Sandalwood Awakening: My Spiritual Journey
76 pages

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Sandalwood Awakening: My Spiritual Journey , livre ebook


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76 pages

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Marianne Williamson (in 'A Return to Love') famously quoted, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God."

A diamond knows not of its true form or its brilliance, the same is true of humans. We spend many years unaware of the brilliant shining light that is already within us. We need only to tune in to the divinity within, to explore the unknown as it makes itself known.

You may be on a spiritual journey seeking greater awareness, expanded consciousness or peace of mind; maybe you have felt alone or confused as you walk this path; maybe you have hidden your true brilliance even from yourself! If so, here is a wonderful opportunity to open your heart as you share Wan Lai's journey, into awakening to Divine's Love, Wisdom and Absolute Joy.

You are invited to delve into a banquet of divinely inspired poetry and parables. It is of value to everyone who is seeking their true inner divine self. It shows what they are actually searching for and after all, everyone is searching for this part of themselves whether they are aware of it or not.

You will align to a deep sense of connection, of peace and comfort as you reunite with who YOU truly are—Magnificence of LIGHT!



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Date de parution 15 décembre 2014
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EAN13 9781456623845
Langue English

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Sandalwood Awakening
by Wan Lai Richards
Ebook Edition
Published 2014
Copyright © Wan Lai Richards
All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher or the author.
Writing this book of poems and parables is the result of hoping to share with the reader my own spiritual journey through meditation. Each poem arrives through me and has a message to help guide us into awakening.
Sandalwood refers to the daily practice of lighting up sandalwood incense each morning as I wake up. During deep meditation and being in connection with the Absolute, these poems write themselves as I open to being a channel of love and peace.
I am an ordinary person living an ordinary life, as a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. Forty five years of living ‘unaware’ playing the roles as is expected in the cycle of life, of birth and death, it all came to a sudden awakening on the 1 st Dec 2005 when my world turned upside down. Since then, it has been a journey within, to understand what happened to me and my purpose in life beyond the roles I play.
Each of our lives’ experiences is unique and for that reason nobody could explain or guide me through their own experiences. It was difficult with the loneliness I felt, seeking answers only to be met by disbelief, ridicule, fears or rejection.
Not being able to identify with anyone else, I went within and discover Stillness. Through stillness as my guide, I found absolute joy as I flow with a sense of knowing, of connection with the Absolute.
I encourage the reader to feel the power within the poems. May it guide you into greater awareness and joy, to awake and enhance your spiritual connection to the Absolute and divinity that lives in YOU.
Love and blessings
Wan Lai Richards
Sacred Sounds of Remembrance
Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Light, Infinite Love
As the spirit dances within
Being Present
Music fills my heart
Clear mind, clear spirit
Eternity in the moment
Dance, Dance
Dance of the Spirit
Embrace of Grace
Love your mind
Earth Mother
Shadows of Truth
The Sunrise
The Lighthouse of God
Wondrous is this world of stardust and music
Step into the Flame of Eternal Light
The Eagle, Angel and Cross
Buddha Quan Yin & Heart Mandala
Dew of Heaven
Buddha Quan Yin’s Great Presence
Being and Living in Truth
The Breath
Singularity of the First Breath
Trust in Me
Eye of the ‘I’
Choice of Being
One in Stillness
Birthing the new sun
Message of the Divine
Conversation with Divine
Sacred Prayer of Light
Simple Awareness
Native Amercian Indian message
Buddha Maitreya
Unveiling Sacred Self
Supreme Love
‘Mind’ of the Light
Diamond Light
Feathers of Love
Dragon’s Call
One and not One
Message of the Drums
Perceived Self
Infinite Love
The Awakening
Games of Life
Mysteries of Self
Purity of the Soul
Teach and Feel
Non Identifiable
Bravery and Unity
Observe Patience
Nature of connectivity
Golden Arrow
Fear or Light
Sacred Sounds of Remembrance
The Sacred Call of the Universe
Opens the heart of man
That they will hear
Open the doorway so that you can see
What is, Isn’t
What isn’t, Is
The call of the universe is to be heard once again through time and space
Power lies not in the hands of man
Power lies in the Heart of man
Sacred Songs of the universe
Is once more to be heard
The intertwining of frequencies
The intertwining of love and light
Hold the light, through the sacred songs – that once more you will remember
Flow with the sacred frequencies of those who can guide
Hear the call of the Sacred Sounds
That you will reunite with who YOU truly are
Magnificence of LIGHT
(If you will slowly, softly, gently, lovingly read the following words)
Speak not to me of what you see Speak not to me of what you hear Speak not to me of what you feel Tell me not of who I am For I am not what you see, hear or feel To perceive me, is not to know me To perceive me, is not what you 'see'
The power of perceiving is not to process what you see or hear, feel, smell or taste The power of thinking constrains who you truly are The manifestations of your mind creates that, which you perceive through the human consciousness
Release all that is within your mind To KNOW WHO I TRULY AM
Trust in the LOVE that fills your Heart For that is ME
Know me, not by how you think By the STILLNESS, you will know me Measure not by your abilities or those of others For that is Not Me.
The laughter that flows from you and ripples through your spirit, the Joy of not searching, the Joy of Being, This IS ME
(27 January 2013)
Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Light, Infinite Love
To travel within, is to travel beyond Love not what you see nor hear Love, that which you are Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Light, Infinite Love Love which courses through your entire being Your essence of the Divinity
Look not with disfavour upon those who have found their versions of the Truth as truth appears in whichever form it takes, for those who wish to see in their present time
Infinity lies at the end of your fingertips Reached within your Heart Praise not for that you wish to hear Praise for Being In the Awareness that you have attained
Rest not in your doubts Rest in the perfection of all that you are Wisdom not gained, is wisdom found The smile that radiates in understanding pours forth like silk, that grace across the shimmering mist of humanity.
(11 February 2013)
As the spirit dances within
When the heart is still you will hear not of the physical but that of the Spirit within
As the water ripples, as the ocean waves roll Stillness becomes you in the midst of all turbulence
Find the place within The place of compassion, understanding and love Where all is merged into ONE Timeless Beauty Timeless Love Timeless Abundance where you will meet ME
Mystical wonders, no longer draws you As the spirit dance within, spiralling through your body Filling your being with the sense of wholeness Joy rips through your heart For the opening of one heart is the opening of many
Rejoice For the coming of the ONE Is the coming of YOU

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