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Dossier du CSFD - English

Carbon in dryland soils. Multiple essential ... csf-desertification

Bernoux M. & Chevallier T., 2014. Carbon in dryland soils. Multiple essential functions. Les dossiers thématiques du CSFD. N°10

Pastoralism in dryland areas. A case study in ... csf-desertification

Toutain B., Marty A., Bourgeot A., Ickowicz A. & Lhoste P., 2012. Pastoralism in dryland areas. A case study in sub-Saharan

A land degradation assessment and mapping ... csf-desertification

Brabant Pierre, 2010. A land degradation assessment and mapping method. A standard guideline proposal. Les dossiers thématiques

Restoring natural capital in arid and semiarid ... csf-desertification

A comprehensive state of the art about the restoration of natural capital: an alternative approach of environmental management.

Science and civil society in the fight against ... csf-desertification

How can civil society and researchers develop a beneficial collaboration for all? How to improve the access to the research

Why we should invest in arid areas? csf-desertification

An advocacy for the investment in natural capital restoration. This document proposes social and economic cost analysis of the

Combating desertification through direct ... csf-desertification

This alternative solution of the conventional cropping systems in developing countries preserves and restores the fertility of

Fighting wind erosion. one aspect of the ... csf-desertification

Mainguet M. & Dumay F., 2011. Fighting wind erosion. one aspect of the combat against desertification. Les dossiers thématiques

Remote sensing: a tool to monitor and assess ... csf-desertification

A whole range of satellites and sensors allows environmental monitoring, comparisons in time and space, and then a better

Is combating desertification a global public ... csf-desertification

Originally considered as a local development issue, the fight against desertification slowly appears at an international level

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