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Faculty Research 2011-12

48 pages
      Faculty Research  2011‐12 
  • limits of dc mass flow
  • spatial dimensions
  • high temperature superconductivity
  • quantum mechanics of systems
  • current research
  • spacetime
  • physics
  • 3 materials
  • materials
  • systems
  • data
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Common format and punctuation
errors in English research writing
• This material was designed by Adam Turner for graduate students writing for publication
in English at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea.
• PDF versions of this file are designed for Adobe Acrobat Version 8 or higher.
• This file can be downloaded at http://hanyangowl.org/course/view.php?id=26
English Writing Lab http://www.hanyangowl.org
2009 HYU Center for Teaching and Learning and Adam TurnerSection1
Common format errors
• Note for instructors: the writing term “mechanics” is not well-known in East Asia.
English Writing Lab http://www.hanyangowl.org
2009 HYU Center for Teaching and Learning and Adam TurnerIndex to common format errors
1. Contractions 단축형 are not used in research writing.
2. Do not use batang, gulim, or malgun gothic fonts.
3. The format of abbreviations 생략형
4. The format of figures and tables
5. International format for measurements in the sciences
6. Incorrect use of < > in titles and subheadings
Index to common punctuation errors
1. The clause in English
2. Using commas
3. How to use a colon and a semi-colon in a list
4. Punctuation of equations
5. British and American English quotation marks
6. IEEE and APA style reference format basics
7. How to use an En dash (–) and an Em dash (—)
31. Contractions 단축형
Contractions (shortened forms of words) are not used in research
writing. Always spell words fully.
However, contractions are considered acceptable for personal and
most business and newspaper writing as well as TOEFL, GRE, or
IELTS essay tests. Teaching materials also often use contractions.
Note the following:
X: don’t
→ do not
X: can’t
→ cannot (  note that this is one word)
42. Don’t use “batang, gulim or malgun gothic” fonts
“ 바탕, 굴림 or 맑은 고딕”The fonts
are common defaults for English on Korean
computers but should not be used for
English documents.
• Times (new roman) is the standard for
academic body text and Ariel is usually
used for headings for Windows users.
• Helvetica is a popular choice for Apple
• Calibri is Microsoft’s own default choice for
Word 2007 but is not recommended.
There are different standards for web and print documents, and for
academic and creative design. For the history of fonts see
53.1 How to format abbreviations
Manual region matching replaces computerized
extraction of the region of interest (ROI).
… the region of interest (ROI).
One space before a
parenthesis. Note that there
is no space in Korean. Always
capitalize.Period at
Spell first then abbreviation ( 생략형) in the end.
Source: Pietka et al. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia., Vol. 20, No. 8, August 2001 p.718 © IEEE 2001
63.2 Abbreviations:
Don’t introduce abbreviations for words that are only used once
If a word is only used once in a paper, acknowledgement, or abstract
section then there is no need to introduce the abbreviation. The
abstract is not considered part of a paper since we can read it
separately and it doesn’t contain references. Any abbreviations
introduced in the abstract need to be introduced again in the body of
the paper.
As another example, there is no need for the abbreviations below
since the words are obviously only used once in this paper.
This work was supported by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation
(KOSEF) grant funded by the Korean ministry of Education Science and
Technology (MEST) (No. R19-2008-099-0361)
73.3 Abbreviations:
Don’t introduce abbreviations in subheadings
No abbreviations in subheadings
3.6. Water solubility index
3.6. Water solubility index (WSI)
The water solubility index (WSI)
increased when both temperature The water solubility index (WSI)
and chlorine concentration increased when both temperature and
chlorine concentration increased.
Abbreviations in body text only
´Modified Source: M.M. Sa nchez-Rivera et al.: Partial characterization of banana starches oxidized by different levels of sodium hypochlorite, Carbohydrate Polymers 62
(2005) 50–56 p. 55 © 2005 Elsevier
83.4 Abbreviations:
Don’t introduce abbreviations in keywords
Correct: Incorrect:
Abstract Abstract
Integral imaging , which used to be called Integral imaging , which used to be called
· · · · · ·
KEYWORDS: three-dimensional display, KEYWORDS: three-dimensional (3D)
integral imaging, and integral photography display, integral imaging (InIm), and integral
Abbreviations in text only Choose abbreviations 1. Introduction
OR fully spell words but
1. Introduction not both in keywordsVarious techniques for fabricating
Various techniques for fabricating autostereoscopic three-dimensional (3D)
autostereoscopic three-dimensional (3D) displays have been actively investigated for
displays have been actively investigateddecades. Integral imaging (InIm), which was
for decades. Integral imaging (InIm), which originally called integral photography, is one
was originally called integral photography, is of the most attractive technologies in the field
one of the most attractive technologies in the of 3D displays.
field of 3D displays.
Modified source: J.-H. PARK et al.: Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 44, No. 1A (2005) p.216 © 2005 The Japan Society of Applied Physics
94. 1 How to format tables and figures
Table captions are on the top.
Figure captions are on the bottom.
However, these days journals may
have titles on the top of all figures
and tables (but very rarely).
The format can be
Fig. 1.
Figure 1.
FIG. 1.
Fig. 1. Comparison of X and Y.
No period after Some journals include a period here;
the word : “figure”
Others do not. Check the style of each
if spelled: Period journal.
X : Figure. 1. usually
O: Figure 1. here.