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A searingly honest retelling of a mother’s portrayal of her daughter’s life and suicide, and her own journey to healing.
When your loved one commits suicide, life is irreversibly changed. This searingly honest
book speaks of feelings of immense blame and shame, and the stigma surrounding
suicide. It also evokes tender and thoughtful insights about why some people are more
likely to take their own lives than others. It asks the pertinent question, ‘how can we
reach out and help those most likely to take their lives?’
Throughout her late teens and early adult life, with anorexia banished to the shadows,
Anna found great success as a fashion designer, illustrator, graphite artist and poet. Her
move to Paris at the age of thirty-two saw her welcomed into the bohemian art scene
that paints Montmartre in vibrant colours.
Anna’s mum, Rita, describes her daughter as one of the many babies born with a
‘naked nerve’. Many believe these melancholy ‘old souls’ have ‘been here before’. She
explores the notion of babies who are born with a strong ambivalence to life and death
being caught up in an impossible bind. She is certain this powerful dynamic creates
anxiety, frustration, and fears that take an enormous amount of effort to conquer. Yet
we must do more if we are to slash the horrendous numbers of suicide cases, and this
timely and imaginative book is a must read for all generations.
Anna M Wright Art Foundation
All proceeds from this book will be used to help both the suicidal and those families left behind.
Money raised will fund therapies for those suffering from all mental health issues. Anna’s
foundation intends to focus on art and other creative mediums as a positive way of expressing,
communicating and connecting in ways that have hitherto been impossible.
Our beautiful, fragile, loved ones, who are no longer physically with us, are always
in our dreams.



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Date de parution 30 novembre 2021
Nombre de lectures 50
EAN13 9781665597234
Langue English
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