Millennials and Mission
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76 pages

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This book focuses on the passing of the torch in cross-cultural missions and church ministry to the Millennial generation. Jim and Judy Raymo grapple with big questions and concerns in Millennials and Mission, while giving an in-depth look at this up-and-coming generation of young people and the future of missions in its hands. They highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this populous group born between 1982 and 2000, comparing and contrasting its characteristics with those of the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. In spite of the challenges ahead, Millennials and Mission gives a clearly optimistic picture of the Millennial generation’s potential contribution to the accomplishing of the Great Commission.



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I first met Jim in the early 70 s while he was working with a Jesus movement church on the University of Minnesota campus. He was warm, passionate, and totally dedicated to making Jesus known. We lost track of each other for years, but in the meantime he went on to serve in missions, led WEC-US and then began teaching intercultural studies to new generations of young college students who had interest in missions. Jim teaches at Bethany College of Mission and has helped our faculty and mission team better understand this Millennial generation-and how to better engage with them to reach all people everywhere with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
What has impacted me about Jim is that forty years later from when we met, he is still Jim. He is warm, passionate, and totally dedicated to making Jesus known. And, he loves this Millennial generation that God has placed before us. Will we step forward to disciple, love, invest, and launch them? Will we not just tell them what they need to know, or will we say come with us and walk with them as we do the kingdom, not just talk about it? Jim is a doer of the kingdom-in his family, in the classroom, and in taking the Great Commission literally. Millennials and Missions is a wonderful and vibrant appeal and road map to serving this next generation-they will lead in the future. (We actually don t have any choice about that.) So let s invest all that we have into them-let s love them-let s serve them-let s launch them.
Daniel H. Brokke
president/CEO, Bethany International
Bethany College of Missions
Missionaries know all about the importance of contextualization when it comes to the gospel-that is communicating the unchanging truths of God s call of salvation in culturally relevant forms so that it is not only heard, but understood. In this important work, Jim and Judy Raymo provide all of us who care about the Great Commission with a necessary reminder that we must also contextualize the call to missionary involvement. This book will help you understand and reach the hearts of the next generation of would-be cross-cultural workers-the Millennials.
Stan Guthrie
author, Missionaries in the Third Millennium
Jim and Judy Raymo have lived out the Great Commission in their lives. They have incarnated their love for Christ and the world through their efforts locally, globally, and with their family. Read this book and hear of their heart for Millenials, missions, and ministry in our world. You will not be disappointed by what you learn and how you are impacted.
John Jackson, PhD
president of William Jessup University
This book should be read by the entire missional community. My prayer is that every person in the silent generation/builders and boomers will read this book and learn what it takes to encourage this exciting generation to reach the world with the Good News.
Tom Telford
church mobilizers serving with United World Mission
Every generation confounds and mystifies its predecessors. Thus, paradoxical, the key word Jim and Judy Raymo have chosen to describe Millennials, is both an insightful and a hopeful summary. Their analysis is incisive while avoiding pigeonholing and caricatures. At its core, this book tells a hopeful story, propelled by the Great Commission, that this generation brings many correctives, a host of connective skills and tools, and a creativity to tackle formidable obstacles to the gospel. You will be encouraged as you read of the energy, the iconoclasm, and the passion of this generation of Christ-followers. Prepare to have your stereotypes shattered. God is still in the business of deploying his disciples!
Roger Thompson
senior pastor, Berean Baptist Church

Copyright 2014 by Jim and Judy Raymo
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Published by William Carey Library
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Pasadena, CA 91104 |
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Digital Ebook Release 2014
ISBN: 978-0-87808-881-2
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Raymo, Jim.
Millennials and ministry : a generation faces a global challenge / By Jim and Judy Raymo.
pages cm.
ISBN 978-0-87808-536-1
1. Church work with youth. 2. Church work with young adults. 3. Generation Y-Religious life. I. Raymo, Judy. II. Title.
BV4447.R37 2013
259 .23-dc23
Introduction I
Introduction II
ONE Millennials: A Generation Unleashed?
TWO Who Are the Millennials?
THREE Inspiring a Generation
FOUR Getting Ready to Go
FIVE Is Fear a Factor?
SIX What Ministries Interest Millennials?
SEVEN How Can Organizations and Millennials Work Together?
EIGHT Personal Reflections
Appendix One: Other Author Writings
Appendix Two: Real-life Stories
From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is one book with one theme. What God began with scattering the nations in Genesis 11 he completes in Revelation 7. There will be a representative from every tribe, tongue, people and nation worshiping him. Expanding God s Kingdom is the responsibility for every generation of believers and every generation brings new opportunity and new obstacles. It is no different with today s Millennial generation. As we pass the baton to the members of this unique generation, it is critical that we understand the opportunities and obstacles they face.
Literally, no generation before has had the world at its fingertips quite like this one has. Technological advances are mind-blowing. Global access is instantaneous. Information abounds to an almost paralyzing degree. How will Millennials respond? Will they get off the couch and engage or hibernate into their smartphones? One thing is sure - those of us who mentor them can help light the way to involved engagement. To do this we must gain all the insight and understanding we can. Only then can we move strategically forward. This is exactly what Jim and Judy Raymo provide.
I met the Raymos before they met me. In 2001 I read their first book, Marching to a Different Drummer. I was new to the mission world and was captivated by their ability to distill difficult topics into simple, transferable and applicable steps. It quickly became my favorite missions book. When I had the pleasure of meeting them in person I realized they were more than just great authors. Their hands-on ministry of raising up laborers to the unreached was equally impressive.
In Millennials and Missions they have done it again. Ever since the term Millennials has been coined, the Raymos have been involved in not only researching them but reaching them. They have a passion to figure out how to mobilize Millennials and activate them to the mission of God. You hold in your hand their expertise. Mobilizing a generation is a daunting task. The Raymos give us a roadmap to do just that.
Todd Ahrend, PhD
international director, The Traveling Team
author of The Abrahamic Revolution and In This Generation
We want to express our appreciation to those who assisted and encouraged us in the process of putting this book together. The editing and graphing help and recommendations of Kathy Hoffmann, Leif Masrud, and Todd Ahrend were critical. The Millennial blog responses and conclusions by Shasta Feltman were a vital contribution. The wisdom of Dr. Tom Correll, Dr. Garry Morgan, and Dr. Nils Friberg provided especially helpful assistance and insight. Above all, we thank the Lord for His strength and perseverance to complete both the doctoral dissertation and its conversion into this book.
For more than forty years, I have enjoyed the privilege of getting to know and serving with missionaries-or should I say, cross-cultural workers? The mere choice of a term can denote generational difference.
My initial exposure to missions came about in an unusual fashion. I grew up in a non-Christian home and was drawn to faith in Jesus while in the US Army. As a combat engineer platoon leader in Vietnam, I first encountered missionaries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. I was struck by the bravery of these workers, seeing them as perfect, selfless people. Although they would flinch at being called perfect, they seemed to have a high purpose and an inner drive to bless and care for the Vietnamese in Jesus name. God planted missions in my heart at

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