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Health Care Transformation in Contemporary China Springer

This multifaceted book examines the free market reform of the Chinese healthcare system in the 1980s and the more collectivist

Business Cycles in BRICS Springer

This volume focuses on the analysis and measurement of business cycles in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS)

Ultrasonography in Vascular Diagnosis Springer

Der Band fasst die modernen Verfahren und neuesten Erkenntnisse auf dem Gebiet der Gefäßdiagnostik zusammen. Der Textteil

Natural Hazards and Risk Research in Russia Springer

This book presents natural hazards and risk--one of the fastest-growing and most relevant fields of pure and applied research

Children's Play and Learning in Brazil Springer

This book presents for the first time in English language an overview of the research done in Brazil in the field of studies of

Challenges in Mechanics of Time-Dependent ... Springer

Challenges in Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials, Volume 2 of the Proceedings of the 2018 SEM Annual Conference& Exposition

Exploring the Size of the Proton Springer

This book is a rare jewel, describing fundamental research in a highly dynamic field of subatomic physics. It presents an

Unraveling the Voynich Codex Springer

Unraveling the Voynich Codex reviews the historical, botanical, zoological, and iconographic evidence related to the Voynich

Applications of the Gauge/Gravity Duality Springer

Many open questions in Theoretical Physics pertain to strongly interacting quantum systems such as the quark-gluon plasma (QGP)

The Rise of Science Springer

How did science rise up to so dramatically change our world, and where will it take us in the future? This book gives a unique

Neapolitan Volcanoes Springer

This book serves as a guide to discovering the most interesting volcano sites in Italy. Accompanied by some extraordinary

Private Education in China Springer

This book takes an in-depth look at the development of the private education sector in modern China. Readers will find valuable

Handbuch Karriere und Laufbahnmanagement Springer

Dieses Handbuch bietet einen interdisziplinären Einblick in verschiedene Forschungs- und Anwendungsfelder des

Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy for ... Springer

Comprehensively covering various techniques such as ERCP, EUS, EST and lithotripsy, this book highlights innovative endoscopic

Education Finance, Equality, and Equity Springer

This volume revisits educational equality and equity issues, especially, in education finance-related topics consisting of 15

Foreign Language Teaching in Romanian Higher ... Springer

This volume gathers recent research findings in the field of foreign language (FL) teaching in Romanian higher education

Volume Conjecture for Knots Springer

The volume conjecture states that a certain limit of the colored Jones polynomial of a knot in the three-dimensional sphere

Pigmented Ethnic Skin and Imported Dermatoses Springer

The vast majority of the global population has pigmented non-Caucasian skin; accordingly, this book focuses on the diagnosis

Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, Volume 9 Springer

Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, Volume 9:  Proceedings of the 36th IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on

Chemistry of Maillard Reactions in Processed ... Springer

This SpringerBrief explains the importance of Maillard reactions in food processing. It underlines that the term “Maillard

School-based Partnerships in Teacher Education Springer

This book demonstrates school-based approaches to primary science teacher education. The models used involve partnerships

Computational Thinking in the STEM Disciplines Springer

This book covers studies of computational thinking related to linking, infusing, and embedding computational thinking elements

Proceedings of the 3rd Brazilian Technology ... Springer

This book presents the proceedings of the 3rd Brazilian Technology Symposium (BTSym), which is a multi/trans/interdisciplinary

Cannabis: Potenzial und Risiko Springer

Dieses Buch fasst den aktuellen Forschungsstand zum Thema Cannabis zusammen. Hierfür wurden alle bedeutsamen, in den letzten