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Taming and Overcoming Anxiety , livre audio


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Anxiety robs people of their quality of life.

If you struggle with anxious thoughts or anxious feelings there it's time to take back control and these 2 powerful hypnotherapy recordings will help you to do that.

Have you ever noticed that if your computer or phone or tablet is running slowly and sometimes the only thing that you need to do is to turn it off and off again? Have you ever wished that you could do that with your mind?

If you have then the first recording, A Mindset Reset will help you to do just that.

Then you'll find that the second recording Taking Control of Anxiety will help you to be in control of the way that you are feeling.

I struggled with anxiety and debilitating panic attacks for many years. I know what it's like. Since overcoming my own struggles I've spent the last 10 years working as a hypnotherapist and anxiety coaching helping people from around the world to overcome this thing that we call anxiety.

These are the exact same recordings that I developed for my clients and give them as the first steps to overcoming their difficulties.

While the recordings are relaxing they are so much more than that. They use advanced recording techniques to bring you cutting edge hypnosis and deliver a real therapeutic intervention.

I could use a lot of words to try to convince you how well that they work. Instead let me tell you what people tell me happens when they listen. They feel better! And that is what it's all about isn't it? Helping you to feel better fast.

Because of the recording techniques used these recordings are not suitable for people with epilepsy or diagnosed mental health problems other than anxiety or mild depression.



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