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Intermittent Fasting for Women: A Complete Guide to Heal and Detox Your Body, Boost Energy, Increase Cell Metabolism, and Lose Weight Fast in a Healthy Way , livre audio


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Have you been wishing to start following intermittent fasting but have been somewhat hesitant to get started possibly because the information you’ve come across does not seem to specifically apply to women but everyone in general, when we all know that women’s bodies are different from men’s and respond differently to different changes, including diet?

And are you looking for a guide that is specific to women and one that will address every possible fear and concern you may have about following intermittent fasting as a woman?

You Are About To Discover Exactly How To Follow Intermittent Fasting In A Manner That Optimizes Weight Loss For You As A Woman, Without Messing Up With Your Hormones, Which As You Know Control Very Many Other Things!

Very few weight-loss strategies being promoted in the mainstream media actually work, and unless you’ve never tried losing weight before, you must know that as much as I do.

For those that work, fewer are natural and healthy.

The one that stands out among all of them, as it has since the first human being roamed the earth is the intermittent fasting weight loss method.

It’s not only natural, healthy and efficient, but sustainable and safe for women of all ages. However, there is a unique way you MUST approach it as a woman if you are to truly get the most out of it, otherwise you may end up doing things that make it harder for you to see the results you so much desire!

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll discover:

• What intermittent fasting is and how it works

• How you can lose fat as a woman with intermittent fasting

• Efficient intermittent fasting diet plans you can take advantage of no matter your age

• The secrets of fat burning in women’s bodies

• How intermittent fasting can help with chronic disorders like diabetes

• How to set up your daily intermittent fasting

• How you lose weight during a fast

• The diets that work best for women

…And much more!



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Date de parution 06 août 2020
Nombre de lectures 5
EAN13 9781662133121
Langue English
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