Mental Focus and Brain Games For Memory Improvement
122 pages

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Mental Focus and Brain Games For Memory Improvement , livre ebook


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122 pages

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Mental Focus and Brain Games For Memory Improvement helps the reader show how an individual can regain the focus they lost and how to maintain this focus by eliminating or reducing the unwanted distractions. This boxed set is a compilation of books that will help improve one's memory through brain games and exercise. It is an easy read and the instructions outlined are extremely easy to go through and execute. The process requires the individual to prioritize their tasks and to get them done accordingly. It is not as hard as it may seem.



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Date de parution 23 juillet 2014
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Table of Contents
Memory Improvement
Part 1: How To Increase Mental Focus
Part 2: Improve Mental Performance
Brain Training
Increase Brain Power
Improve The Power Of The Brain & Memory Naturally With Proven Methods
Memory Improvement: 7 Top Tricks
and Tips to Increase your Mental
Performance and Focus & Do What
Matters Most
By: Jason Scotts

Mental performance is directly linked to mental focus. Being able to harness your brain’s ability to focus will help you complete your task more efficiently. It can also make your daily activities easier and enjoyable. It is important to stay mentally focused and to understand whatever action you will need to take to achieve your goals. Improving mental performance can be a challenging task but it is essential for your wellbeing.
This book is divided into two parts. Each part covers seven ways on how you can increase your mental performance and mental focus.
Part 1- How to increase mental focus.
The first part of this book informs you about the importance of having mental focus. Bringing focus into your life can help you live the life you want to live. Lack of focus can lead you farther from your personal and professional goals. This part of the book also provides effective tips that you can implement in your life to achieve better focus.
A mental focus will enable you to understand every action you need to take in order to achieve your goal. When life gets difficult to navigate through, keeping your mind focused will motivate you to go further.
Part 2- Improve Mental Performance
After you have learned how to bring focus into your life, you will find it much easier to improve your mental performance.
In the second part of this book, you will discover the importance of improving your mental performance. When you start to achieve a higher level of mental performance you will find yourself being able to accomplish your goals more quickly that you had expected. You will also feel confident about your decisions. It is very risky not to understand the pros and cons of every decision you make. Increasing mental capacity by being mentally focused is important to make sure that you don’t have to second guess every decision you make.
The second book will also provide you with ways on how to improve your mental performance. Studies show that the best way to exercise the mind is by using it often. Don’t just learn new things, you must also constantly use this knowledge or you will lose it. You can also try out different brain activities to improve your mental performance just like using abbreviation and enhancing visualization.
You should also be able to change you bad habits to effectively improve your mental performance. The second part of this book teaches you on how to be conscious of your thoughts and be able to identify and change your bad habits. This book also covers a list of supplements and medications which you can try for yourself.
Through this book, you will also learn how important physical exercise is to the brain. Studies show that regular exercise is needed to keep the mind functioning well. You can find a physical activity that you can enjoy to improve both your physical and mental health.
There are a lot of ways to improve your focus and mental performance and being able to do so will help you achieve better things in life.
Part 1 How To Increase Mental Focus: 7 Top Ways To Find Your Focus Zone & Do What Matters Most
Having mental focus is important at every level of your life. Being focused has a direct impact on your life and the way that you live. Not having proper mental focus can make it tough to reach any personal or professional goals that you may have.

What exactly is mental focus? Having proper mental focus means that you always have a purpose, or goal, in mind. Becoming focused is more than just having a goal in mind that you would like to accomplish. Having true mental focus in your life will help you to have balance in all parts of your life. When you have good mental focus you will find yourself accomplishing your goals and making progress much more quickly than ever before. The result will be more happiness and fulfillment in your life.
The answer to why mental focus is important is not very complicated, however there are levels different levels to complete mental focus that all work together to help you to become a focused individual.
The Big Picture
Having a main focus in your life is very important if you want to be truly mentally focused. A main focus, or purpose, will give you guidance and meaning to all of your actions and behavior. If things get hard or tough along the way, keeping your life’s purpose in mind will help you to stay motivated and on the correct path.
If you do not have a main focus in your life right now, it is okay. Oftentimes, it will take many years for your focus to become clear. If you are just beginning to understand the importance of mental focus, all you need is an idea. What are you passionate about? What do you believe in? What kind of person do you want to be? These are questions that you should ask yourself and find the answer to because these answers will be where your mental focus will begin.
The fun thing about this journey is that you do not have to necessarily focus on just one thing. Many people have more than one interest in their life and it can keep things interesting to have focus on multiple things. The important thing to remember about having more than one focus is that you want to make sure that your respective focuses are not polar opposites. Put another way: it will be easier and more enjoyable to stay mentally focused if your interests are in harmony with each other. Whatever actions you take should potentially be able to work for the betterment of both goals.
Sharpening Your Focus
After you realize the importance to having a life purpose and how it relates to progressive mental focus, you can begin to sharpen your focus to more short-term goals. Accomplishing short-term goals is what will give you the fuel to keep going when times get tough. Going through tough times will happen but instead of getting discouraged, you can use this time to re-focus and strengthen your goals. Accomplishing short-term goals will also provide positive affirmation that you are on the right path. It is important to keep your focus in all things that you do. No actions should be done “just because” because that would mean that you have lost your focus. Actions done without a goal in mind can actually be detrimental your big goal.
Those who have felt that they aren't able to concentrate well and don't have the focus that they need to get things done may wonder what they can do to sharpen mental focus. It is never fun to be unable to get things done at work or school, and those who can't focus may not be able to get ahead. There are also others who fear that they are losing a lot of their memory and concentration as they get older. There are things that people can do to sharpen their mental focus and start performing better in their everyday lives.
There are some medications that are designed for people who have ADHD which can help improve mental focus. They work to improve the pathway of nerves within the brain, as well as get more oxygen to the brain. Also, those who have an imbalance of certain chemicals within the brain can use these medications to improve the situation. These take a few weeks to take total effect, and those who start them will have an easier time learning and paying attention to things for a longer period of time.
There are other options for those who are trying to get things done. It is important to stay in area that is designated for getting things done. If work has to be done on a computer it is important to remove temptation. That includes keeping away from social media websites and taking games off the computer. It is also important to try to find the right style for getting things done. Some need to have total quiet while they are working, but others function better when there is some background noise. Listening to music helps some, and others might just want the fan going. It is also important to take breaks every once in a while. Stepping back and doing something different about every half an hour helps people to stay focused when they go back to work.

It is also important to have the area designated for working to be clean and well lit. This helps people to stay focused on the task at hand. When sitting down to get something done, it is important to make a list of all of the items that are going to be needed. This saves time wondering if there is something missing, and keeps people from spending time looking for things that they didn't get when they sat down. Making a list is very important, and it can give people all of the preparation that they need to get everything done.
Those who want to get better at remembering things for work or at school. Going over things before going to bed can help people continue to go over them and remember them better the next day. There are also games that people can get for their computer or phone which help to improve their memory and sharpen their mental focus. It is also important to set specific goals about what needs to be remembered. This could include remembering several chapters in a book by a certain date or getting a specific amount of work done in several hours.
Getting enough sleep and exercise can help those who are trouble concentrating throughout the day. Even drinking some caffeine can help to stimulate the brain for those who haven't gotten enough sleep some nights. Even exercising can help to improve the brain and even get more oxygen to the brain. Over time, it can improve memory as well. If people try to do something like dancing it can really help to improve memory over several different types of exercising. Exercising can even bring endorphins to the brain which can make people feel better as well.
Those who have spent a lot of time straight working may need to take a break and do something that doesn't require any thinking. That includes getting a snack, talking to a friend or even running a few errands. Trying to work for too long without taking a break is something that can be detrimental in the long run. Also, those who are having trouble focusing because they are worrying about things need to make sure that they plan everything out. That includes ensuring that they have more than enough time to get everything done, and that can take away a lot of the anxiety that people feel when they try to get things done at the last minute.
There are other kinds of medications which can be used for those who fear that they may be developing something serious like Alzheimer's. There are drugs now that people can take to keep these symptoms from getting worse and for those who want to keep their mental focus as great as they can be. There are many things that people can do to improve their mental focus, and it will take some time and commitment. Talking to a doctor about more serious problems is something that can give people more help with medications and information about what they need to do to improve their memory and focus.
For the brain to function at its optimal level, it is necessary to strengthen the ability to focus. It sounds easy, and in fact it is very simple to gain more control over the wandering mind as well as lengthen the attention span.
Thinking goes on constantly. In some ways it is similar to breathing. No effort seems to be required because it happens naturally. Yet in order to study for an important exam or to memorize lines for a play, there is the ability to apply more focus and attention where it’s really needed. This proves that the ability to focus the mind more effectively is linked to motivation. There are extreme cases in which people holding on to a focused thought or a hope have survived tremendous amounts of suffering.
In one example of a study researching the benefits of mind focusing meditation, a group of people who had signed up to attend a meditation retreat were divided in two groups. One group attended the retreat, while the other group waited. The meditation involved sitting quietly for up to five hours a day. After a period of time the two groups were given the same test which required watching a screen while lines were flashed on it repeatedly. When one line appeared that was shorter than the rest, they were to press a button. This is an extremely boring test requiring a certain amount of focus and attention in order to get an accurate score. The group that had been practicing meditation caught many more of the short lines with more accuracy and fewer false alarms than the other group. Improvement was in the accuracy and not a faster reflex to the shorter lines. Clearly the meditation had helped to develop an ability to focus the mind and to concentrate for a longer period of time.

One way to get a sense for how hard it is to control the mind is to sit for five to ten minutes and try to focus on the breath or counting to ten repeatedly. At some point, the mind begins to wander away from the chosen point of focus. When this happens, experts in the mindfulness practice advise people to just calmly revert their attention back to the main point of focus. It is important not to feel disappointed for not being able to concentrate. Instead, be pleased that you have taken note of the wandering mind and are able to steer it gently back. Like this, although it can feel impossible at first, it soon becomes easier to control thoughts.
If you are able to control your thoughts and fully attend to what you are doing at every moment, basically have one pointed attention, then there is a whole different level of experience with a multitude of benefits. Here are some of the benefits acquired by gaining a more focused mind:
•  Ability to achieve more in less time
•   Better memory
•   Self confidence
•   Increased will power
•   Freedom from bothersome and troubling thoughts
•   Ability to tackle and solve problems without fear
•   Letting go of the anxiety of not having enough time
•   Better results in how you communicate and relate to people around you
•   Peace and serenity
Finding exercises to control the mind or starting a meditation practice can seem daunting. The mind does not want to be controlled and it can appear as though it is the leader. The opposite is true in fact and with practice it is possible to gain control of it. This may seem like giving up a certain freedom. Thoughts give shape to a personality. They do, and that is exactly why it’s so important to be able to use the mind as an instrument. With the proper focus it becomes clear what to concentrate on and what not to at any given moment.
Freedom from being ruled by your thoughts gives one the ability to remain calm in difficult circumstances, and to let go of the notion that concentration is tiring. Many people from a young age have developed a belief that concentrating is an unpleasant strain. As children you are told you didn’t do as well as you could have because of a lack of concentration. There is the constant pressure to study more. Slowly an association of concentrating and doing things that are not necessarily enjoyable begin to go hand in hand. The myth that concentration is a strain begins. This myth can be broken, and the power and ability to control the mind needs time and a systematic form of practice.
If thoughts cannot be controlled at all and there is a tendency to let the mind linger in negative thinking over a sustained period, it is possible that depression or chronic stress can develop. When there are uncomfortable thoughts linked to stressful emotions or intense sadness, the body chemistry is altered causing tension and stress. This is an example of how powerful the mind is and how important it is to learn to control the thoughts, to focus the mind and to concentrate. It is the key to staying healthy and being more successful on all levels.
Improving our mental focus is about establishing a routine that clears your mind to focus on one thing at a time. It starts with good physical and emotional health as a routine that becomes a lifestyle not just a habit. Improving your mental focus allows your mind and body to collaborate on preventing distractions. When distractions are eliminated your mind counteracts your body from multitasking; one of the major causes for unfinished assignments or incomplete obligations.
For some meditation helps to improve mental focus. This method helps to strength your mind’s ability to focus and guide your body through the necessary actions to accomplish your goal. Your body responses to your mind; whether your focus is about work, school or simply daily life’s purposes you need to learn to concentrate on one item at a time. Focusing on one task at a time, actually creates better results, and reduces your stress levels preventing negative effects on your body and to your mental health. Simple methods to induce focus when meditating is to control your breathing. Slow and even breaths permit your body to react to the same momentum, allowing your brain to process thoughts more clearly, while sending regulated response signals.
Another method of improving mental focus is to stay active. Mental focus is about encouraging and accelerating your brain’s process of operation. Select an activity and train your mind to start and finish by concentrating on the activity and the desired end result. This exercise helps to increase your attention duration so that you are able to complete the task. Try a crossword puzzle or a sports activity, start with something simple and slow before you advance. You will discover over time that your brain and your body begin to work as a team joining forces to improve your mental focus. Pay attention, you will begin to notice that you are completing the activity faster and with more accuracy and positive results. What happens next is that you will naturally call on your mental focus to select a higher level of challenges.

Managing distractions in your life isn’t an easy task. They are a part of life and cannot be deleted, but they can be managed. Mental focus is about being persistence and improving your mental focus is an essential function to finishing any task. You can start by using your brain power to prioritize lists or activities to be done. You need to stay focused on the list finishing each item before moving on to the next one and keep your focus on the desired results. At times it will be difficult to stay focused, especially when you are doing a task that isn’t your favorite thing to do. Take a break for 5 minutes; get up and stretch, take a deep breath and come back to the task. Do not allow too much time between the break and the return, it will cause a distraction in your mind and you will lose your mental focus.
Keeping a positive attitude can be a difficult feat from time to time, but it actually works. When your brain believes, it will send messages to your body to act on the responses. You need to have a positive outlook to help your brain decipher the message being sent or received. Ever notice how great your body feels when you are laughing? Your brain’s response is similar to positive thoughts, and automatically begins to strengthen and improve your mental focus. The reason is that your brain associates positive thoughts with predetermined results, helping you to accomplish your goals. Your brain naturally begins to form a pattern, automatically responding as you envision.
Without a doubt your health is at the top of this list for improving mental focus. It’s not just a diet or even your selected lifestyle. You need to understand how your brain and body respond to your treatment of them. You need to consider both your physical and emotional benefits when striving to improve your mental focus. Good health is about keeping a balance to deal with stress, and emotions that interfere with your mental concentration.
You need to develop habits that are positive for yourself, like listening to soothing music from time to time; it has similar effects as meditation, helping to keep your brain sharp and your senses more alert. All of these methods are connected to exercising our brains and incorporating positive effects on improving your mental focus. Your social activities and diet selections help to physically improve your body, sending nutrients to your brain in the form of nourishment.
Sleep is an effective method for improving mental focus and tends to be overlooked. Your body needs to rest each day. What most people don’t realize is that sleeping allows our body to reenergize, preparing for next set of challenges. During these daily breaks, our bodies actually go through a regenerating process that allows your mind to add, replace and retain information. Your thoughts urge your memory and concentration capacities to receive signals and expand your astuteness and brainpower for future use.
Those who feel that they are not able to focus or remember things the way that they used to may want to do something to improve that situation. There are many ways that people can go about setting goals to improve their mental focus. Those who feel that they may have a more severe problem could see a doctor and find out about some of the medications which can be used to help people improve their concentration and focus. Other than that, there are specific things that people can do and set goals for themselves which gives them something to look forward to over time.
One of the first things that people can do is to make sure that they have all of the items that they need before they sit down to do something. This allows people to focus on the task at hand without letting their mind wander to the things they may have forgotten, so putting together a list of everything that is going to be needed for each task gives people better focus on what they are supposed to be doing. Those who are trying to get something done while they are on their computer also want to make sure that they limit their distractions. Turning off things like social media websites and turning off cell phones is a good way to really focus on the task at hand. Also, it is better to have a separate computer to get some work done, in which people don't have any games downloaded.
While many people prefer total quiet when they are working on something, there are others who can work better when they are listening to some music. Finding what works the best is a goal that people can set, as well as other conditions that make it easier from them to work. It is important to find a very well lit space to work in. Those who have a specific that they go when they need to concentrate will have a better chance of staying focused when they are sitting in an area where they only do work. This is a good way to help stay focused. Additionally, those who want to focus better they need to have a specific schedule set up. This could include trying to remember to put everything that needs to be done written down in a calendar or a day planner.

Remembering to write everything down is important. Those who want to set up chunks of time that they can devote to studying or doing work will do better. People should usually go about twenty to thirty doing their work before they decide to take a break. Also, those who are considering the best ways to remember things should go over them within twenty minutes before they go to sleep. That will help people to go back over them in their sleep. Those who are studying for an important test can use this strategy to help them to remember some of the points that they have had the hardest time remembering during the day.
Those who want to talk to a doctor about what has been happening to them may consider talking about medication which helps with ADHD or ADD. These medications work to improve learning, concentration and focus. It can be used to help to stimulate nerve pathways within the brain and that can help people to remember things as well. Additionally, it can work to improve the amount of oxygen that makes it to the brain. They work to improve the balance of different types of chemicals within the brain. That can allow them to start to improve their focus over time, and these medications can take a few weeks before they are completely effective.
Also, those who are getting older may notice that they are not able to remember things as well as they were once able to. This can eventually lead to more serious diseases like Alzheimer's, and there are new more treatments than ever on the market. Those who have a family history of this disease may want to ask a doctor about the problems in memory that they are currently having. There are now new drugs which can start to help this problem before it develops into a more serious condition. This can help people to have the highest mental performance as possible for a long time.
There are specific goals that people can use to help them do better throughout the days. It could be remembering to put everything into a day planner, or spending twenty minutes per day completely focused on what they need to. There are also games that people can play on their phone or computer which are puzzles that can improve their focus over time. Medication can be a great help as well for those who have been experiencing more serious symptoms. Over time there are many things that people can do to improve their mental focus and that can give the ability to perform better at work or school. That can get people the promotion that they want as well as the grades that they need.
No matter who you are, everyone is faced with focusing to make plans at some time in their life. Strategizing can be difficult if you are feeling overwhelmed or having trouble focusing.

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