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The Dark Side Of Indie Survival , livre audio


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Independent artists all over the world are trooping into the entertainment industry to find a spot for themselves. This is because the entertainment industry has proven to be very enterprising and profitable. However, many people give up before achieving anything tangible because they fail to get signed by a big record label. Getting signed by a record label is not a bad idea; however, being an independent artist isn't less profitable. Being by yourself without getting the support that you see others get might be very discouraging. That is how the situation was in the past, before the digitalization of the music industry through technology. In this book, I examined indie music's evolution and the differences between a record label artist and an independent artist.

This book also examines the challenges of an indie artist. The various emotional, professional, and marketing strategies that an artist may face by himself or herself are extensively discussed and analyzed. As an aspiring or trying or independent musician, you would find this valuable book in your struggle to build a name against the odd. The book explains the three categories of challenges and explains the fundamental method s of coping and developing as an indie musician. It teaches indie musicians to learn what it takes and means to do it all themselves.

In recent times, it is obvious that technology has replaced the record labels and their benefits as a bridge between an upcoming artist and success. Beautifully enough, it has made it so easy and simple for artists to now make, promote and sell their music without consulting or contacting anyone. It is now a world truly for independence. At this point in time, many artists are quitting their record labels to face their music themselves or set up their own independent record labels. This book clearly exposes and expresses what it looks like to make it as an indie artist and what it takes.

The Evolution o



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