Orca Book Publishers

Founded in 1984, Orca Book Publishers is an independently owned Canadian children’s book publisher of award-winning, bestselling books in a number of genres. With over 1,000 titles in print and more than 80 new titles a year, Orca prides itself on publishing Canadian authors and bringing them to a wider market.


Guilty - Norah McClintock
Norah McClintock
101 pages
La triche - Kristin Butcher
La triche
Kristin Butcher
43 pages
Infiltration - Sean Rodman
Sean Rodman
44 pages
Maxed Out - Daphne Greer
Maxed Out
Daphne Greer
43 pages
Fallout - Nikki Tate
Nikki Tate
65 pages
The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls - John Lekich
112 pages
Somebody's Girl
Maggie De Vries
65 pages
El regreso - Norah McClintock
El regreso
Norah McClintock
35 pages
Marqué - Norah McClintock
Norah McClintock
39 pages
Outback - Robin Stevenson
Robin Stevenson
43 pages
No te vayas - Vicki Grant
No te vayas
Vicki Grant
56 pages
Trouble in the Trees - Yolanda Ridge
60 pages
Benched - Cristy Watson
Cristy Watson
50 pages
Chance and the Butterfly - Maggie De Vries
58 pages
Last Ride - Laura Langston
Last Ride
Laura Langston
46 pages
Record Breaker - Robin Stevenson
Record Breaker
Robin Stevenson
67 pages
Addy's Race
Debby Waldman
56 pages
Box of Shocks - Chris McMahen
Box of Shocks
Chris McMahen
69 pages
Catboy - Eric Walters
Eric Walters
103 pages
Hold the Pickles - Vicki Grant
Hold the Pickles
Vicki Grant
40 pages
Powerslide - Jeff Ross
Jeff Ross
58 pages
Farmed Out - Christy Goerzen
Farmed Out
Christy Goerzen
41 pages
Power Chord - Ted Staunton
Power Chord
Ted Staunton
47 pages
Redline - Alex Van Tol
Alex Van Tol
46 pages