Demanding Good Governance

Demanding Good Governance


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Accountability is the cornerstone of good governance. Unless public officials can be held to account, then critical benefits associated with good governance, such as social justice, poverty reduction and development remain elusive. The impacts of non-responsive and unaccountable governance are perhaps most harshly felt by the citizens of Africa, where corruption and governance failures are broadly acknowledged as a principal obstacle to the achievement Over the past decade, a range of social accountability practices-such as participatory budgeting, independent budget analysis, participatory monitoring of public expenditure and citizen evaluation of public services have been experimented with in many Africa countries. Their outcomes and lessons have, thus far, received little attend and documentation. This volume aims to make a contribution towards filling this gap by describing and analyzing a selection of social accountability initiatives from seven Sub-Saharan countries.



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Mary McNeil and Carmen Malena, Editors
Demanding Good
Lessons from Social
from Social
Initiatives in
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Demanding good governance : lessons from social accountability initiatives in Africa / edited by Mary
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1. Social accounting—Africa—Case studies. I. McNeil, Mary, 1956- II. Malena, Carmen. III.
World Bank.
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George Washington MatovuCONTENTS
Foreword xi
Acknowledgments xiii
About the Editors xv
About the Contributors xvii
Abbreviations xxiii
Map: Social Accountability Initiatives from Seven
Selected Countries xxvi
1 Social Accountability in Africa: An Introduction 1
Carmen Malena and Mary McNeil
2 Participatory Budgeting in Fissel, Senegal 29
Bara Guèye
3 Civic Participation in Policy and Budgetary Processes in
Ilala Municipal Council, Tanzania 53
Renatus Kihongo and John Lubuva
4 Tracking the Ghana District Assemblies Common Fund 71
Charles Abbey, Vitus A. Azeem, and Cuthbert Baba Kuupiel
viiviii CONTENTS
5 Enhancing Civil Society Capacity for Advocacy
and Monitoring: Malawi’s Poverty Reduction
Strategy Budget 89
Dalitso Kingsley Kubalasa and Limbani Bartholomew Elia Nsapato
6 Gender-Sensitive and Child-Friendly Budgeting
in Zimbabwe 109
Bob Libert Muchabaiwa
7 The Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency
Initiative and Publish What You Pay Nigeria 137
Dauda S. Garuba and John G. Ikubaje
8 Citizen Control of Public Action: The Social
Watch Network in Benin 163
Cyrille Chabi Eteka and Anne Floquet
9 Social Accountability in Africa: An Analysis 185
Mary McNeil and Carmen Malena
Index 223
1.1 Civil Society Organization Conducts Education
Expenditure Tracking Surveys in Malawi 10
1.2 Citizen Report Card “Roadshows” in Kenya 11
1.3 Bogotá Cómo Vamos: Citizen Evaluation of Public
Services in Colombia 21
6.1 Children’s Participation in Budgeting
Processes 124
1.1 Key Benefits of Social Accountability 12
2.1 The Participatory Budgeting Implementation
Process in Fissel, Senegal 34
2.2 Criteria for Citizen and Council Participation in
Participatory Budgeting 38
1.1 Social Accountability Practices in the Seven
Case Studies 8
1.A.1 Case Study Characteristics 23