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Get serious about yourself, your life and who you want to become!
I Flow is an innovative method that provides a foundation with building blocks to support you in removing your limitations and in channeling your inner forte!
Our world reflects our inner reality. Each person moves through life encircled by a self-constructed strongbox of beliefs, which have been created over the years by their own thoughts. It is through the lenses of those guarded beliefs that we make meaning of our current reality. The problem is that many times those beliefs are outdated, obsolete, and not accurate and simply do not relate to the situation at hand. When we find ourselves confronted with fear, indecisions, and negative emotions, we often place all the blame on life’s circumstances, and we think we have no control over our negative emotional states. This is a terrible illusion to live by as it leads us into giving away our personal power and responsibility. We must realize that our thinking is not a passive process, and that ultimately, we create our own thoughts and have complete authority over them. Many people downplay the power of their minds and fail to see that thoughts regulate emotions and behaviors. Yet there is a higher goal, one toward mental freedom, awareness, fulfillment, happiness, harmony, and inner peace.
My objective is simply to initiate you into the process of optimizing your mental faculties to where you will move away from atomicity and flow into more conscious thinking. You will also begin to master your emotional field so that exterior circumstances will have no control over you. This structured method will help you counter your negative beliefs and attitudes. You will learn how to refocus your thoughts by giving attention to the various essential elements that make the self. The words in the list were designed to help you unclutter the mind from the pessimism, fear, and mental and emotional incongruences that have been holding you back for so long. Each word within this system was intended to introduce new concepts that disrupt the most binding limitations, allowing you to move forward with energy and confidence. It will help you to restore your abilities in order to enhance the quality of your life. It will be through these new agreements that new feelings, visions, and hope will be created. Creativity and manifestations will run free, and you will become more at cause over the outcomes of your life. It is time raise your vibration to new levels by creating new positive circuits!



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Date de parution 15 juillet 2019
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EAN13 9781982233907
Langue English
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