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Practical Spanish for the Working Lawman , livre audio


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Law Enforcement Offi cer’s evaluati on comments relati ng to Gary L. Ermoian and Practi cal Spanish
for the Working Lawman:
Gary is one of the bett er instructors. His material is well organized and he has an excellent
presentati on...
I progressed from no understanding of Spanish to being able to understand enough to answer simple
questi ons. It was directed at the language a police offi cer needs.
I learned a great deal...more than I thought I would about Spanish, and can now communicate
eff ecti vely with Hispanics in the fi eld situati ons. I frequently encounter non-English speaking Hispanics
and I will fi nd this course helpful.
I have seen a general increase in Spanish-speaking people in Concord. It taught me language I can use
at work...
Gives a strong start...very up to date and practi cal. [Gary] has an excellent teaching mannerism...
perfect for cops...
I feel that I learned a lot ...I’m inspired to try to learn more Spanish. ...Good phrases that are appropriate
in law enforcement.
I now feel that I can communicate on a basic level in Spanish. It is very helpful today to speak some
Spanish in law enforcement.
I had two semesters of Spanish and I got more out of this than both semesters. Content and vocabulary
very appropriate for a police offi cer’s needs.
More and more I fi nd the need for understanding and speaking Spanish. [Practi cal Spanish for the
Working Lawman] Very practi cal use of the language and should assist in doing the job bett er.
My comprehension of Spanish has augmented considerably since the completi on of this course. It was
designed for the specifi cs of our occupati on. This instructor was very good...he was understanding,
considerate and easy to learn from.
Provides a necessary background in Spanish for the use on the street. It provides assistance with a
language that offi cers run into more and more...The book and tape are organized very well and fl ow
together very well...
I learned practi cal phrases for everyday use on the street. It will help me to communicate more
effi ciently with people who speak Spanish. [Practi cal Spanish for the Working Lawman] very well
presented. Organized and covered the necessary basics to start us speaking Spanish.
Well organized and easy to understand.
I feel I have a good basic understanding now, so that I can work further on it [Spanish] myself.



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Date de parution 25 mai 2011
Nombre de lectures 16
EAN13 9781796050158
Langue Español
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