25 Top Secrets For Every Youth
67 pages

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25 Top Secrets For Every Youth


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67 pages

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This book is a repository of knowledge that stitched together wisdom fitly framed for every youth, who are desirous of leaving a significant mark on earth.

It is 25 thought-provoking secrets collapsed and condensed into a book for the benefit of those who are desperate for change, and are not satisfied with normalcy.

It is a life transforming book written by two amazing young minds for the youths.



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Date de parution 15 juin 2018
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What Everyone Must Know and Do At His Prime
Solomon C. Okeke
Amb. Gideon C. Okeke
Copyright 2018 by Solomon C. Okeke & Amb. Gideon C. Okeke
For more information about the authors, write to them from: okekesolo2@gmail.com.
All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part, in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, is forbidden without the written permission of the author or the publisher.
Table of Contents
Title Page
Copyright Page

T his work is dedicated firstly to Jehovah of Wisdom. The one who was, is and is to come. The one on whose command inspirations breath.
Secondly, to young people all over the globe who desire to make a lasting positive impact in their society and those who want to become successful in all their life endeavors.
And, to our second mother, Mrs. Uche Lawrencia Ozobu. This woman is a mother that ought to be imitated. We love you ma from the depth of our hearts. Thank you for being and encouragement to us.

D uring these days when we were being made, nurtured and trained to be able to give the world our best, everybody that has come our way has played a very important role in our lives.
Our parents, Deacon. David and Mrs. Anthonia Okeke have left no stone unturned in doing the work given to them by God in the lives of both of us. Thank you daddy, we appreciate you. Mummy like no other, you are a pure example of motherhood. We also appreciate our elder brother who has never relented in making sure we go the right way. Thank you much Ebenezer Okeke. And our younger siblings - Chinemerem Godwin, Chinedu Prince and Chidimma Favour - you all are second to none. To our superb aunties and uncles -Aunties, Uche, Anthonia, Lucy and Virginia and Uncles, Chijioke and Afamuefuna- we dedicate our flags of achievement so far to you all. We are grateful for your investments in our lives. Our cousins, you all are awesome.
Our mentors are special persons. They have been our encouragement come rain come sunshine. Mentors like Pst. Rtrn. E. A Grahams, Sir Ken Ike Okere {the zonal Director of RADIO NIGERIA, South Eastern Zone}, Sir Wilfred Emeka Okeke, Lady Precious Ilokasia {AOP at Caritas FM Enugu}, Sir Francis Uzor, Bro. Promise Agbaroji and many others are rare gifts to the both of us. We do not take your efforts and contributions in our lives for granted. Thanks you all.
Our friends, Yahnic Nditah, Onwe Onyebuchi, Ezeumeanya Elochukwu, Marcel Nwaru, Jubilee Ibik, Stephen Chima, Tochukwu B. Honor, Divine Destiny Nwoye (DNWrites) among numerous others have been of great support too. We are overwhelmed by your immeasurable contributions to what we are becoming. We owe you people more success.
Our spiritual leaders all over the world: Pst. Dr. Paul and Dr. Mrs. Becky Enenche, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, Pst. Joel Osteen, Pst. T.D Jakes, Evang. Kingsley and Dr. Mrs. Ufuoma Nwachukwu Onwuka, Rev. and Dr. Mrs. Eddy Okeke, Pst. Chika Ifedimma, PstIkenna and Pst Perpetual Chiemeka, Rev. Chris Mmadu, Bishop Obi Onubuogu, Rev Chinedu Uzoma, Pst. Monday Oseyi, Pst. Bankola Olusina, Pst. Ekenna Nnamani, Dr. Ben Carson, Rev. Mrs Precious Anike, Evang. and Pst. Mrs. Ejike Sunday, Rev. Chikelu C. James among others have helped reshape our spiritual lives.
Our Scripture Union (SU Nigeria) Brethren: Bro. Eric Okeke, Bro. Uche Nwigwe, Bro. Peter Nnoli, Mr. Okey and Mrs. Chinwe Okafor, Mr and Mrs. Okey Ezenwegbu, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Agajelu, Sis. Chiamaka Agbim, Bro Onyebuchi Nwankwo, Bro. Kingsley Okonkwo, Late Mrs. Amara Joy Okorie (Nee Ogor), Bro. Nnaemeka Godswill Ogbonna, Bro. Peter Ayeni, Bro. Uchendu Enyinnaya, Mrs. Amara Rex, the Zonal Reps, the Youth leaders and leaders in all stages of the ministry. This is where and with whom God used to train us up into spiritual maturity. We cannot deny the fact that you all are part of our success story. And of course you people are making the journey more exciting. God bless you all. We owe you people more success and more impact as God leads us through his way.
Those who helped in one way or the other to ensure that this book becomes successfully published. We appreciate you. Those who wrote reviews, read and edited, those who proofread and those who pre-ordered the book. God bless you all. We sincerely appreciate you people.
Those we secretly admire. You names are not here because it is a thing of the secret.
Our boss, Engr. Bright NwabuezeEzih. You have been a destiny helper sent into our lives and we shall forever be grateful to you. We remain appreciative to God for letting our paths to cross.
We shall never forget Elder Ambrose Okpala, D cn and D cness Ralph Kpontonite, Prof. And Mrs Peter Ekwo, HRH Igwe Edwin and Lolo Barr. Amaka Okongwu, Mrs. Chinemerem Anyi, Nwada Amarachi Atama, Comrade Zulu Oforelue, Hon. Ndubuisi Eneh and Comrade Sunday Ogbonna. We cannot appreciate you people enough for always standing by us.
All the team members of IMPACTFIELD GLOBAL YOUTH INITIATIVES and all the executives of the EAGLES NEST YOUTH INITIATIVES [ENYI].
All the amazing young people all over the world affecting the world with little or no resources. All those that were not mentioned here, including YOU.
To you all because of the tremendous works you have been doing we acknowledge this work.
We all shall get there in the nearest future.

25 TOP SECRETS tops the chart among any work of its genre. In it is a latent living voice that comes alive and speaks to you back to back with an influence that never takes a journey of reversibility to where one used to be.
To the young and dynamic authors that gave me the unpublished work to read, I was an editor but for me reading, I was a student of the authors getting submerged evenly deeper in a spontaneity of quickening that provokes me to get up and go away from where I have been laggard. Yes, frankly speaking, I was influenced myself doing the finishing of this work. Sounds magical!
I am pretty sure that anyone who grabs and glances through a copy must unarguably catch a fever of transformation.
25 Top Secrets is 21st century relevant. Matter of fact, I have Read sky-high pile of books supposed to be published in and for 21st century folks but the content sounds as archaic as the stone age papyrus packs.
Solomon Okeke and Amb. Gideon Okeke's smartness in nosing into the social media and info-tech and marrying it fairly with this work is and will always be an edge 25 Top Secrets will have over other pick-him-up books (Phub).
For the youths, for the adults, the aged and the young, the secret is here clutched to your hand, so flip the pages open and slip- off from poverty to prosperity, from obscurity to luminosity, and from procrastinomaniac to a higher flyer...
The book is through in its fair attendance to the prevalent societal issues, the bills and how to crush them under the wheels and feel healed.
25 Top Secrets is a book you must starve and save to buy. And any bookstore that hasn't got it sampled on its shelf hasn't got any book at all
E. A Grahams
A linguist, educator, civil rights activist, public speaker and Global analyst.

T he Limitless World
Every youth should understand that this is a world of limitless possibilities.
As a young person, I have found out that often times, the aspirations and desires that surged in us while we were still children start to lose form as we grow older to be welcomed into the reality of life -when we get into the teenage/youthful period. Those beautiful houses, flashy cars, expensive robes and all-round luxuries seem to be nowhere at all, then the dream fizzles away like reality itself. This puts young people to asking questions about themselves and the world they found themselves in. Adequate answers to such questions bring the youths to the reality that life is not all about the fantasies and good wishes alone. If wishes were horses, they say... (You can help me complete the statement).
The discovery that life is not all about fantasies is still not adequate for turning the life of a young person from the place of mediocrity to the citadel of excellence, until it is promptly followed by action (calculated effective strategies). Hence, young people is faced with questions such as: what and what are to be put into its appropriate place to enable effectiveness and enhance productivity and ensure that they make maximum use of their youthful age? What are the necessary steps to take to make sure that he or she gets desired results in all aspects of life? The answers are packed in this book.
The questions sound simple and we can easily put up answers without even thinking for some seconds, right? Yes! Now, learn this: the answers you can give are as irrelevant as anything irrelevant if they do not have a problem solving-capability. And the problem solving capabilities cannot be activated if there are no equivalent action backing the discoveries. That is what this book is aimed at teaching you.
Therefore, we have taken time to put into writing the 25 Top Secrets that will help any young person achieve success in any aspect of his or her life. The book -which you already have in your hands- will take you by hand and teach you principles that will help you maximize your days as a young person, as it discusses extensively the basic prerequisites for an effective youthful living which in turn yields a blissful and pleasant life in its entirety.
I hereby welcome you on board to the world of limitless possibilities as you read and take required actions in applying all that you ll read through the pages of this book.
Solomon Chimaechi Okeke
President, Eagles Nest Youth Initiative
Co-Founder, ImpactField Global Youth Initiative

P lan and Speak your way through
What do you do every morning when you wake up? Your words are powerful but your actions are of more value than words. Do you just wake up every brand new day to do the normal family devotion and go your normal way only to return in the night and go back to bed? If I may ask, what have you achieved today? How did you plan for today? What sort of words did you employ in the morning to see your day through? There are two very important things you must do to make your day count.
Make plans for the day
What are your plans for the day? Every day is designed by God to serve a particular purpose in your life, thereby taking you closer to accomplishing your purpose on earth and living successful as a young person. Planning strategically for everyday makes your life count as it gives you a hold into what happens in your day. Every morning, you should be able to know at least 70 percent of what you are supposed to do in the day. You should be able to have a daily written activity schedule and follow it duly. That could help take control of your daily life, you cannot just do anything that pops up in the day or go anyway unplanned.
It is often said that proper preparation prevents poor performance. This implies that planning every segment of your life is an integral factor towards attaining a successful height as a young person. Those who failed simply failed to plan. How many times have you sat down to commune with yourself, concerning your dreams to affect the world? The truth is that we are the authors of our own lives, and we write with pen and not pencil, however we make our bed we lay on it. Take time every morning to plan for God. Make God the very first in your life every morning, make your efforts and plan with him; commune with Him every day of your life. Meet Him every day through the daily reading of His Word and through prayers.
Plan for others. Relationship matters a lot in life no matter the height you have attained. Plan to maintain quality relationship with all men daily. Plan for your academics and make sure to attain a new level in your academics daily. Plan for marriage before getting into marriage. Plan for Finance. We have not learnt how to chase money, we have learnt how to set traps for money rather. When we set our traps, we do not put them under gutters. - Engr. Ezih Bright. Financial intelligence must be learnt in order to live successfully. Plan for health. Have you ever heard that health is wealth? Do plan daily to maintain a healthy life. Summarily, you must make daily plans for your life.
Speak your day through.
Your day is controlled by your words. The kind of words you speak into your day every morning goes a long way in determining the result your day s endeavor will yield. There is always an underlying effect of every word spoken by a man either for or against his destiny or that of others around him. This is simply called the power of words. Any word that is spoken by a man is highly effective. Hence, when the Word of God is learnt through careful studying and meditation, it should be applied to one s life through constant speaking and acting on God s Word. This life operates in a speak-and-get system.
God, the creator of the heaven and the earth woke up in the morning (in the beginning), He found a day normal just like each of our days. Then He declared the day perfect, fruitful, successful and prosperous. He said, let there be light and there was light. He creatively created every other thing, He wanted to see in His day {heaven and the entire earth} with His spoken words. This simply implies that you can create whatever you want to see in life with your words.
In the face of death, speak God s word by saying, I shall not die but live and declare Gods goodness in my life. You feel headache? Speak to it, my body is the temple of the Lord. Do you find it difficult to learn something? Speak into your life. I have the life of God in me, I am more than able to learn because I have the mind of Christ. I know all things 1 John 2:20
Do not hesitate to speak positive words all the time. You do not need to speak negative words in your life.

O ne of the reasons why successful men succeed is the habit of doing things differently. They either do entirely different things or they do the same thing differently. They either bring out their own concept and expand (interpret) it or change the popular concept to achieve the best results. This is called innovational thinking.
The concept of our own generation is soon leaving the stage of what is in vogue to what is unique. How do you carry yourself? What does your brand look like? Is it like every other person s own? Can a significant difference be spotted out of your own?
Whatever you do to excel as a young person, try to be different. In your academics, strive to take the lead. Be above your equals in the classroom. There is an excellent spirit residing inside of you that makes you the best in all you do. Activate it.
Several times, young people meet their doom because of a single decision to do what others are doing without thinking of the outcome and where it does lead them in the nearest future. Nevertheless, I have not come to dwell on that.
On my way back from work one evening, I took time to observe some of the traders in the market. One was doing something different from the normal things others were doing, while the other still used that same old method. The trader who was selling tomatoes came to the market and spread some bags on the ground and then displayed her wares on it. There was dust everywhere in the market and her ware were not neatly displayed on the floor. The second woman was selling garden egg but she chose to be different. Her mates were selling on the bare floor with some old dirty bags spread on it to form a base for their wares but she made the difference. She got a very small but spacious table which was about a feet off the ground. She neatly displayed her wares on the table and was selling them off. It made me hunger for her product that evening.
Try to build your brand with difference. Change the status-quo in your career, environment and life with creativity. Change people s perception about something because of how different you do your own. What is it that your hands find doing? Do it with a difference. If an idea is inspired by someone s idea, add your creative powers to give the world the best. The way you build yourself as a brand should not be an imitation of someone you met on Facebook or maybe a celebrity somewhere. The truth is that anyone you are imitating took time to build his or her brand to the level you are seeing now makes you admire them. The best you can be imitating someone is only but an imitation.
Maybe you are heading an organization. Take your time to structure it in such a way that it becomes second to none. Visions and objective clearly stated and followed to the core. You must not do what everybody is doing. There are many problems that need solutions in the world for organizations/brands to be dragging on one. Get a logo that is different. Create concepts and programs which are not common because common things are really common.
If you are a cook/chef, then you have to cook food with a difference. Hone your skill and be the best in food service and professional catering. Don t allow people to eat stones while eating your food. Package your food. Let people know about your food. Brand yourself and business with humility and creativity. Activate that sense of creativity. You already have it.
As a singer, sing with a difference. Hone your skill to be different. The truth is that everyone can sing but what makes some succeed while others fumble is the ability to be different. It is the ability to present to the world something unique in nature and style.
Write books people can read. Not just anything because anybody can do that. One book can bring you to limelight while writing just as the book Things Fall Apart did for Chinua Achebe. But the truth is, the only book that cause that to happen is that one you made to be unique. Chinua Achebe wrote several books, but the one that is significant to his world is Things Fall Apart and it brought him to spotlight.
Come on, whatever you do in life, add creativity to it. Do it the best way, do it in a unique way. Not just how everyone does it. You can make it happen.
It takes being different to make a difference. You can only do the same thing others are doing remaining the same. You can carve a niche in the world and humanity will not forget you quickly.
You can start by reading this book differently.
Do something different now!
Go beyond the ordinary!
Be inspired!

T he Holy Writ - The Bible - tells a story of a master that was about to set out on a journey. He deposited certain amount of talent with each of his servants for them to trade with. Others sprang into action with theirs, while one of them went and dug the crude soil and hid his own talent. There, the talent stayed unharnessed and unimproved and no profit was made from it until the master came back and requested for the sales record. That was when the whole thing made sense to the seemingly wise servant.
Your talent is meant to be improved, harnessed and used to generate profit, fund and supports to your life and initiatives. I was discussing with a friend who told me that talent is a God given liquid asset. When I consulted my dictionary, it said that talent is the ability to do something well.
But there are works to be done in order to do it well and benefit yourself and humanity from it. According to the scriptural story above, it requires some efforts from your part as the carrier of such gift. First, find out your uniqueness. The solution to the problem of mankind is hidden right inside you. Understand that if you do not solve the problem with your talent [potentials], it might take many centuries for that problem to be solved by another person. This goes a long way to show that you are important to the world at large. If this is true, then how were you meant to solve it? Which procedure? Which means? Is it music? Art? Inventions? How? Find it out.
Secondly, harness it. As the Biblical parable suggests, talents are always in their crude state and remains the same until efforts are made to refine them into better and usable states. Make efforts to harness your talents just like the first two servants that made profits from their deposits. They brought out their talents and allowed it to pass through the fire for it to yield more results.
Harness your talent by creating more room for self-improvement. It is the time, when you subject yourself to be disciplined in your area of calling in order to yield positively. It is time to meet with people that will help shape your life. It is the time you need to sit under mentors and instructors. It is a time to lock yourself in your room and read books, then practice. It is that moment when you go out for events and meet with people in same field, people of like minds. It is a time you build the principles, that will guide your entire life. It is best done at the period of your youthfulness.
John mason will always tell you that the biggest room in our life is the room of self-improvement .
Your talent is to be honed for it to yield profits. Celebrities, innovators and literary icons will never be poor in their lives, because of the time they have invested in honing their talents. Those days were never sweet to them but they will testify today that it worth it.
It will never be easy for you. Challenges will flow your way from all rounds but it takes a fighting spirit to survive it. You will be rejected just like AY the Comedian was rejected from performing at a show before He started his own show.
I once sat under Mr. Ayodeji Richard Makun -AY the Comedian, and listened to him recount his story of rejection and I learnt that you may sometimes bring out what you have inside of you when you are struck with challenges, but to some people challenges become the end of their career because they will easily give up on themselves. AY said it was when I was rejected from performing at a show because I repeated a joke that I remembered that I possess what it takes to establish my own. I went to my drawing board and came out with the movie called 30 days in Atlanta.

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