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Trump 2020 - The Candidates Non-Fake History , livre audio


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Trump 2020. Could it happen? Is it conceivable? Is it actually possible that the Man who invented the term "Fake News" - to describe any news that doesn't stroke his ego - is it possible he'll be tweeting from the white house for four more years?
They say truth is stranger than fiction. And, truth be told, the non-fake kind, nothing is stranger than a failed businessman who paints himself as as the most successful deal maker on the planet becoming president.
Thanks only to the electoral college. And two men. Mark Swartz, who wrote the Donald's "signature book" - The Art of the Deal . And TV Producer Mark Burnette, who created Trump's TV Reality series - The Apprentice.
These two men are 99% responsible for the "Fake News" that the Donald is a business wonderkind.
The reality is that Donald Trump's Career is an almost total succession of failures. Trump steaks. Trump Vodka. Trump Ice. Trump the Game. Trump Taj Mahal Casino. Trump Marina Casino. Trump Plaza Casino. Trump Riverboat Casino. Trump Style Magazine. Trump World. Trump Mortgage. Go Trump Tower Tampa. Trump University. The Donald's Cologne Brands - Success by Trump and Empire by Trump. 'And finally, Trump Men's wear.
And those are just the Trump financial disasters that are public record. In effect, just the tip of the Trump business iceberg.
Finally, when he could no longer ride on his Father's coat-tails, and American banks cut their losses by cutting him off - The World's greatest self-promoter was forced to start knocking on European banking doors.
His critics say Trump is a narcissistic,racist,homophobic, meglomanic who promotes violence, hate and white Nationalism,while pillaging the presidency like a third World dictator to line his own pockets.
In this no holds barred book, Investigative Journalist Atherton Cooper reveals the untweetable truths of Candidate Trump's non-fake History]]>



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Date de parution 18 avril 2019
Nombre de lectures 67
EAN13 9781982748388
Langue English
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