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Codependency: How To Detect Toxic Relationships, Discover Narcissistic Personalities, Regain Control Of Your Life and Stop Being Dependent On Others , livre audio


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Are you often feeling dependent on other people? Would you like to be able to focus mainly on your needs instead than what other want or expect from you? Then keep listening, as this is the right audio book for you.
Every day, thousands of people worldwide constantly sacrifice their own needs, their ambitions and aspirations in favor of someone else’s and focus on everyone else’s happiness instead than their own needs and well-being. In such kind of relationships, negative emotions like guilt and resentment take the place of healthy and positive emotions. Codependent partners quite often feel they need to stay together because they do not know how to live otherwise.
If you want to find an alternative to all this, you are in the right place. In this audio book. Daniel Cloud will guide you to design your a personal road map for self-healing and detachment. More in details, you will learn:
- How codependency develops and what are the trigger events;
- The warning signals you should not ignore to understand whether your relationship is becoming codependent;
- The indissoluble union between narcissism and codependency:
- How to start your way to detachment and the healing power of self-awareness
- How to overcome jealousy and anxiety in relationships and start living healthy relationships.
The time to start saying “no" is now, so do not wait any longer! If you are ready to live happy relationships and be fully satisfied about your private life, then click the BUY button and enjoy the listening!



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Date de parution 28 juin 2020
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