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Chakra for Beginners And Bedtime Stories - 3 books in 1 The Complete Guide to Learn Meditation Techniques, Mindfulness and Relieve Anxiety with Practical Exercises and Relaxing Sleep Stories


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Heal Your Body, Mind, And Soul! This Audiobook Bundle Will Show You How To Improve Your Wellbeing With The Help Of Meditation
Learn how meditation can help you get the grasp of your life. Open your mind and soul, and enjoy the beauty of the world around you.
Embark on an amazing journey and learn the ancient methods of meditation. The time has finally come for you to find your inner peace and get rid of negative feelings coursing through your body.
Here’s what you’ll hear in this audiobook:
• Symptoms of ill chakras: It is believed that ill chakras can cause a wide array of symptoms, both physical and mental. They can manifest through anxiety, fears, and nightmares.
• Types and locations of chakras: Chakras play a very important role in the flow of prana (Life Energy). There are seven chakras in the body, with each one affecting bodily functions in regions they are located in.
• Healing your chakras: Learn how to recognize blocked chakras, and the best course of action to start unblocking them. Open chakras are vital for undisrupted flow of prana, and overall wellbeing.
• Benefits of crystal therapy: Crystals have a large capacity for negative energy. Placing the crystals on predetermined locations on the body can draw out negative energy and help with curing ailments.
• Meditation techniques and benefits: Finding your inner peace is the key to a long and happy life. Meditation is the path through which you will achieve nirvana. Improve your wellbeing, heal your body and soul.
Learn all the amazing benefits of open chakras. Let this audiobook be your guide on a path to freedom. Discover secret techniques to improve your wellbeing, heal your mind, body, and soul. Center yourself, and with each session you will be left feeling refreshed, and stress-free.
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