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Sleep Little Baby, No More Night Tears You Don't Need to Look Like a Zombie. Discover Every Steps of The Proven No-Cry Solution and Feel Rested, Energized and Ready to Take Over , livre audio


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Train your baby to sleep smoothly through the night, even if it’s your first-time motherhood and with a very cranky baby.
During the child’s first year, parents usually get 59% less sleep than the amount recommended – that corresponds to losing the sleep of a period of two or three months
In this audiobook you’ll discover:
• How to overcome baby sleep problems with SPECIFIC solutions. (You’ll learn how to recognize the reasons behind your baby’s cries and you’ll be able to find effective solutions!)
• How to make the baby rest even if he’s sick or struggling with colic.
• Efficient methods for single parents or parents of twins.
• What are the sleep associations and how they can work for you.
• The reasons behind your baby’s sleep habits and their meaning.
• How to select the sleep training method that works best for your baby. (Choose one of the sleep training methods accordingly to your baby’s unique needs and train him to get the rest he needs every single day!)
And much, much more…
Even if your baby is always in pain and you haven’t got some rest in weeks, with this guide you’ll learn to understand perfectly your baby's sleep needs, how to find a quick solution, and which are the most efficient methods to recover a restful atmosphere.
With this book, you'll learn a deep knowledge of child sleep patterns and little-known parenting techniques for overcoming sleep-related struggles.
If you want to access these advanced parenting tools and ensure a significantly less stressful day-to-day routine, then you should start this audiobook today!



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