Partition complète, Complete clavier travaux, Purcell, Henry
93 pages
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Partition complète, Complete clavier travaux, Purcell, Henry


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93 pages


Jouez les partitions de la musique Complete clavier travaux partition complète, pièces, fruit du travail de Purcell, Henry. La partition de musique baroque dédiée aux instruments suivants:
  • clavecin

Cette partition propose plusieurs mouvements et l'on retrouve ce genre de musique classée dans les genres
  • pièces
  • pour clavecin
  • partitions pour clavecin
  • pour 1 musicien

Travaillez encore d'autres musique pour clavecin sur YouScribe, dans la rubrique Partitions de musique baroque.
Edition: Suites, Lessons and Pieces for the HarpsichordLondon: J. & W. Chester, Ltd, 1918



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.\ir irr D I'Iinor, 2.T676 47Suite in G Major, 2.660
'18Prelude, l. Alrnand, 2. Corant,2. f,rorrncl in C N{inor, Z. T68l
Nlinuet, 3.
Prclucle in A Mi¡ror, Z. 652 50
Suite in C Minor, Z. 661 'lirccata
in A Nlajor, Z. D229 52.1. Prelude, Almand, 6. Corant, 8.
Hrrrnpipe in E Minor, Z. T685 62Sarabancl, 9.
Air in Major, Z. 63Suite in C Major, Z. 662 l0 Cl 6'11
Prelude, 10. Almand, 12. Corant, l'1. (lrrant in N{ajor, Z. 6'14 6'1G
Suite in A Minor, Z. 663 Iri Nlajor, Z. 66)linrret in G 651
Prelude, 16. Almand, 16. Corant, 18.
Voltrntarv in Major, Z.720 66G
Sorrg 1'rrne, Z. T691 69
Suite in C Major, 2.666 20
\lar<h in C Nfajor, Z.6'17 70Prelude, Almand, 20. 22. Corant, 23.
Saraband, 23. Ila¡rh in C Major, Z. 648 7l
o1Suite in D Major, Z. 667 \t'rr' \lirrrrct in D Minor, Z. T689
Alrnand, Horn¡ripe, Prelude, 2'1. 25. 27.
\linrrct in .\ Nlinor, Z. 649 73
28Suite ir-r D Minor, Z. 668
\lirrrre t in '\ Ilinor, Z. 650 74
Prelude, 28. Corant, 30. Hornpipe, 31.
..\ \cu' Scotch lune, Z. 655 75
Suite in F Major, 2.669 JJ
(lround, .\ Nerr' 2.T682 76
Prelude, 32. Alrnand, 33. Corant, 3.1.
A Ne."r' Irish Tune, 2.616 79Minuet, 36. l.illiburlero.
Rigadoon, Z. 653 80Trurnpet Tune, called tlie Cibell, 2.T678 JI
Sefatrchi's Farevvell, 2.656 80Trumpet Tune in C Major, Z. T697 38
Z. T688 82A Cround in Camut, Z. 645 39 Nlinuet in l) Minor,
.1 I in D N{ajor, Z. D219"1 83Almand in Major, from SLrite, Z. 665 Alrnarrd C [Gal'otte]
J9 Z. D219,'2 84with Division, Z. Borrl in D N1ajor, Saraband 654 fSarabarrd]
J.l \¡erse in the Phrl'¡;ian Nfode 8'1Voluntary ín C Major, Z. 717
-14 86The Dolour. A Faren'ell, 2.670 A Verse in F Major, Z. 716 Queen's
-i3 87Mirruet in E Nlinor, Z. D225 Trumpet Tune in D Major
A Ground in l) Nlinor, Z. D222 88Air in D Minor, Z. T675 46PREFACE
Dun¡Nc the last ñ{tv s¡.r't ral vears collections of Purcell's Harpsichord Music have appeared. Some of
these contarn ccimpositii,n. which ¿rc now klrown to have been ascribed to him wronglv, while from tirne
to ttmc vilnou\ n(:\\' preces have cornc to is believed li¡;ht. It that the follon'ing pages contain all the
origrnal conri,'>rtroni thrl at c¡n i.rc attributed to him with any degree of certainty. ArrangcmentsPrcse¡¡t
(though prohlirlv m.rni .irr from his havc been exciuded, u'ith the exception of the " New Ground,"¡ren)
'i "-,r r frorn \1,;.r Hrn,lnr Lid tran.cription " of the air, Here the Deities approve," from the rLr,!3
l,L St. Cecilr-r Trri. lias tlet:n retainerd, ¿s harpsichord version tlre appeared during Rrrceü's lifetime, thou¡lr
,rf \r'rih( ut ti.'- :, u:','. the composer.
7,',: .: ¿:r,l ir,rrks of erpression have been added; but as they are not to be forrnd in the originals,
.'. ther' :l :-' i:rr', I ¡rccorrlinFj to the taste of the performer. It should bc noted that in Purcell's tirne
-..:,r)l)',:d the i¡,,:: :r.!- to be regulated by the time-signature. l3ut, pos,,;bly ,wing rirtinq,to carclcss e
:::: -i thc :,r:.: ,ll: "(-hoice 1:ucil as that of the Collection of l-essons," in which Purcell's Suitts ap¡¡'arr,l
in ¡,.,, :r i \\;ili anv consi'tcne\,'carrv out the rules laid down. It appears, bowever, certain th¿it
the r,,,:.:: i li,tr \'.rn()us dance-mc,r'erncnts of (a.e., thc Suites the Corants) difiered considerably in linglan<l
,:-i frr¡n ::. rl Lr:u ,n France. \\¡ith rcgard to thc Graces, so important a feature in Harpsichord \lustc,
, the n¡-:.'l .::r.. |iavc been retained. mcanir.rg will be easih' u¡¿.rstood by studying the foüowing
r¡1es, rrr: :. rrcrc pr"fixed to the " Choice Collcction " (16SS) of Lessons and other similar colections:-
'' A s/¡¿A¿ is marked thus: exp¡arrreútnus: ffie-
A ó¿nl is marked thus: 7^=- + explained thus:jiP_?_---
--¡'-^-- =:=:--#ffi:plain A nole and sl¿É¿ thus: exDlalned thus: - \u__
A nrarked thus : explained thus: ,fore fall
A bach marked thus : explained thus:/all
.{ nrark lor the lutn lhus; explained thus:
The rriark lor the iurned shahe thus: explained thus : /.=EE--=Y-*;
(lr,r,--1¿ note tlrrt vou always .sl¿¿A¿ from the above, and beat kom the note or half-note below,
plav accr,r,iti.- t, tr..' Kr'\' in " graces are diatonic \'ou and shakes generally begin with the uppcr[i.e.,
,r'., acc,-':. ":Ll l i¡r t-l¡e note shahe" appoggiatura and and shake], it a note "if be without al¡laí¡t [i.e.,
point " i;.', un l,rttcrl.l lroltl half quantity , "r'ou are to tlie of it plain, and that upon the note above tha
which rs nr,rrk'l ,r:rri :lirike thc other half, but if it be a note with a point to it" dotted a note],fi.e.,
ari- t,r l, i,i.Lli thr ¡1r;¡,. plain arrd slrake only the point" t]re appoggiatura takes about half the"you [i.e.,
value oi tlrr ¡ri-un note; if the mdn note is dotted, two-thirdsl.
" .{ slrr¡ is marked tlrus : explained thus:
The mark
" In Dannreuther's \f rrsical Ornrunent¿rtion " (to which the student may be referred who wishcs
q¡l,i.e r , ,i to pursue further the intcresting obsolete graces) it is shown that the baÍ\ery, iu modern
Dotation, would be written thus :
I hr: r olume reproduces all the music, in its original order, from four-volume the set S¿¿lr¿s, Lessons and Pieces lor
ÍIarpsichord published bv & W. Chester. However, the names of rnany of pieces have the been changed toJ.
'lr,rse givetr in Franklin B. Zimmerman's Henry Purcell, 1659-1695: An Analytical Catalogue His lltusíc, andof
/tttlrnerrnan's catalogue numbers have been supplied. The equivalents are as follows:
Chester ed. Douer ed.
Suite I Suite in Ci l\Iajor, Z. 660IIin C] Xfinor, Z. 661
Suite III Suite in C l\lajor, 7,. 662IVin A Nfinor, Z. 663
VSuite Suite in C Major, Z. 666VIin D Nfajor, 7,. 667
Suite VII Suite in D Minor, Z. 668\/IIIin F Major, Z. 669
Trumpet Tune, called the Cebell Trumpet Tune, called the Cibell, 2.T678
AirTune in C Major, Z. T697
A Ground in Ga¡nut A Ground in Gamut, Z. 645
Air Alrnand in Major, frorn Z. C Suite, 665
Lesson with Saraband Division, Z. 654
Voluntarv Voluntary in C Major, Z. 717
Verse A \Ierse in F Z. 716
Trurnpet Tune Trumpet Tu¡re in D Major
Air Air in D Minor, Z. T675
Air Air Z. in D T676
Grotrnd Ground in C Minor, Z. T68l
Prel ude Prelude in A Nlinor, Z. 652
Tr>ccata fbccata in D229A Major, Z.
Hornpipe Horrrpipe in E l\tinc¡r, Z. T685
Arr Air in G Nlajor, Z. I64
Corant Corant in G Major, Z. 641
Nfinuet Nfinuet in G Z. 65 I
Prelucle Yoluntary in G Major, Z. 720
clve [-essotrs froln']{ttsick's
Handrnaid', Part II:
I. Song Tune Sorrg Tune. Z. T694
ll. N{arch in l\Iajor, Z. 647
Nlarch March in Nfajor, III. C Z. 648
I\'. Neu N{inuet New Minuet in D Minor, Z. T689
\'. Minuet Mirruet in A Minor, Z. 619
in \1I. N'linuet Minuet A Z. 650
VII. A Ner,,' Scotcl'r l'une A Neu' Scotch Tune, Z. 655
\IIII. A New Ciround A Ner.'r' Ground, Z. T682
Ner,r' Tune. Lilliburlero. A New Z. IX. A Irish Lilliburlero Irish Tune, 6.16
X. Rigadoon Rigadoon, Z. 653
Sefauchi's Farewell, Z. 656XI. Sef¿ruchi's Farewell
XII. Minuet Minuet in D Minor, Z. T688
Alrnand Alnrand in D Major, Z.D2l9i1[Cavotte]
Borry in D Z. D2l9/2Borrl [Saraband]
Prel ude l/erse i¡r the Phrvgian Mode
Tlie f)olour. A Farewell T'he Dolour. A Farewell, Z. 670Queen's Queen's
in N{inor, D225Minuet Mirrr¡et [. Z.
A A Circrund in D N{inor, Z. D222Crroul]din MajorSuite G
z. 660
PRELUDE. Andantino. d=uz.).\I.]I,\ND. Andantino. (,= us)
CORANT.Andante. U= uz)
*z(.J=n¿.))IINUET. Andante. Suite in G Minor
z. 661
PRELUDE. Allegretto. (.1-ee.)(J=r08.)ALX,ÍAND. Andante.
J ¿¿