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Michigan Society for Medical Research ANNUAL ESSAY CONTEST 2008 ToPIC: Why Animals Are Used In Biomedical Research Winning Essays: Michigan High School Students
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Inside this issue of
the Herald... December 2011

A Message from the Head
As a school community we continue in our concern for others and our responsibility
to try to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. Our
students have been outstanding in their tireless efforts and generosity in raising
money for Children in Need, for our partner school in South Africa, Ntafufu Senior
Secondary School, as well as for many other charities. It is really encouraging to
see the young people of Swanshurst thinking so much about others who are without
our advantages, enabling them to develop an understanding of themselves and
their place in the world.

I hope you enjoy reading all the highly enjoyable and engaging articles in this
Christmas edition of the Herald and we all send you and your families every best
wish for a very happy new year,

Elaine Kenney

A Message from the Editors
A Message from the Editors

Welcome to the latest (and the best) edition of the Herald. It’s all change this year
with new editors on board and a whole new group of Year9 journalists as well.
We’ve all been locked away in our Herald HQ typing away like fiends and eating
lots and lots of cake (thanks to the wonderful editors)! Our wonderful writers have
been churning out articles quicker than we can check and put them in. I’m afraid
Miss Davies and I were nearly going blind at the end of two solid days of reading
and formatting, but it was definitely worth it!

This edition of the Herald is full of amazing articles, as well as several new features,
including a sports and literary section, with poems produced by our very own Her-
alders. We also have our the usual Herald classics, puzzle pages, Staff Leavers, as
well as articles about the many events that have gone on this term (we’ve certainly
been very busy).

We hope you all have a wonderful break over the Christmas Holidays! Don’t eat too
many mince pies and turkey! December 2011

A Social, Spiritual, Moral
and Cultural Edition
The Herald is always one of the highlights of my year. It provides an opportunity for
us all to reflect upon wide variety of opportunities offered to the young people of
Swanshurst School to grow and develop as people. This year the articles have been
placed into four categories to help explain how the activities link to the curriculum.
First are those providing an opportunity for pupils to take part in a variety of aes-
thetic and cultural experiences, both from their own backgrounds and the back-
ground of others. This is followed by those in which pupils are encouraged to re-
flect upon their own moral development and an understanding of right and wrong.
Thirdly following on from this pupils looking at the society in which we live, both
local and global, and their rights and responsibilities in it. Finally, all the activities
that help the pupils to develop their sense of themselves, who they are, their
strengths and weaknesses and how to achieve their full potential. You will see the
articles coded in the top left hand corner.

Mrs Wheeler (SMSC coordinator)
The Beauty That Slept
At the start of November, the lucky Year It was a great opportunity and some re-
7’s were privileged to see Raw Nerve’s ally interesting questions were asked;
Sleeping Beauty Story telling session. like how the actors had gotten into act-
They were absolutely fantastic and real- ing and what their favourite role was. JP
ly energetic, adding a twist to the well-
known fairy tale. Year 7’s loved it and
the use of many different hats amazed
some including Aisha, 7L “I couldn’t be-
lieve how they remembered which hat
belonged to which character!” When the
performance was over, the students
were treated to a question and answer
session with the actors.
Nice hat!
Back to the Back to
Back Houses
On the 7th November a group of Swans-
hurst pupils and teachers were involved
in a really amazing trip to the National
Trust Back to Back Houses in Hurst St,
Birmingham. Mr Smith arranged for
Swanshurst to help create a visual tour.
Which meant the elderly and people
with mobility difficulties would be able
to see everything including the parts
they couldn’t access. Along with Mr clustered around the dining table read-
Smith, 9 Year 8 pupils, 2 Year 9 pupils, ing and playing games: Ms Lowe as Mrs
Mrs Taylor, Ms Alexander, Ms Lowe and Mitchell and Amelia, Sumbal and Abi-
Ms Griffin were given the task of creat- gail as the children. Then Imogen ran in
ing the visual tour. telling them they had to get out because
an air raid had started. They had to rush
Back to Back houses were the most com- down a staircase to the cellar which was
underneath the Levy House. They then mon type of housing for working class in
had to imagine there were bombs being the 19th Century. They were cheap to
dropped above and had to crouch down build and would be divided in two; one
in terror.
that would look out to the street and the
other on the back which would face the Then they went forward another 40
court. Everyone had a brilliant time years to the 1980’s and George Saun-
ders Tailors shop. Eleanor played the dressing up and playing the part of Vic-
part of his daughter which turned out to torians and people from the 1930’s who
be a coincidence as her family like had lived in these courts. Each student
George’s came from St. Kitt’s. Then they
had a task to do: Laura (Year 9) had to
ended up in the lovely 1930’s sweetshop
light a pretend fire under the boiler; where after learning about its history Mr
Kelsey (Year 9) had to use a dolly tub, Smith brought them a big jar of sweets
Imogen (Year 8) had to put out the wash- to share between them.
ing line and Tamera (Year 8) filled up
Now Ms Griffin will edit the film and buckets from the Standpipe. They even
send it back to the National Trust who took photos of Mr Smith pretending to
will be able to use it to help their visitors
use one of the outside toilets! be able to appreciate the truly wonder-
ful Back to Back Houses. After lunch they moved forward 70

years from the Victorians to the 1940’s “It goes without saying that we all had a
where they played the part of the Mitch-
brilliant time and it was one of those
ell family. They started off as a family
days we will never forget!” ABM
Can O’ Fun In Can-
‘We had a really lovely day and didn't
want it to end!’

Thirteen Year 8 students went out on a
trip to Cannon Hill Park with Mr Smith to
reminisce about Birmingham’s past! I
bet most of us have been to Cannon Hill
Park at least once, but probably never
like us when we were fortunate enough
to be taken there by Mr Smith.

We spent a really wonderful morning
My, my, what a big rock! walking round the park with Mr Smith as
our guide along with three more staff
It was a lovely autumn morning with the member, Ms Alexander, Ms Lowe and
sun shining and the leaves changing Mr Cashmore.
colours, as we walked across the grass
to the Golden Lion pub. We had also The purpose of the trip, apart from ap-
met Tony Frost, the Chairman of the preciating the lovely features of this ex-
Friends of Cannon Hill Park and Alan, cellent park, was to examine the history
one of the Park Rangers. of Birmingham. Firstly we went to see
the 'moon' rock (which was sadly not
We were on a roll with our ‘Water from the moon), a large piece of rock
theme’ and went to have a look at the deposited by a huge glacier that creat-
model of the Elan Valley and learnt ed the Rea Valley during the Ice
about Birmingham's water supply. We Age. Then Mr Smith told us about the
finished off by looking at the war memo-Pershore Road, part of which was built
rial to the people from Birmingham who by the Romans as part of Infield Street.
were killed in the Boer War.

‘Time flies like an arrow,
Nature fle a butterfly’

Who’d think the roads we ‘romed’ on were part
of our history?!

Swan Pals
Swan Pals was started as part of the Eng- Swan Pals speak out!
lish Department’s efforts to promote
global communication through letter Ishbel 8A: “I joined last year in Septem-
writing. The Wednesday lunchtime club ber and have enjoyed every meeting.
has been running since October 2010 My Pen Pal is called Nampebwa Brenda
and has a membership of about 30 girls. and we have been in contact ever since.
The girls were linked to their pupils of a Some girls get presents off their pen
similar age in a rural school in Uganda pal. We don’t just make friends on the
and they have since been communi- other side of the world, we make them
cating through letter-writing. here too! Because it is at lunchtime we
come here and eat and talk. It is like a
Apart from improving their letter writ- picnic but warmer!”
ing skills, the students have learnt about
the lives of their peers. They share ex- Izzy, 8A: “I have a Pen Pal called Be-
periences and are also learning Swahili atrice. She is two year older than me
(a language which is spoken across East and she tells me about her school and
Africa). house. This is not all we do when we are
waiting for replies. We learn their lan-
Earlier this year, Mr Kalinda visited the guage Swahili. We learnt a language
Pen Pals in Uganda and the excitement called Jambo Bwana and it is really fun.”
spread in the whole school – the head Izzy 8A.
teacher called a sudden whole school
assembly so that he could talk to them!
Mr Kalinda writes:

“I had taken two balls with me as pre-
sents only to find that the school had not
owned balls for a long time! My reasons
for running this club were because I al-
so had a Pen Pal from Australia with
whom I communicated for very many
years and we both learnt a lot from each
other about the countries we both lived
in. Indeed, Swan Pals members are
learning a lot from their Pen Pal experi-

ABM Having a ball! In the near future we plan to allow a
small number of Year 7 girls to join and
plans are also underway to link Swan
Pals with another school in Indonesia

That’s Why Swans-
hurst Goes to Iceland!
By far the favourite of both staff and stu-In October during the half term, (whilst
dents was the Blue lagoon, an outdoor you may have been chilling out) Mrs
geothermally heated pool set within a Hanvey and Mrs Ratcliffe took a group of
stunning backdrop of Basalt Mountains. 8 students to Iceland (not the supermar-
They all took hundreds of photos and ket, the country!). The purpose of the
had an amazing ‘once in a life time’ ex-visit was for students to see ‘real life’
perience. Science and Geography taking place in
an outstandingly beautiful setting. Ice-
land is well known for its’ geological ac-
tivity and it was “breath-taking to see it
in real life” says Mrs Hanvey.
A breath-taking shot of a waterfall

Mrs Hanvey and Mrs Ratcliffe are plan-
ning to run a similar visit next year
(October half term 2012) for pupils cur-
“Musical statues? I wanna play!” rently in years 10, 11 and 12. If you are
interested in finding out more, please They stayed in Reykjavic and journeyed
see Mrs Hanvey for more details, I’m around a 50 mile radius of the city! They
sure it will be a great opportunity! JP also visited hot springs and geysers,
60m high waterfalls, glaciers, volcanic
craters (extinct of course), a geothermal
power station, basalt columns, the mid -
point where the two tectonic plates are
moving apart and of course Reykjavic
I don’t see no £1 pizzas!
Cultural Birds of a Feather
Shock Together
in the air the longest? Students rapidly
found out the effect on flight of using too
much Sellotape on the tissue paper or
producing an asymmetrical balloon!
There was lots of cheering as the bal-
loons left the ground and all forms
cheered on their entries!

Flying High

Year 8’s were able to experience the
wonders of ‘Forces and Flight’ in the

natural and man-made world just before

the Autumn half term. The event includ- What you looking at?
ed a bird display, making and flying hot
air balloons, as well as making and fly- But the forces and flight fun did not stop
there! In maths lessons the girls used ing boomerangs in Maths lessons.
materials to design and make boomer-
Andy from the Falconry Centre in angs that were also tested to see how far
they could fly – and if they returned! Hagley introduced the pupils to a range
Data handling was a key technique used of birds of prey from the very small to
here to find out which design was the the very large, such as the Steppe Eagle
with a 6 foot wing span! Many of the
birds flew short distances indoors (to Overall, it was a fun and stimulating
the gasps and squeals of the pupils) and teaching and learning event for both pu-
Andy was able to describe the habitats pils and staff – well done to everyone for
and ideal prey for each of them – pupils making it a successful experience! JP
were able to ask questions at the end
and made full use of the time to find out
more about these wonderful birds and

their behaviours.

The flight and forces theme was contin-
ued when form teams followed instruc-
tions to produce a winning hot air bal-
loon which was flown against other
forms in the year! Which one could stay
My boomerang won’t come back!

Have You Got FriXion
Ikra, 9Y said: “I thought they really fed off
the energy the crowd gave! It made me
want to dance and really made me feel full
of energy!”

Aleena, 9T: “Wonderful!”

Ellie, 9T says “I really enjoyed the perfor-
mance! Under The Influence is actually one
of my favourite songs of all time! It’s defi-
Can you feel the excitement?! nitely on my wish list for Christmas and I
hope they make it big!”
During October, we were fortunate
enough to have a band called FriXion Annie, 9U says: “I really like how they en-
come in to perform for the whole of Year gage with the audience and how they inter-
9. The band consists of three members - act with their fans so much, I’m definitely
David Stanton, Neil Painter and Johnny one of them!”
Wright. David and Neil met in college
and soon after Johnny joined the band as FriXion have already taken to twitter and
he was introduced to David and Neil by Facebook –where you can follow and sub-
their management company. scribe to them – to express the love they
have for their Swanshurst fans. We wish the
They had all the girls on their feet and very best for FriXion and we’re hoping for
singing along to their cover songs and to them to get into the Christmas charts with
their hit song “Under the Influence”. We their new single ‘I’m falling in love’.
were lucky enough to get sneak preview And Remember! FriXion makes things hot!
of their new single “Maserati” and based
on the girls’ reaction to its premier it is AS
sure to be a big hit!

After they had performed some of their
songs, they gladly answered a few ques-
tions which included the likes of “How
did you get signed?” or “What are your
plans for the future for FriXion?” and
even the occasional “Where did you get
your shoes?”
Could someone untie my hands please?

Luminities Light Up
th thOn 13 and 14 October Year 8 were
treated to a visit by Luminites, a new
band from London made up of three
boys and two girls. With one guy on
keyboard, another playing the guitar
and singing while the third boy was an
outstanding beat-boxer, they were truly
stunning! The two girls were amazing
singers and they are only a few years
older than us at 17 and 18 years old!
Luminities give a show-stopping perfor-

We did an interview with two of the fans
that were at the concert, this is what
they said:

Erin (8D): “They were very good. It was
a new type of music I haven’t really
heard before. It will inspire people to
beat box more.”

Eleanor (8D): “It was really good. It was
Say “Cheeeese!” really unique and individual!”

They sang a selection of covers and
original songs before answering ques-
tions about how they had met each oth-
er, how they went about composing
their music, where they had performed
so far, how they had got into music, etc.
They then signed autographs, met the
students and had their photo taken. It
was really great hearing about how
someone not much older than our Year
8’s had broken into the music industry,
although they had had to work really,
really hard!
Brilliant show…...well done!

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