Super Consious Science
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Super Consious Science


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178 pages


Hyman brain is an vital tool its called natural CPU. The brain has its utmost power we could say infinity. The book Super Conscious Science inform the techniques to boost more brain power in very effective way.The book is written by Professor Sanjay Rout and Edited by Professor Prangyan Biswal , Published by ISL Publications. ISL Publication is a global Research Development, Advisory, Think-tank, Policy Research, Innovation Development, Publication, Communication and Advisory Firm working on Future Business Solution. This book depicts future transformation thoughts of developments. The book is available in all leading global stores.



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Super Consious Science
Professor Sanjay Rout
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The book written by Professor Sanjay Rout and Edited by Professor Prangyan Biswal
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About the Author
Professor Doctor Sanjay Rout
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar Rout is an International Researcher, Innovator, Speaker, Author, Journalist and Policy Expert, Coach. He is well known and highly respective dignitary in the field of Research Development & Innovation work in major domain of Development Management, Policy Research, Public Policy, Business, Economics, Finance, Law, Social Science, Education, Technology and other Fields. He is Global Scientist (NCCHWO). Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar Rout has been distinguished Researcher, Startup Mentor Innovator, who consistently demonstrates his research work excellence in field of Research & development, Innovations with greater efficiency, productivity, and quality Innovations & research models., Health, Governance, Technology, Business Management & Academics. He had received many National / International Fellowship & Awards in several categories for his eminent work in Innovation, Management, Research, Sustainability, and Social Development. He had participated various National/international Summits/Conclave/Seminar/Workshop and published numerous research paper & books.
For his work he had been Honored by many organization as :
 World Top Future Thought Leader in Open innovation & Business  National Innovator Award  Out Standing Researcher Award  Best Young Scientist Award Speaker Award Best Top 50 Future Thought Leader in Data Privacy & Agile World Global Scientist, Policy cum Journalist Award Best His academic credentials contain different achievements from renowned university /institutions likeNIT, IIM, IIT, University of Pennsylvanian, and University of Washington, Imperial College London, John Hopkins University & others. Including Several achievement’s, he holds three Ph.D.& one D.Sc (Higher Doctorate) as in his research career. He is an global certified professional from international acclaimed organization like Google,WHO, BCG,World Bank, Amazon,UNICEF, SAS,UN, European Union, IBM, Asian Development Bank, FAO, Cisco, IRCC,GoI,UNDP & others. And he had worked for various global projects in multiple thematic areas.
ISL Publications
ISL Publication is an Global firm working on Research Development, Advisory, Think-tank, Policy Research, Innovation Development, Publication, Legal, Media, Consulting, Coaching, Technology, Academic, Social Development, Communication and Advisory Firm working on various Future Business Solution.
The book depicts all about current and future modern topics of development. This is an approach and perception of transformation in development. The book is for all cater to the audience throughout the globe.
Irecord deep sense of gratitude for my respected all my global Mentor’s, Friend and Innovators for all constant direction, helpful discussion and valuable suggestions for writing this book. Due to his valuable suggestions and regular encouragement. I would be able to complete this work and fulfillment of my dream. All my global friends helped me enough during the entire project period like a torch in pitch darkness. I shall remain highly indebted to all throughout my life. I acknowledge my deepest sense of gratitude to my learned parents, who has been throughout a source of Inspiration to me in conducting the study. Who helped me at various stages of the study directly or v
indirectly. He also enlightened me to follow the path of duty. Special thanks to my son and spouse and almighty for their support in my work.
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Introduction Proven Power of Mind Distinction Between Mind Power And Brain Power The Ether Effect
Ether and the zero point field Sound and Music to Change Your Brain Waves Music & Brain Command of Phonetics Meditation Powerful Mental Focus Conclusion References
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Brain power is a fascinating, yet precarious subject. For those of you who don't completely comprehend the idea and conceivable outcomes of brain power, you are in for a genuine treat!
Numerous individuals regularly mistake intellectual prowess for mind power. Be that as it may, these are two separate substances. Mental ability is the thing that we use in our day by day lives to finish errands, for example, breathing, eating , resting, working, etc. The mind is an undeniable and unmistakable item. The brain is likewise genuine, however it is elusive making the chance of its capacity more prominent.
The psyche has two sections which are the cognizant brain and the oblivious psyche. The cognizant brain is everything that is within our mindfulness. This implies any sentiments, feelings, sensations, recollections, recognitions or anything that you can consider or discuss happen in your cognizant brain. The oblivious brain is everything that is outside of our mindfulness. This implies any sentiments, feelings, recollections, considerations, dreams, etc are things that you are uninformed of occurring in your oblivious brain, however they despite everything influence your regular day to day existence.
Sigmund Freud accepted that whatever was encased in your oblivious psyche was ordinarily disagreeable or undesirable which is the explanation they are not cognizant to you. Specialists and researchers have come to accept that people just use around nine to eleven percent of their mental ability. One inquiry that is brought up in science and medication is that if an individual had the option to build the level of their mind utilized and raised their Intelligence QuotientIQ, would they be able to control a mind-blowing heading regardless?
Since you have an essential comprehension of what brain power is and how it influences your life past, present, and future, you can start to figure out how to prepare and fortify your psyche power. With the correct instruments and abilities, you wil l have the option to bridle your psyche force and increment the positive results throughout your life! Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you aren't exactly an adherent yet, investigate what is known as the Placebo Effect.
The misleading impact is utilized by specialists and researchers in numerous tests to demonstrate or negate a hypothesis. A fake treatment can likewise be utilized in clinical analyses to check whether a specific drug really helps patients with a malady or disease. You might be thinking about how the misleading impact integrates with mind force and how it can function. All things considered, here it is. Specialists take two distinct gatherings of individuals who are wiped out. One gathering will get the genuine prescription that is intended to enable the patients to show signs of improvement, while the other gathering will get the fake treatment.
The fake treatment utilized in tests is commonly a sugar pill that sits idle. Be that as it may, the patients who are getting the fake treatment don't have the foggiest idea about this and think they are really taking prescription for their sickness. Studies have been done that show the gathering who got the fake treatment really had higher paces of progress than the gathering that got the genuine prescription. This leads specialists and researchers to accept that the intensity of the brain can really recuperate an individual who is wiped out.
This is great news for individuals experiencing a wide range of diseases. You can prepare your brain to make yourself truly better! Your brain as of now has the ability to mend you and it lies in your psyche. In the event that you really accept that you can show signs of improvement, than you will! There are numerous individuals around the globe that training approaches to expand their psyche force and use it for various things.
Psychokinesis is only one way individuals show the utilization of their brain power. Psychokinesis is the procedure by which articles are moved by the brain without the utilization of physical methods. Felicia Parise is known everywhere throughout the world for her psychokinetic forces. Felicia can move little articles, for example, coordinate sticks, pen tops, bottles, and different items with utilizing just her brain. She would wave her hands over an item and it would move a couple of inches.
Someone else who is known for their psyche power use is Uri Gellar who is a popular spoon drinking spree. Individuals like these exist everywhere throughout the world and take an interest as a primary concern power reads for additional definitive confirmation that you can utilize your brain capacity to mend yourself and better your life.
Dr. Ellen Langer is a teacher of brain science at Harvard University. She has done numerous investigations in the brain power field. One of her most popular examinations included nursing home patients who were educated to have more control over their lives by expanding their psyche power through preparing. The examinations indicated that those patients lived longer than patients who were not part of the investigation. She likewise directed an investigation where she told servants of a lodging that the work they did consumed the same number of calories as an exercise, which really drove them to lose more weight! The intensity of the brain is an unbelievable thing.
Numerous individuals accept that there are explicit spots the world over that hold more significant levels of positive vitality which can assist you with accomplishing a higher brain power. A portion of these spots incorporate India, Tibet and the Himalayas. Be that as it may, you don't need to dare to these spots to accomplish higher brain power. There are numerous ways you can expand your brain force and assume responsibility for your life's way.
There are a couple of straightforward things, for example, memory games, speed games, center games, and consideration games you can play to expand your psyche power. You can likewise ponder or attempt self-trance to assist you with centering and concentrate which additionally builds your brain power. Gandhi once stated, "A man is nevertheless the result of his considerations. What he thinks, he becomes."
 Proven Power of Mind
There are Various Incredible Discoveries That Prove The Power Of The Mind.
There are sure physical accomplishments that we can possibly accomplish when we effectively seek after them. In any case, perceptionthe diversion of the considerable number of pictures, sounds and emotions in your psyche encompassing a movementcan make some bewildering encounters.
Therapist Alan Richardson set out to demonstrate the influence of perception through an examination. Richardson, an Australian clinician, accumulated a gathering of ball players and split them into three gatherings. The goal of this investigation was to show the adequacy of perception in how the players changed over free tosses.
The three gatherings were as per the following:
The principal bunch rehearsed 20 minutes consistently.
The subsequent gathering imagined themselves making free tosses, however didn't take an interest practically speaking.
The third gathering didn't rehearse free tosses or perception.
The outcomes were stunning. The gathering that solitary imagined showed checked improvement, and were close to as precise as the players that really rehearsed. The third gathering, as can be normal, relapsed.
Explicitly known as the 'Facial Feedback Hypothesis', researchers have known for quite a while that changing your body through activities, for example, grinning, sitting upright, and unwinding, are trailed by positive passionate reactions.
One of these examinations occurred in the late 1980's. Scientists would not like to uncover that the investigation was tied in with grinning or feeling, expecting that it could adjust the outcomes. In that capacity, they extemporized using a typical, ordinary thing: a pencil. This is what they did:
held the pencil on a level plane in their mouth, between their teeth, which genuinely constrainedThe principal bunch them to grin.
The subsequent gathering held the pencil on a level plane in their mouth utilizing just their lips, which didn't drive a grin and really caused to some degree a grimace.
The third gathering (control gathering) basically grasped the pencil.
The members next saw various kid's shows and evaluated them on how interesting they were. The first (or "grin") bunch gave the kid's shows a lot more interesting evaluations than the second (or "grimace") gathering. The third gathering fell some place in the two gatherings.
Something different stunning about the human mind: it can't differentiate between a genuine or envisioned danger.
Wear Joseph Goeway, the creator of Mystic Cool: A demonstrated way to deal with rise above pressure, accomplish ideal mind work, and expand your inventive insight has a lot of involvement with this zone. Goeway dealt with the branch of psychiatry at Stanford and helped guardians managing the departure of a youngster, detainees acclimating to a lifelong incarceration, and exiles of the destructive war in Bosnia battling with post-horrible pressure.
lower pressure - intensity of the psyche
His work with pressure is really phenomenal. Nonetheless, he built up the most basic and down to earth approach to dispose of dreadful contemplations and raising worry as any technique before it. Goeway considers it the 'Unmistakable Button', which works by diverting the crude cerebrum where dread is known to live.
The means for the Clear Button are as per the following:
Envision that there is a catch in the focal point of your left palm; envision that this catch, when squeezed, will impart a sign to your mind to stop the frightful reasoning.
Press the catch with your correct hand as you become mindful of your breath.
At that point take three simple breaths forgetting about them.
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