Estimating the frequency of Asian cytochrome B haplotypes in standard European and local Spanish pig breeds
Clop, Alex, Amills, Marcel, Noguera, José, Fernández, Ana, Capote, Juan, Ramón, Maria, Kelly, Lucía, Kijas,, Andersson, Leif, Sànchez,, Sànchez, Armand
8 pages
Bovine herpes virus type 1 induces apoptosis through Fas-dependent and mitochondria-controlled manner in Madin-Darby bovine kidney cells
Xu, Xingang, Zhang, Kuan, Huang, Yong, Ding, Li, Chen, Guangda, Zhang, Honglei, Tong,, Tong, Dewen
11 pages
L-carnitine ameliorated fatty liver in high-calorie diet/STZ-induced type 2 diabetic mice by improving mitochondrial function
Xia, Yunqiu, Li, Qing, Zhong, Weizhen, Dong, Jing, Wang, Zhulin, Wang,, Wang, Chunbo
10 pages
12 pages
Brain region-specific altered expression and association of mitochondria-related genes in autism
Anitha, Ayyappan, Nakamura, Kazuhiko, Thanseem, Ismail, Yamada, Kazuo, Iwayama, Yoshimi, Toyota, Tomoko, Matsuzaki, Hideo, Miyachi, Taishi, Yamada, Satoru, Tsujii, Masatsugu, Tsuchiya,, Matsumoto, Kaori, Iwata, Yasuhide, Suzuki, Katsuaki, Ichikawa, Hironobu, Sugiyama, Toshiro, Yoshikawa, Takeo, Mori, Norio
12 pages
Effects of high-fat diet and physical activity on pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase-4 in mouse skeletal muscle
Rinnankoski-Tuikka, Rita, Silvennoinen, Mika, Torvinen, Sira, Hulmi,, Lehti, Maarit, Kivelä, Riikka, Reunanen, Hilkka, Kainulainen,, Kainulainen, Heikki
13 pages
Increased ratio of anti-apoptotic to pro-apoptotic Bcl2 gene-family members in lithium-responders one month after treatment initiation
Lowthert, Lori, Leffert, Janine, Lin, Aiping, Umlauf, Sheila, Maloney, Kathleen, Muralidharan, Anjana, Lorberg, Boris, Mane, Shrikant, Zhao, Hongyu, Sinha, Rajita, Bhagwagar, Zubin, Beech, Robert
11 pages
Importance of glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation in advanced melanoma
Ho, Jonhan, de, Lin, Yan, Vincent, Garret, Thorne, Stephen, Duncan,, Hui-Min, Lin, Kirkwood,, Becker, Dorothea, Van, Moschos,
13 pages
Ambient particulate air pollution induces oxidative stress and alterations of mitochondria and gene expression in brown and white adipose tissues
Xu, Zhaobin, Xu, Xiaohua, Zhong, Mianhua, Hotchkiss,, Lewandowski,, Wagner,, Bramble,, Yang, Yifeng, Wang, Aixia, Harkema,, Lippmann, Morton, Rajagopalan, Sanjay, Chen, Lung-Chi, Sun, Qinghua
14 pages
Cytotoxicity and cellular uptake of tri-block copolymer nanoparticles with different size and surface characteristics
Bhattacharjee, Sourav, Ershov, Dmitry, Fytianos, Kleanthis, van, Alink,, Rietjens,, Marcelis,, Zuilhof,, Zuilhof, Han
19 pages
13 pages
Effect of phenolic acids of microbial origin on production of reactive oxygen species in mitochondria and neutrophils
Beloborodova, Natalia, Bairamov, Iskander, Olenin, Andrei, Shubina, Victoria, Teplova, Vera, Fedotcheva,, Fedotcheva, Nadezhda
9 pages
IL-6 regulation on skeletal muscle mitochondrial remodeling during cancer cachexia in the ApcMin/+ mouse
White,, Puppa,, Sato, Shuichi, Gao, Song, Price,, Baynes,, Kostek,, Matesic,, Carson,
16 pages
Higher IL-6 and IL6:IGF Ratio in Patients with Barth Syndrome
Wilson,, Al-Majid, Sadeeka, Rakovski,, MD,
8 pages
Induction of apoptosis and inhibition of cell growth by tbx5knockdown contribute to dysmorphogenesis in Zebrafish embryos
Lu, Jenher, Tsai, Tzuchun, Choo, Sielin, Yeh, Shuyu, Tang, Renbing, Yang, Anhang, Lee, Hsinyu, Lu,, Lu, Jennkan
10 pages
Nuclear genes involved in mitochondria-to-nucleus communication in breast cancer cells
Delsite, Robert, Kachhap, Sushant, Anbazhagan, Ramaswamy, Gabrielson, Edward, Singh,
10 pages
Attenuation of endoplasmic reticulum stress and mitochondrial injury in kidney with ischemic postconditioning application and trimetazidine treatment
Mahfoudh-Boussaid, Asma, Zaouali, Mohamed, Hauet, Thierry, Hadj-Ayed, Kaouther, Miled, Abdel-Hédi, Ghoul-Mazgar, Sonia, Saidane-Mosbahi, Dalila, Rosello-Catafau, Joan, Abdennebi,, Abdennebi, Hassen
14 pages