Secrets of Success and Leadership
141 pages

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Secrets of Success and Leadership , livre ebook


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141 pages

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In this moving collection of pithy and profound sayings, you will find wise guidance to life's well-worn paths, and warm comfort for its ups and downs.

Drawing on his bestselling book series, Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) offers sage words on virtually all aspects of the search for fulfillment: from success and prosperity to leadership and winning people to your ideas.

This lovely edition offers counsel and enlightenment on the spot, when you need it—no matter who you are or where you are in life. A veritable treasure trove of powerful affirmations, it is a volume to be dipped into and savored again and again.

These inspired secrets of prosperity and leadership are contained in one small volume—perfect as a gift for those seeking success in life, ideal as a cherished addition to your own bookshelf.

This little book can change your life. Open it to any page to unlock the hidden power within you.



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Date de parution 15 août 2018
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EAN13 9781565895782
Langue English

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Crystal Clarity Publishers
Nevada City, CA 95959-8599
Copyright © 2017 by Hansa Trust
All rights reserved. Published 2017
Printed in the United States
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ISBN-13: 978-1-56589-312-2
eISBN-13: 978-1-56589-578-2
Cover and interior designed by: Amala Cathleen Elliott
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Names: Kriyananda, Swami, author.
Title: Secrets of success and leadership / Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters).
Description: Nevada City : Crystal Clarity Publishers, [2017]
Identifiers: LCCN 2017019859 (print) | LCCN 2017027202 (ebook) | ISBN
9781565895782 (ePub) | ISBN 9781565893122 (quality pbk. : alk. paper)
Subjects: LCSH: Success. | Leadership--Psychological aspects. | Self-realization.
Classification: LCC BF637.S8 (ebook) | LCC BF637.S8 .K758 2017 (print) | DDC 204/.4--dc23
LC record available at
Secrets of Success
Secrets of Prosperity
Secrets of Leadership
Secrets of Winning People
Further Explorations
The “secrets” in this little book can change your life. These seed thoughts, when read and affirmed with close attention and mental focus, can alter the trajectory of a life from one crowded with experiences of lack and failure to one that is successful in the truest sense of the word, and richly fulfilling.
The author, Swami Kriyananda, was a great success in the manifold endeavors of his long and notable life. During a period when thousands were seeking to start intentional communities and failing, he successfully founded nine communities on three continents—communities that are still thriving today. He authored 150 books on bringing spiritual principles into daily life, and shared those principles through thousands of lectures all over the world. Though not, in the commonly accepted sense, a “businessman,” he was able to manifest abundance and prosperity whenever it was needed—whether for a personal need or for a project he was spearheading. He understood on profound levels of his being that which has been dubbed “the law of attraction,” and applied it regularly and seamlessly throughout his life.
Kriyananda was also a natural leader who grasped the subtlest principles of working with people and bringing the best out of them. His leadership manifested not solely in the physical structures of communities and other outward endeavors he pursued, nor in the many thousands whose lives he touched, but in the spiritual skyscrapers he developed within the consciousness of his followers. One was elevated and improved by little things he said and did—he had a knack for saying just the right thing to help a person take the next step on his individual path of personal growth—and even through the subtle energy he channeled to others on a daily basis.
The essence of Kriyananda’s subtle knowledge and brilliance in the fields of success and leadership lie in these pages. Reading Kriyananda’s thoughts can help you to attune to universal rules of prosperity that can be adapted by anyone who wishes to improve his lot in life.
—Crystal Clarity Publishers
This booklet offers a valuable alternative to the usual volume on techniques of better living. Such a work typically devotes a chapter, or more, to the exposition of a single thought. Many readers, consequently, end up feeling vaguely perplexed. The reasoning followed was not at every stage that which they themselves would have followed. The examples given were not always relevant to life as they themselves lived it.
In the present booklet, the reader is given the opportunity to supply his own explanations and corroborate them by his own experience. Central concepts, each of which might have been made a chapter in a book, are presented succinctly, and simply enough to be selfevident.
The rhythm of these sayings is designed to penetrate beneath the undergrowth of mental restlessness, and to sink roots deep in the subconscious. The sayings have, therefore, the potential to influence the reader’s entire outlook on life.
A seed thought is offered for every day of the month. Begin a day at the appropriate date. Repeat the saying several times: first out loud, then softly, then in a whisper, and then only mentally. With each repetition, allow the words to become absorbed ever more deeply into your subconscious. Thus, gradually, you will acquire as complete an understanding as one might gain from a year’s course in the subject. At this point, indeed, the truths set forth here will have become your own.
Keep the book open at the pertinent page throughout the day. Refer to it occasionally during moments of leisure. Relate the saying as often as possible to real situations in your life.
Then at night, before you go to bed, repeat the thought several times more. While falling asleep, carry the words into your subconscious, absorbing their positive influence into your whole being.

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