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Prodigal Wives Pink Flamingo Publications

Three bratty, cheating wives make for three hot and sassy Spanking Tales, as these misbehaving flirts get just what they
Cowgirls & Angels Pink Flamingo Publications

Cowgirls are sassy brats with sharp tongues and nasty manners. Angels are what they become at the hands of their dominant men.
The Warden's Woman Pink Flamingo Publications

Mary's happy life is turned on end when her husband Joseph is caught embezzling $250,000 from the bank where he works. Although
Whispers & Lies Pink Flamingo Publications

Mackenzie Durrant relives a nightmare when her lover, boss and sexual master, Kevin, sends her on an assignment to write the
Slaves of the Circle T Pink Flamingo Publications

When Cassie Martin finds her lover in bed with her best friend, she sails off alone in her small yacht in an effort to ease the
Little Savage Pink Flamingo Publications

The waifish Lisle has been a sex slave, serving the reclusive Baron Brauer at his estate located in a remote woods outside
Memoirs of a Sex Toy Pink Flamingo Publications

Coed Chelsea McLinden begins freshman year feeling lost, alone and vulnerable to the attentions of a ne'er-do-well grad student
When Sarah Screamed Pink Flamingo Publications

Sarah's life is a wreck, fueled by self-loathing, a disastrous marriage, and a strong attraction to her ex-husband Fletcher.
Innocence Defiled Pink Flamingo Publications

It’s the 1920s and the naïve and starry-eyed Violet Atherton is waiting tables in a Hollywood diner, looking for her big break
Tales of Female Depravity Pink Flamingo Publications

Lured by their seductive power, unsuspecting males fall willingly into the hands of hard-core Dominatrix's, controlling wives
Desired Deep Slavery Pink Flamingo Publications

Orphaned as a teenager, Julia craves structure and a permanent arrangement in her troubled life. When she?s taken by in the
Addicted To Samantha Pink Flamingo Publications

Jack's addiction to the beautiful Samantha runs deep, as this tortured male serves his mistress every whim, satisfying her with
Triple Play, Spanking Erotica Pink Flamingo Publications

A serial killer is stalking patrons of a popular sex club in Chicago; one of the victims is Melanie, Ella’s best friend and
The Blue Cantina: Anna's Surrender Pink Flamingo Publications

The lovely Anna is just 27 and the founder of a social service agency, providing a safe haven for displaced and abused young
In The Garden of Lust Pink Flamingo Publications

Kirsten Cates is fresh out of college and on the road to a career as a magazine editor. She’s also young, naïve and desiring
Seven Days In Cell Block 7 Pink Flamingo Publications

The lovely redhead Olivia Bennington is a shrewd young attorney, heading up the prosecution of drug lord Sonny Sanchez. One
Slave Wife Pink Flamingo Publications

The strikingly handsome Michael is just thirty years old, insanely wealthy, and the new owner of a robotics company. Karen is a
My Pet, Spanking Erotica Pink Flamingo Publications

Lillian Gaines unorthodox desire to be completely owned by a man, existing for his pleasure only, leads her to the popular club
Naughty Baby Pink Flamingo Publications

Claire Lawrence is a successful advertising executive who's having a kinky affair with her boss, Tate. When the two get caught,
The QTip Punishment Pink Flamingo Publications

Arthur is a frustrated male sub, who's wife Emma has no interest in playing his silly slave games. When he finally talks her
Augustin's Island Pink Flamingo Publications

When Jason Greer accepts an invitation from his wealthy friend Augustin to spend some time on his private island, he has no
Homage To Emma Pink Flamingo Publications

Martin Groves, a twenty six year old 'love rat', has been cheating on his wife Kirsty for nearly three years. When she finally
Judge, Jury & Jailor and Other Tales of Female ... Pink Flamingo Publications

Buxom beauties, brutal lesbians, and formidable femme fatales, out for revenge against the inferior sex, highlight this new
Tanya, BDSM Erotica Pink Flamingo Publications

Tanya is a tall, striking young blonde who has learned that she can live in luxury by being a serial mistress to wealthy men.