Jean’s work were powerful. What else can I call it but Houstonian Wisdom! She was a woman on her own journey of discovery, wanting to share her knowledge with the world. I trusted her wisdom, thought process and guidance. One of the intriguing and satisfactory ways to explore our quantum nature is to enter the mysteries of time.
She explained how short periods of time can be experienced as being much longer, but we do have to enter into an altered state of consciousness. Often the time factor is irrelevant but the historical, physical, emotional and spiritual experiences often create and transform negative encounters into what may become positive. This can change negative birth scripts that have become negative life scripts into positive, joyful and acceptable modes of living. I have no difficulty in shifting energetically into different situations of historical events, and of course from preconception to birth, not only for my own personal work but with others for nearly 45 years. I facilitate their healing for a better quality of life—to transform the negative experiences into positive experiences to change present and future life experiences.
One memorable exercise was moving through time as a carved mermaid figurehead on the prow of an old sailing ship. Mesmerised and guided by Jean’s well-versed powerful voice, I sailed through universal time and space effortlessly and wonderfully free. I have no idea where I went or who I met—but when I sailed back into port and arrived home something major, energetically had been transformed.
I couldn’t put it into words, but as the months progressed, I knew it was my entelechy to synthesise my life and integrate my knowledge of body-mind-spirit to help others on their sacred journeys. My work and research in the pre and perinatal periods needed to be documented. The importance of our womb development time that affects our adult life and our treatment of planet Earth needed to be written.
Many people asked over the years if I had started the book. I wrote many papers, some published; others unpublished, and had training course and workshop notes which were the foundation of our work but it was to take over thirty more years to make it a book. But I followed my entelechy wisely and in my own time. Now I know I was guided to publish when the world was ready to hear and ready to take responsibility for our actions towards our earthly home.
I ALSO LEARNED that you do not always have to keep meeting the folk who mentor you, or the students that you mentor. It was to be four years before I met Jean again. The Pre and Perinatal Psychology Association of North America, (PPPANA) which became the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology And Health (APPPAH) invited Jean as their principal speaker to the annual conference in 1991 in Washington, entitled Preparing the Foetus, Repairing the Earth. Her opening sentences contained the message that the pregnant world situation is not unlike a vast womb of gestation and everything is in a foetal state of preparation before regenesis. I was delirious with excitement; and then out came the sentence confirming that we are born one way or another and this dictates our life imprints, because the way that we live our lives affects the way in which we treat our planet. She continued to teach that there is a reinvention of what humankind can be, all requiring a new conscious gestation that has never taken place on our planet before.
Then out came the explanation of the fractal dimension of creation, the universe, of humankind and individual lives. This was it! This is what I had been waiting for. I didn’t need the rest of the workshop. I knew why I had flown to Washington and what I needed to hear.
Shaking me to the roots another quantum leap took place as this is where the introduction of the fractal dimension transformed our work over the following years.

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