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« The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. Our mission is to fight poverty with passion and professionalism for lasting results.

To support its mission, the World Bank publishes and disseminates a large selection of knowledge products in print and
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The Impact of MacroEconomic Policies on Poverty ... world-bank-publications

A companion to the bestseller, The Impact of Economic Policies on Poverty and Income Distribution, this title deals with
Public Investment Management in the New EU ... world-bank-publications

This paper describes the characteristics of public investment management (PIM) in seven EU countries as it applies to a single
The Promise of Early Childhood Development in ... world-bank-publications

Early childhood development outcomes play an important role throughout a person's life, affecting one's income-earning capacity
World Development Indicators 2011 world-bank-publications

Looking for accurate, up-to-date data on development issues? 'World Development Indicators' is the World Bank's premier annual
Impact Evaluation of Small and Medium ... world-bank-publications

Small and medium enterprise (SME) support programs are a common feature of industrial policy in developing countries, but one
Le système éducatif congolais world-bank-publications

Cette analyse sectorielle est le produit de la collaboration entre une équipe nationale interministérielle (ministères en
Citizens and Service Delivery world-bank-publications

In many low and middle income countries, dismal failures in the quality of public service delivery such as absenteeism among
Poor Places, Thriving People world-bank-publications

Geographical differences in living standards are a pressing concern for policymakers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Global Monitoring Report 2010 world-bank-publications

What is the human cost of the global economic crisis? This year's 'Global Monitoring Report, The MDGs after the Crisis',
Natural Hazards, UnNatural Disasters world-bank-publications

Earthquakes, droughts, floods, and storms are natural hazards, but unnatural disasters are the deaths and damages that result
The Education System in Swaziland world-bank-publications

Policy makers recognize that developing capacity for knowledge and technology driven growth is necessary for Swaziland to
Poverty Reduction Support Credits world-bank-publications

This evaluation examines the relevance and effectiveness of Poverty Reduction Support Credits (PRSCs), introduced by the Bank
The World Bank Annual Report 2011 world-bank-publications

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Improving Primary Health Care Delivery in ... world-bank-publications

This paper, based on quantitative surveys at the level of primary health care facilities, health care personnel, and households
Lights Out? world-bank-publications

Emerging Europe and Central Asia, the region made up of the countries of Central and South East Europe (CSE) and the
Innovation Policy world-bank-publications

Innovation in all its forms, particularly technological innovation, has become a crucial driver of growth, enhancing
Financial Access and Stability world-bank-publications

The countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have been recovering from the global financial crisis, but the recent
A Guide to the World Bank world-bank-publications

“A wonderful resource …”-- CHOICE MAGAZINE“An exceptional book …”-- GLOBAL BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS REVIEWThe World Bank Group is
The World Bank Annual Report 2011 world-bank-publications

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World Bank East Asia and Pacific Economic ... world-bank-publications

The 'World Bank East Asia and Pacific Economic Update 2010, Volume I', is the World Bank's comprehensive, twice-yearly review
The World Bank Annual Report 2011 world-bank-publications

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East Asia and Pacific Update, November 2009 world-bank-publications

The 'East Asia and Pacific Update' is the World Bank's comprehensive semiannual review of developing economies in the region.
The Little Data Book on Information and ... world-bank-publications

This Little Data Book presents at-a-glance tables for over 140 economies showing the most recent national data on key
World Development Indicators 2010 world-bank-publications

Looking for accurate, up-to-date data on development issues? 'World Development Indicators' is the World Bank's premier annual