Linguistic Practice in Changing Conditions
312 pages

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Linguistic Practice in Changing Conditions , livre ebook


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312 pages
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Brings together ten years of collaborative research on sociolinguistics in one single volume

This book demonstrates the power and distinctiveness of the contribution that sociolinguistics can make to our understanding of everyday communicative practice under changing social conditions. It builds on the approaches developed by Gumperz and Hymes in the 1970s and 80s, and it not only affirms their continuing relevance in analyses of the micropolitics of everyday talk in urban settings, but also argues for their value in emergent efforts to chart the heavily securitised environments now developing around us. Drawing on 10 years of collaborative work and ranging across disciplinary, interdisciplinary and applied perspectives, the book begins with guiding principles and methodology, shifts to empirically driven arguments in urban sociolinguistics, and concludes with studies of (in)securitised communication addressed to challenges ahead.


Transcription Conventions

Chapter 1. Introduction: Linguistic Practice in Changing Conditions

Part 1: Sociolinguistic Frameworks Tuned to Social Change

Chapter 2. Interactional Sociolinguistics

Chapter 3. Linguistic Ethnography

Chapter 4. Sociolinguistic Citizenship

Part 2: Ethnicity, Race and Class in Micro-practices of Differentiation and Alignment

Chapter 5. Ethnicities without Guarantees

Chapter 6. Style Contrasts, Migration and Social Class

Chapter 7. From ‘Youth Language’ to Contemporary Urban Vernaculars

Chapter 8. Styling in a Language Learnt Later in Life

Part 3: Everyday (In)securitisation

Chapter 9. Sociolinguistics and Everyday (In)securitisation

Chapter 10. Crossing of a Different Kind

Chapter 11. Goffman and the Everyday Experience of Surveillance

Afterword: Jan Blommaert and the Uses of Sociolinguistics: Critical, Political, Personal





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Date de parution 19 octobre 2021
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Linguistic Practice in Changing Conditions
ENCOUNTERS Series Editors:Ana Deumert,Unîversîty o Cape Town, South Arîca, Zane Goebel,Unîversîty o Queensland, AustralîaadAnna De Fina, Georgetown Unîversîty, USA The Ecouters serîes sets out to expore dîversîty î aguage rom a theoretîca ad a appîed perspectîve. So the ocus îs both o the îguîs-tîc ecouters, îequaîtîes ad strugges that characterîse post-moder socîetîes ad o the deveopmet, wîthî socîocutura îguîstîcs, o theo-retîca îstrumets to expaî them. The serîes wecomes work deaîg wîth such topîcs as heterogeeîty, mîxîg, creoîzatîo, b rîcoage, cross-over pheomea, poyîgua ad poycutura practîces. Aother hîgh-prîorîty area o study îs the îvestîgatîo o processes through whîch îguîstîc resources are egotîated, approprîated ad cotroed, ad the mechaîsms eadîg to the creatîo ad maîteace o socîocutura dî-ereces. The serîes wecomes ethographîcay orîeted work î whîch cotexts o commuîcatîo are îvestîgated rather tha assumed, as we as research that shows a cear commîtmet to cose aaysîs o oca mea-îg makîg processes ad the semîotîc orgaîsatîo o texts. A books î thîs serîes are exteray peer-revîewed. Fu detaîs o a the books î thîs serîes ad o a our other pubîcatîos ca be oud otîîgua, or by wrîtîg to Mutîîgua Matters, St Nîchoas House, 31–34 Hîgh Street, Brîsto BS1 2AW, UK.
Linguistic Practice in Changing Conditions
Ben Rampton with Constadina Charalambous, Panayiota Charalambous, Melanie Cooke, Louise Eley, Roxy Harris, Sam Holmes, Kamran Khan, Janet Maybin and Celia Roberts
MULTILINGUAL MATTERS Brîsto • Bue Rîdge Summît
DOI Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data A catalog record for this book is available from the Library of Congress. Names: Rampton, Ben, author. Title: Linguistic Practice in Changing Conditions/Ben Rampton. Description: Bristol, UK; Blue Ridge Summit: Multilingual Matters, 2021. | Series: Encounters: 21 | Includes bibliographical references and index. | Summary: “This book draws on 10 years of collaborative sociolinguistic work on the changing conditions of language use. It begins with guiding principles, shifts to empirically driven arguments in urban sociolinguistics, and concludes with studies of (in)securitised communication addressed to challenges ahead”— Provided by publisher. Identifiers: LCCN 2021027804 (print) | LCCN 2021027805 (ebook) | ISBN 9781788929981 (paperback) | ISBN 9781788929998 (hardback) | ISBN 9781800410008 (pdf) | ISBN 9781800410015 (epub) Subjects: LCSH: Sociolinguistics. | Anthropological linguistics. Classification: LCC P40 .R355 2021 (print) | LCC P40 (ebook) | DDC 306.44—dc23 LC record available at LC ebook record available at
British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data A catalogue entry for this book is available from the British Library.
ISBN13: 9781788929998 (hbk) ISBN13: 9781788929981 (pbk)
Multilingual Matters UK: St Nicholas House, 31–34 High Street, Bristol BS1 2AW, UK. USA: NBN, Blue Ridge Summit, PA, USA.
Website: www.multilingual Twitter: Multi_Ling_Mat Facebook: Blog:
Copyright © 2022 Ben Rampton.
All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Typeset by Nova Techset Private Limited, Bengaluru and Chennai, India. Printed and bound in the UK by Short Run Press Ltd.
To my two colleagues, friends and teachers Jan Blommaert and Roxy Harris
Ackowedgemets Trascrîptîo Covetîos Itroductîo: Lîguîstîc Practîce î Chagîg Codîtîos
xîîî 1
Part 1: Sociolinguistic Frameworks Tuned to Social Change Iteractîoa Socîoîguîstîcs 11 2.1 Itroductîo 11 2.2 Orîgîs 12 2.3 Approach to Aaysîs 13 2.4 IS, Lîguîstîc Athropoogy ad Coversatîo Aaysîs 18 2.5 Practîca Itervetîos beyod the Academy 22 2.6 More Recet Cotrîbutîos ad Research Areas 23 2.7 New Dîrectîos 25 Lîguîstîc Ethography 30 (co-authored wîth Janet Maybîn and Celîa Roberts) 3.1 Itroductîo 30 3.2 Ethography, Lîguîstîcs ad Lîguîstîc Ethography 32 3.3 Descrîbîg the Eemets Iteractîg î Commuîcatîo 39 3.4 Lîguîstîc Ethography î Iterdîscîpîary Traîîg 47 3.5 Lîguîstîc Ethography ad No-academîc Proessîos 52 3.6 Cocusîo 57 Socîoîguîstîc Cîtîzeshîp 59 (co-authored wîth Melanîe Cooke and Sam Holmes) 4.1 Itroductîo 59 4.2 The Idea o ‘Lîguîstîc Cîtîzeshîp’ 60 4.3 Socîoîguîstîc Uderpîîgs î Lîguîstîc Cîtîzeshîp 62 4.4 Ideoogîes o Laguage ad Cîtîzeshîp î Egad 67 4.5 Two Recet Projects Promotîg Socîoîguîstîc Cîtîzeshîp 69
viii Linguistic Practice in Changing Conditions
4.6 Socîoîguîstîc Cîtîzeshîp î Egîsh State Educatîo rom the 1960s to the Late 1980s 4.7 Uîversîtîes as a Durabe Resource or Socîoîguîstîc Cîtîzeshîp
Part 2: Ethnicity, Race and Class in Micro-practices o Diferentiation and Alignment Ethîcîtîes wîthout Guaratees 81 (co-authored wîth Roxy Harrîs) 5.1 Itroductîo 81 5.2 Takîg about Race/Ethîcîty: The Domîat Idîom 82 5.3 Ha ad Gîroy’s Ateratîves 84 5.4 A Iteractîo Ivovîg Text Messages, Mobîe Phoes ad Racîaîsîg Statemets 86 5.5 Lîguîstîc Ethography ad a Iîtîa Aaysîs o the Gîrs’ Iteractîo 92 5.6 Uderstadîg Better 98 Stye Cotrasts, Mîgratîo ad Socîa Cass 103 6.1 Itroductîo 103 6.2 The Posh/Cockey Stye Bîary at Cetra Hîgh 106 6.3 The Creoe/Asîa Egîsh Stye Cotrast î Ashmead 111 6.4 Comparîg ad Coectîg Posh/Cockey ad Creoe/Asîa Egîsh 117 6.5 Gobaîsatîo ad Socîa Cass: Stadard Mutîîguaîsm ad Veracuar Heterogossîa 120 From ‘Youth Laguage’ to Cotemporary Urba Veracuars 125 7.1 Itroductîo 125 7.2 Crossîg ad Styîsatîo î the South Mîdads î the 1980s 127 7.3 Was thîs Evaescet? Southa 25 Years o 130 7.4 Adoescets Oy? 134 7.5 Mîdde-aged Compîcatîos 136 7.6 How Sîgîficat îs thîs Stye? Pacîg ît î the Repertoîre 138 7.7 Cotemporary Urba Veracuars 143 Styîg î a Laguage Leart Later î Lîe 154 8.1 Itroductîo 154 8.2 What Madeep Tod us î Itervîew 157 8.3 Quatîtatîve Aaysîs o Stye-shîtîg across Cotexts 159 8.4 Styîg î Narratîve Dîscourse 162
8.5 Styîg the Tradîtîoa Lodo Veracuar 8.6 The Socîoîguîstîc Deveopmet o a Dîasporîc Loca Sesîbîîty
Contents ix
Part 3: Everyday (In)securitisation 9 Socîoîguîstîcs ad Everyday (I)securîtîsatîo (co-authored wîth Constadîna Charalambous, Panayîota Charalambous and Kamran Khan) 9.1 Itroductîo 9.2 Crîtîca IR as a Resource or Socîoîguîstîcs 9.3 Aspects o (I)securîtîsatîo Caîg or Socîoîguîstîc Aaysîs 9.4 The (I)securîtîsatîo o Cîtîzeshîp ad Laguage Poîcy î the UK 9.5 Chaeges to Foreîg Laguage Educatîo Theory rom a Legacy o Coflîct 9.6 The Posîtîoîg o Socîoîguîsts 10 Crossîg o a Dîferet Kîd (co-authored wîth Constadîna Charalambous and Panayîota Charalambous) 10.1 Itroductîo 10.2 Theory ad Methodoogy 10.3 Recocîîatory Poîcy Iîtîatîves agaîst a Backgroud o Dîvîsîo 10.4 Studets’ Mîxed Perceptîos o Turkîsh 10.5 Reactîos ad Impedîmets at Schoo 10.6 Justîyîg the Learîg o Turkîsh 10.7 The Ordîarîess o Schoo Foreîg Laguage Learîg 10.8 Crossîg î Aother Key: Learîg Turkîsh as ‘Techîca Redoîg’ 10.9 Comparîso wîth Other Studîes o Crossîg 10.10 Post-coflîct Crossîg î Educatîo ad Peacebuîdîg 11 Gofma ad the Everyday Experîece o Surveîace (co-authored wîth Louîse Eley) 11.1 Itroductîo 11.2 The Iteractîo Order ad Uocused Iteractîo
179 181
191 196 200
200 201
203 204 207 208
212 217
220 224
224 226
x Linguistic Practice in Changing Conditions
11.5 11.6 11.7
Wakîg î a Street ad the Normaîsatîo o Surveîace Postîg up Stîckers ad the Experîece o Feeîg Surveîed Cose-up Iteractîo wîth Surveîace Techoogy Surveîed Experîeces: A Rudîmetary Mode Impîcatîos
Aterword: Ja Bommaert ad the Uses o Socîoîguîstîcs: Crîtîca, Poîtîca, Persoa
Bîbîography Author Idex Subject Idex
235 240 241 242
261 291 297
Athough there are adjustmets ad quîte substatîa revîsîos î some chapters, most o the materîa î thîs book has bee pubîshed betwee 2009 ad the preset, ad I am grateu to the pubîshers or permîssîo to reuse ît: • Chapter 2 was pubîshed as ‘Iteractîoa socîoîguîstîcs’ î K. Tustîg (ed.) (2020)The Routledge Handbook o Lînguîstîc Ethnography(pp. 13–27). Lodo: Routedge. • Chapter 3 was pubîshed as ‘Theory ad method î îguîstîc ethog-raphy’ î J. Se, S. Shaw ad F. Copad (eds) (2015)Lînguîstîc Ethnography: Interdîscîplînary Exploratîons (pp. 14–50). Pagrave Advaces. Houdmîs: Pagrave Macmîa. • Chapter 4 was pubîshed as ‘Socîoîguîstîc cîtîzeshîp’ îJournal o Socîal Scîence Educatîon(2018) 17 (4). • Chapter 5 was pubîshed as ‘Ethîcîtîes wîthout guaratees: A empîr-îca approach’ î M. Wethere (ed.) (2009)Identîty în the 21st Century: New Trends în Changîng Tîmes(pp. 95–119). Basîgstoke: Pagrave Macmîa. • Chapter 6 was pubîshed as ‘Stye cotrasts, mîgratîo ad socîa cass’ îJournal o Pragmatîcs(Esevîer) (2011) 43, 1236–1250. • Chapter 7 was pubîshed as ‘From “mutî-ethîc adoescet hetero-gossîa” to cotemporary urba veracuars’ îLanguage & Communîcatîon(Esevîer) (2011) 31, 276–294. • Chapter 8 was pubîshed as ‘Styîg î a aguage eared ater î îe’ îModern Language Journal(2013) 97 (2), 360–382. • Chapter 9 was pubîshed as ‘Securîty ad aguage poîcy’ î J. Toeso ad M. Perez-Mîas (eds) (2018)Oxord Handbook o Language Polîcy and Plannîng (pp. 633–653). Oxord: Oxord Uîversîty Press. • Chapter 10 was pubîshed as ‘Crossîg o a dîf eret kîd’ îLanguage în Socîety(Cambrîdge Uîversîty Press) (2019) 48 (5), 629–655.
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