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Digital Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Digital Photography, Learn about Digital Photography that you can use for Fun and Business , livre audio


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Are you a beginner who owns a digital camera but is not quite sure how to use it? Or you know how to use one but somehow, the photos are not coming out the way you want them? Or you might be thinking of buying a digital camera but is hesitating because you're not confident you would be able to learn the ins and out of using it? Worry no more because we have this ultimate guide for mastering digital photography for you!
There's a saying that "Photography is a story we fail to put into words." We want to capture many special moments of our lives to preserve them and look back into them in the years to come. According to, estimates suggest that more than 1 trillion photos are taken every year. That sure is a lot of photos!
Camera and photography have come a long way since the first ever photograph was captured in 1826. Nowadays, more people have gravitated to using digital cameras than traditional ones that use films because of its convenience and faster turn-around when it comes to the finished results. We are able to capture and see the photos instantly, edit them to our liking and easily upload photos online. Another huge advantage of a digital camera is its ability to take almost an unlimited number of photos.
In this audiobook, you will discover:
- How to Become a Digital Photographer
- Everything you need to know about cameras
- How to choose the right camera for you
- The accessories you need to help create amazing photos
- How to make pictures for a living
- Tools and Softwares for Editing
-Answers to most commonly asked questions about digital photography

If you want the flexibility of having a fun hobby which can also be a part-time or even a full-time gig, you need an ultimate guide that would help you learn everything you need to master the craft.
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Date de parution 28 juillet 2020
Nombre de lectures 11
EAN13 9781662131288
Langue English
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