Jekel s Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Preventive Medicine E-Book
667 pages

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Jekel's Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Preventive Medicine E-Book , livre ebook

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667 pages

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Succinct yet thorough, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Preventive Medicine, 3rd Edition brings you today's best knowledge on epidemiology, biostatistics, preventive medicine, and public health—in one convenient source. You'll find the latest on healthcare policy and financing · infectious diseases · chronic disease · and disease prevention technology. This text also serves as an outstanding resource for preparing for the USMLE, and the American Board of Preventive Medicine recommends it as a top review source for its core specialty examination.
  • Discusses the financial concerns and the use and limitations of screening in the prevention of symptomatic disease.
  • Emphasizes the application of epidemiologic and biostatistical concepts to everyday clinical problem solving and decision making.
  • Showcases important concepts and calculations inside quick-reference boxes.
  • Presents abundant illustrations and well-organized tables to clarify and summarize complex concepts.
  • Includes 350 USMLE-style questions and answers, complete with detailed explanations about why various choices are correct or incorrect.
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  • Includes the latest information on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) · SARS · avian form of H5N1 influenza · the obesity epidemic · and more.


S 2
United States of America
Miastenia gravis
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Drug combination
Failed suicide attempt
Pertussis vaccine
Myocardial infarction
Retrospective cohort study
The Only Son
Breast cancer screening
Clinical Medicine
Health care provider
Department of Health Services
Perinatal mortality
Sweet's syndrome
Unstable angina
Research design
Health promotion
Long-term care
Carotid artery stenosis
Family medicine
Longitudinal study
Preventive medicine
Mental health
Regression analysis
Fisher's exact test
Medical Center
Biological agent
Occupational safety and health
Random sample
Physician assistant
Public health
Preterm birth
Maternal death
Smoking cessation
Head Start Program
Health economics
Health care
Heart failure
Extended family
Clinical trial
United States Public Health Service
List of domesticated animals
Internal medicine
Severe acute respiratory syndrome
Mortality rate
Randomized controlled trial
Diabetes mellitus type 2
Posttraumatic stress disorder
Heart disease
Health care system
Natural disaster
Mood disorder
X-ray computed tomography
Multiple sclerosis
Diabetes mellitus
Statistical hypothesis testing
Data storage device
Mental disorder
Infectious disease
Erectile dysfunction
First aid
Major depressive disorder
Cause of Death
National Institutes of Health
Virus du Nil occidental


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Date de parution 04 janvier 2013
Nombre de lectures 4
EAN13 9781455706563
Langue English
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Jekel’s Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Preventive Medicine, and Public Health
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Fourth Edition

David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP
Director, Prevention Research Center, Yale University School of Medicine, Director, Integrative Medicine Center, Griffin Hospital, Derby, Connecticut

Joann G. Elmore, MD, MPH
Professor of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine, Attending Physician, Harborview Medical Center, Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, Seattle, Washington

Dorothea M.G. Wild, MD, MPH
Lecturer, School of Epidemiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut
President, Griffin Faculty Practice Plan, Associate Program Director, Combined Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine Residency Program, Griffin Hospital, Derby, Connecticut

Sean C. Lucan, MD, MPH, MS
Assistant Professor, Family and Social Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Attending Physician, Family and Social Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York
Table of Contents
Instructions for online access
Cover image
Title page
About the Authors
Guest Authors
Preface to the Third Edition
Section 1: Epidemiology
Chapter 1: Basic Epidemiologic Concepts and Principles
I What is Epidemiology?
II Etiology and Natural History of Disease
III Ecological Issues in Epidemiology
IV Contributions of Epidemiologists
V Summary
Chapter 2: Epidemiologic Data Measurements
I Frequency
II Risk
III Rates
IV Special Issues on Use of Rates
V Commonly Used Rates That Reflect Maternal and Infant Health
VI Summary
Chapter 3: Epidemiologic Surveillance and Epidemic Outbreak Investigation
I Surveillance of Disease
II Investigation of Epidemics
III Summary
Chapter 4: The Study of Risk Factors and Causation
I Types of Causal Relationships
II Steps in Determination of Cause and Effect
III Common Pitfalls in Causal Research
IV Important Reminders About Risk Factors and Disease
V Summary
Chapter 5: Common Research Designs and Issues in Epidemiology
I Functions of Research Design
II Types of Research Design
III Research Issues in Epidemiology
IV Summary
Chapter 6: Assessment of Risk and Benefit in Epidemiologic Studies
I Definition of Study Groups
II Comparison of Risks in Different Study Groups
III Other Measures of Impact of Risk Factors
IV Uses of Risk Assessment Data
V Summary
Chapter 7: Understanding the Quality of Data in Clinical Medicine
I Goals of Data Collection and Analysis
II Studying the Accuracy and Usefulness of Screening and Diagnostic Tests
III Measuring Agreement
IV Summary
Section 2: Biostatistics
Chapter 8: Statistical Foundations of Clinical Decisions
I Bayes Theorem
II Decision Analysis
III Data Synthesis
IV Elementary Probability Theory
V Summary
Chapter 9: Describing Variation in Data
I Sources of Variation in Medicine
II Statistics and Variables
III Frequency Distributions
IV Summary
Chapter 10: Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing
I Nature and Purpose of Statistical Inference
II Process of Testing Hypotheses
III Tests of Statistical Significance
IV Special Considerations
V Summary
Chapter 11: Bivariate Analysis
I Choosing an Appropriate Statistical Test
II Making Inferences (Parametric Analysis) From Continuous Data
III Making Inferences (Nonparametric Analysis) From Ordinal Data
IV Making Inferences (Nonparametric Analysis) From Dichotomous and Nominal Data
V Summary
Chapter 12: Applying Statistics to Trial Design: Sample Size, Randomization, and Control for Multiple Hypotheses
I Sample Size
II Randomizing Study participants
III Controlling for the testing of multiple hypotheses
IV Summary
Chapter 13: Multivariable Analysis
I Overview of Multivariable Statistics
II Assumptions Underlying Multivariable Methods
III Procedures for Multivariable Analysis
IV Summary
Section 3: Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Chapter 14: Introduction to Preventive Medicine
I Basic Concepts
II Measures of Health Status
III Natural History of Disease
IV Levels of Prevention
V Economics of Prevention
VI Preventive Medicine Training
VII Summary
Chapter 15: Methods of Primary Prevention: Health Promotion
I Society’s Contribution to Health
II General Health Promotion
III Behavioral Factors in Health Promotion
IV Prevention of Disease Through Specific Protection
V Effecting Behavior Change in Underserved Populations
VI Summary
Chapter 16: Principles and Practice of Secondary Prevention
I Community Screening
II Individual Case Finding
III Screening Guidelines and Recommendations
IV Summary
Chapter 17: Methods of Tertiary Prevention
I Disease, Illness, Disability, and Disease Perceptions
II Opportunities for Tertiary Prevention
III Disability Limitation
IV Rehabilitation
V Summary
Chapter 18: Clinical Preventive Services (United States Preventive Services Task Force)
I United States Preventive Services Task Force
II Economics of Prevention
III Major Recommendations
IV Community-Based Prevention
V Summary
Chapter 19: Chronic Disease Prevention
I Overview of Chronic Disease
II Preventability of Chronic Disease
III Condition-Specific Prevention
IV Barriers and Opportunities
V Summary
Chapter 20: Prevention of Infectious Diseases
I Overview of Infectious Disease
II Public Health Priorities
III Emerging Threats
IV Summary
Chapter 21: Mental and Behavioral Health
I Mental Health/Behavioral Disorders and Suicide
II Risk and Protective Factors
III Prevention and Health Promotion Strategies
IV Summary
Chapter 22: Occupational Medicine
I Physical Hazards
II Chemical Hazards
III Biologic Hazards
IV Psychosocial Stress
V Environmental Hazards
VI Quantifying Exposure
VII Summary
Chapter 23: Birth Outcomes: A Global Perspective
I Birth Counts
II Defining Birth Outcomes
III Data Sources
IV Overview of Birth Outcomes
V Adverse Birth Outcomes
VI Using the Data for Action
VII Improving the Data
VIII Summary
Section 4: Public Health
Chapter 24: Introduction to Public Health
I Definitions of Public Health
II Health in the United States
III Data Sources in Public Health
IV Injuries
V Future Trends
VI Summary
Chapter 25: Public Health System: Structure and Function
I Administration of U.s. Public Health
II Broader Definitions of Public Health Policy
III Intersectoral Approach to Public Health
IV Organizations in Preventive Medicine
V Assessment and Future Trends
VI Summary
Chapter 26: Public Health Practice in Communities
I Theories of Community Change
II Steps in Developing a Health Promotion Program
III FUTURE Challenges
IV Summary
Chapter 27: Disaster Epidemiology and Surveillance
I Overview
II Definitions and Objectives
III Purpose of Disaster Epidemiology
IV Disaster Surveillance
V Role of Government Agencies and Nongovernmental Organizations
VI Summary
Chapter 28: Health Management, Health Administration, and Quality Improvement
I Organizational Structure and Decision Making
II Assessing Organizational Performance
III Basics of Quality Improvement
V Managing Human Resources
VI Summary
Chapter 29: Health Care Organization, Policy, and Financing
I Overview
II Legal Framework of Health
III the Medical Care System
IV Health Care Institutions
V Payment for health Care
VI Cost Containment
VII Issues in Health Policy
VIII Summary
Chapter 30: One Health: Interdependence of People, Other Species, and the Planet
I Unprecedented Challenges, Holistic Solutions
II What is One Health?
III Breadth of One Health
IV Goals and Benefits of One Health
V International, Institutional, and National Agency Support
VI Envisioning One Health in action
VII Summary
Chapter 30 Supplement: One Health: Interdependence of People, Other Species, and the Planet
Applications of One Health to Millennium Development Goals
Integrative Approaches to One Health
Implementation of One Health Framework
Epidemiologic and Medical Glossary

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