Vivre avec le VIH
Institut de Veille Sanitaire
42 pages
Orthogonal inactivation of influenza and the creation of detergent resistant viral aggregates: towards a novel vaccine strategy
Belanger,, Raviv, Yossef, Viard, Mathias, Baxa, Ulrich, Blumenthal,, Blumenthal, Robert
12 pages
Next-generation sequencing of cervical DNA detects human papillomavirus types not detected by commercial kits
Meiring,, Salimo,, Coetzee, Beatrix, Maree,, Moodley, Jennifer, Hitzeroth,, Freeborough, Michael-John, Rybicki,, Williamson,, Williamson, Anna-Lise
10 pages
Identification of low molecular weight nuclear complexes containing integrase during the early stages of HIV-1 infection
Gérard, Annabelle, Soler, Nicolas, Ségéral, Emmanuel, Belshan, Michael, Emiliani,, Emiliani, Stéphane
14 pages
Short- and long-term outcomes of HIV-infected patients admitted to the intensive care unit: impact of antiretroviral therapy and immunovirological status
Morquin, David, Le, Mura, Thibaut, Makinson, Alain, Klouche, Kada, Jonquet, Olivier, Reynes, Jacques, Corne,, Corne, Philippe
11 pages