Depression Workbook: A Complete & Quick 10 Steps Program To Beat Depression Now
30 pages

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Depression Workbook: A Complete & Quick 10 Steps Program To Beat Depression Now , livre ebook


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30 pages

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For people under the influence of clinical depression, one of the main requirements for getting back to normalcy is a good support system. Family members and friends act as the first level of contact points for the person suffering from depression. They have to create a suitable environment for the depressed person to take some self assuring steps that would help the person to come out of depression. One such self training tool that can be introduced to the depressed person is the Depression workbook created by Heather Rose. Heather rose has created this depression workbook in the form of an e-Book that can be accessed using the Kindle e-Book reader. Titled "The depression cure workbook - A complete and quick 10 steps program to beat depression now", this e-Book is actually a part of the Ultimate survivor guide series started by Heather Rose. Other workbooks that have been released as part of this series include depression and anxiety workbook and Anxiety and depression workbook for dummies. This particular e-book comes in the form of 10 chapters that are termed as activities by the author. Since it is a work book, the term activity is more apt that the term chapters. Each and every activity contains a sequence of steps that need to be performed by the depressed person. The series of activities would ultimately lead the depressed person to take affirmative steps needed to come out of it. By doing the activities without fail as laid out in this e-Book, the affected person would start developing a positive frame of mind and get the strength required to lead a normal life. While doing the activities given in the different sections, the depressed person has to take a print out of all the pages available in this workbook. The total number of pages comes to around 44. After taking the print out, the affected person has to answer some questions. Some questions would be objective in nature, while some might require some hand written answers. Written answers have to be provided in a short and concise form, so that the person suffering from depression feels less burdened while giving the answers. Though it is difficult for a depressed person to give concise answers, by trying to concentrate on the points that need to be elaborated, it would become easier for the person to start writing. To start with, it is better to put all the thoughts that the person gets in to written answers. Then, while doing a review, the person can make the required changes to make it more relevant. The different sections available as part of this depression workbook PDF is 1. The activity of ascertaining whether the person is actually down with clinical depression 2. Assessing the different emotions and identifying the strongest emotion 3. Analyzing the different thoughts and feelings 4. Leaving aside the negative feelings and thoughts 5. Converting negative thoughts in to positive thoughts 6. Giving more emphasis to Socializing 7. Prioritize the areas that require improvement 8. Planning for the future 9. Designing a self help plan 10. Monitoring the progress



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TheUltimate Survivor Guide
The Depression CureWorkbook
A Complete & Quick 10 StepsProgram To Beat Depression Now
By: HeatherRose
Table of Contents

Activity 1 -Are You Depressed Or Is It Something Else?
Activity 2 –Assessing Which Of Your Emotions Are The Strongest
Activity 3 –Analyzing Your Thoughts and Feelings
Activity 4 –Letting Go of Your Destructive Thoughts and Feelings
Activity 5 –Changing Negative Thoughts to Positive Ones
Activity 6 –Improve Your Social Skills
Activity 7 –Areas That Need Improving
Activity 8 –Plan’s for the Future
Activity 9 –Creating Your Self-Help Plan
Activity 10 –Final Activity
Welcometo the Ultimate Survivor Guides – The Depression and Anxiety Series .
It’snow time for you at take affirmative action and get your life back on track,once and for all. In this workbook there will be a series of tasks and activitiesfor you to complete.
Therewill be some uncomfortable moments throughout this workbook where you may needto look deep within yourself and take a look at your past and present problems.You will need to take a good, long, hard look at yourself to really see yourinner workings.
Afteryou have completed all of your activities and tasks, you will come out of thisa better person, giving depression the push and living the life that youdeserve to lead.
HoweverI can’t stress enough that in order for you to get rid of depression for goodyou will NEED to do all of the activities and tasks that I set you. Like I saidsome of them will be uncomfortable but they are needed to be done in order foryou to get better.
Youcan skip them if you like but then you wouldn’t have purchased this and theother kindle books in the series if you didn’t want to get better right?
Doingthe Exercises
Inorder for you to find out what type of depressive you are, the symptoms thatyou feel and how you are going to change things around you are going to need toanswer some questions. Please feel free to print these pages out.
Youmay need to look at the answers again, when you come to evaluate your progresslater. You will also need them to refer back to once you are finally free ofdepression so that you never go back to your old ways of thinking and coping.
Somejust require you to tick a box or circle a number. However some of theactivities require you to do a little bit of writing. I’m not looking for pagesand pages worth just short written answers. Don’t worry about doing this; noone is going to see what you wrote but you.
Iunderstand that’s not an easy task to do. Most people with depression don’treally have the energy or don’t want to make the effort to answer questions. Ifthat is the case with you then try to take it one step (or activity in thiscase) at a time. Take comfort and give yourself a pat on the back at the stepsthat you are making no matter how small they are. At least you are doingsomething that 95% of depression sufferers don’t do and that’s admit that youhave something wrong with you and that you are taking some control back of yourlife.
Thelast thing you need is to get overwhelmed. That’s not the object of what we aretrying to do here. So take small steps and then look back at the achievementthat you have just made by answering the questions that you have done.
Sometimesyou may find that you are unsure of what to write and it may put you offcompleting some of the activities. If this is the case then just writeanything. You will probably find that once you start to write something therest just seems to follow. If you are unsure of an answer take a guess at it.If you don’t exactly know what it is that’s causing you to feel this way have aguess at what’s causing it. Ok so let’s get started…
Activity1 - Are You Depressed Or Is It Something Else?
Basedon the classification of Major Depressive Disorder by (DSM-IV)= The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition ofthe American Psychiatric Association is the standard used in the US and UK for diagnosing mental disorders)
Tobe said to be suffering from major depression (aka clinical depression) aperson should have experienced a number of the following symptoms together overa period of time.
SeeTable Below:
Pleasetick all that applies to you. Remember to be honest with yourself. If you haveany of the symptoms below either every day or almost every day for the past twoweeks or more then you need to check the boxes that apply.
A – Persistent low mood (for at least two weeks)


B – At least five of the following symptoms

1. Poor appetite and/or weight loss, or increased appetite and/or weight gain (a change of 3lb a week over several weeks or 10lb in a year when not dieting).

2. Sleep difficulty, or sleeping too much

3. Loss of energy, fatigability or tiredness

4. Body slowed down or agitated (observed by others)

5. Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities including social contact or sex

6. Feelings of self-reproach, excessive or inappropriate guilt

7. Complaints or evidence of diminished ability to think or concentrate such as slow thinking or indecisiveness

8. Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide or any suicidal behavior

AsI said you need to have a persistent low mood along with five other symptomssuch as:
1. Feelingstired or “slowed down”
2. Feelingsof worthlessness
3. Havingproblems concentrating
4. Havingproblems sleeping
5. Loss ofappetite
Butwhat if you have only got four out of the eight other symptoms? Does this meanthat you have depression or not? Most depressed people will experience five(and more than likely more than five) symptoms. So if you only have four thenyou are probably suffering with Adjustment Disorder rather than clinicaldepression.
Adjustment Disorder:
Adjustmentdisorder (AD) is a psychological response to an identifiable stressor or groupof stressors that cause significant emotional or behavioral symptoms that donot meet the criteria for anxiety disorder, PTSD, or depression. [1]
Itdiffers from anxiety disorders or depression, which lacks the presence of astressor, or post-traumatic stress disorder, which usually has a more intensestressor. Normally stressors that cause Adjustment Disorders are minor onessuch as:
· Theloss of a girlfriend/boyfriend
· Apoor report card
· Movingto a new neighborhood
· Changeor loss of a job
· Parentalseparation or divorce
· Anew birth in the family
· Theloss of an attachment figure or object
Toqualify for this diagnosis the symptoms must begin within three months of thestressor. [2] So if you have less than five out of the above table then you could besuffering with Adjustment Disorder rather than depression.

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