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A Brief History of the Earth's Climate , livre audio


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  • A Brief History of the Earth's Climate is about the natural processes that have led to dramatic changes in the Earth's climate over the past 4.6 billion years
  • The book provides an accessible background to the natural geological (and other) processes that have driven climate change over the Earth's history
  • Focuses on some of the key arguments that climate skeptics and deniers use against taking effective steps to bring climate change under control
  • Uses climate history to refute many of the arguments that are used to deny the existence of anthropogenic climate change
  • The author has a BSc in Earth Science (UBC) and a PhD in Geochemistry (U. of London, UK) and has been working as a geologist for 45 years
  • The author has 35 years of post-secondary teaching, including an upper-level course on climate change from a geological perspective
  • Author of the textbook Physical Geology (BCCampus, 1st edition 2015, 2nd edition 2019)
  • Differs from the competition
    • Focuses specifically on the history of climate change
    • Offers a comprehensive overview of the various natural mechanisms that have led to climate changes in the near and distant past, and
    • Tells how we can use our knowledge of those past changes to understand anthropogenic climate change as it exists now, and what it might look like in coming decades and centuries


  • Popular science readers hungry for more knowledge about how to understand why the climate is changing, and what we can do to slow that change
  • General public will want to understand the science and history of climate change as it becomes more prevalent in their day-to-day lives.


  • A main text for introductory level courses in Geography, Earth Science and Environmental courses
  • Supplementary text for non-science disciplines interested in discussing climate change
  • Author wrote the widely used textbook Physical Geography


  • Author teaches at Vancouver Island University and Thompson Rivers University
  • He is well known for his environmental work throughout the Vancouver Island
  • His textbook Physical Geography, is used throughout BC and elsewhere in Canada




1. What Controls the Earth's Climate?

2. A Slowly Warming Sun

3. Sliding Plates and Colliding Continents

4. Cooling and Warming from Volcanic Eruptions

5. Earth's Orbital Variations

6. Moving Heat with Ocean Currents

7. Short-term Solar Variations

8. Catastrophic Collisions

9. A Plague of Humans

10. Tipping Points

11. What Now?



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