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Narcissistic Mothers , livre audio


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Do you often feel as if your mother is narcissistic, given the manner in which she turns things around to be about her, deflects everything, manipulates everyone to get her way, and blames everyone but herself for everything that happens?

And are you sick and tired of caretaking and just feeling emotionally and spiritually robbed and empty because of her self-centeredness, and want to turn things around?

If you’ve answered yes, keep reading....

You are about to discover how to handle your narcissistic and manipulative mom and recover and heal from the psychological abuse!

By virtue that you are here, it is likely that you’ve had enough of forgiving, caretaking, enabling, and keeping secrets about your narcissistic mother’s abuse and emotional immaturity.

You want to untangle yourself from her web of lies, deceit, manipulation, gaslighting, and other tendencies, and are looking for answers to all the questions going through your mind....

What negative effects can her narcissistic behavior bring?

How can you ascertain that she’s really narcissistic?

How do you handle her, and untangle yourself from her?

If you have these and related questions, this audiobook is for you.

It will teach you:

What narcissistic personality disorder entails, and its effects on the child

Some of the behaviors that you should be on the lookout for to identify a narcissistic parent

What happens to you as a daughter when you are raised by a narcissistic mother

How to handle and recover from narcissistic mothers

And much more!

Even if you feel guilty and helpless, this book will tell you how to tame your mother’s narcissistic tendencies like a pro!

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Date de parution 21 mai 2021
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