My Nerves Are Bad
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233 pages
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Over a two-year period, author Sana Loue and her research team followed the lives of fifty-three Puerto Rican women living with severe mental illness as they coped with daily challenges in the areas of family, romantic relationships, employment, social services, substance use, and health care. The team interviewed the women and shadowed them at their homes, churches, schools, physicians' offices, family events, and other occasions in order to understand how their mental illness, their gender, their language, and their culture affected their relationships with others, their understandings of their own situations, and their hopes for themselves and their families.

Sana Loue lets us see the remarkable strength of many of the women and hear in their own words about their efforts to survive, despite long histories of childhood physical and sexual abuse, partner violence, substance use, poverty, and severe mental illness. We also witness the violence that surrounds them and the HIV risk that becomes a part of their lives in their efforts to survive economically and emotionally.



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Mis nervios estan malos
“ ” My Nerves Are Bad Puerto Rican  Women Managing  Mental Illness  and HIV Risk Sana Loue
“ ” My Nerves Are Bad
“ ” My Nerves Are Bad
Puerto Rican Women Managing Mental Illness and HIV Risk
Sana Loue
Vanderbilt University Press Nashville
© 2011 by Vanderbilt University Press Nasville, Tennessee 37235 All rigts reserved First printing 2011
his book is printed on acid-free paper made from 30% post-consumer recycled content. Manufactured in te United States of America
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Loue, Sana. “My nerves are bad” : Puerto Rican women managing mental illness and HIV risk / Sana Loue. p. ; cm. Puerto Rican women managing mental illness and HIV risk Includes bibliograpical references and index. ISBN 978-0-8265-1753-1 (clot ed. : alk. paper) ISBN 978-0-8265-1754-8 (pbk. ed. : alk. paper) 1. AIDS (Disease)—Oio. 2. Mentally ill—Healt and ygiene—Oio. 3. Puerto Rican women—Healt and ygiene—Oio. 4. Puerto Rican women—mental ealt—Oio. I. Title. II. Title: Puerto Rican women managing mental illness and HIV risk. [DNLM: 1. HIV Infections—etnology—Puerto Rico. 2. HIV Infections—etnology—United States. 3. Mental Disorders— etnology—Puerto Rico. 4. Mental Disorders—etnology—United States. 5. Healt Policy—Puerto Rico. 6. Healt Policy—United States. 7. Hispanic Americans—Puerto Rico. 8. Hispanic Americans—United States. 9. Socioeconomic Factors—Puerto Rico. 10. Socioeconomic Factors—United States. 11. Women’s Healt—Puerto Rico. 12. Women’s Healt—United States. WA 300 AA1] RA643.84.O3L68 2011 362.196'9792009771—dc22 2010036853
God tells you not to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised. he birds don’t ave any clotes but God provides. We are is cildren and e will provide. Sometimes we feel sad because we are uman, but you ask God and you will feel better. —Maria, diagnosed wit scizoprenia (quoted in Loue and Sajatovic 2006, p. 1175)
Todos nacimos para morir. Dios nos lleva cuando nos necesite. [We are all born to die. God takes us wen e needs us.] —Narcisa, diagnosed wit bipolar disorder
List of Tables ix
Acknowledgments xi
Beyond Numbers: Faces of HIV and Mental Illness in Norteastern Oio’s Latino Communities 1
Living wit Mental Illness 19
Making Ends Meet 43
Love Is a Four-Letter Word 61
Critical Oters 77
Moterood 95
Adrift: Navigating Systems and Bureaucracies 111
Negotiating Risk 133
Power, Processes, and Agency 155
Notes 163
References 177
Index 209
Recruitment callenges and strategies
Retention strategies by study pase
Sources of data
Demograpic caracteristics of te study participants (N = 53)
Illness caracteristics of te study participants (N = 53)
Mental and emotional caracteristics of critical oters
Mental ealt service utilization of te study participants
HIV knowledge among study participants (n = 35)
Risk beaviors among study participants (N = 53) during past ninety days and over lifetime136
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